September 17th, 2005

Maybe one of you know about something........

Ok, I know that this may be a longshot but we are looking to move out of our apartment into something bigger. We are a family of 4 who is squished into a 1 bedroom basement apartment. We are renting it from my husband's dad and stepmom and were forced to move here because he was still looking for a job when we moved back from Alaska. As you can imagine, having 2 adults, a baby, and a 4 year old in a 1 bedroom apartment is a little cramped and much less than ideal. So I am wondering, does anyone know of any 2 bedrooms that rent for between $500 and $550 with w/s/g pd and atleast w/d hookups or very close access (prefferably within the same house)? I have already looked on all of the apartment websites, craigslist, newspapes, etc. I am also interested in swapping with someone from a city close to Portland who wants to move into the city. The apartment we are in right now is a sweet deal. It is $600 with w/s/g/electricity/dsl/washer and dryer access pd. It has a small office area and is in a nice house off of SE 39th between Division and Hawthorne. Any takers? Any info? Any trades? Thanks. BTW, I would KILL for a place with a calwfoot bathtub. If any of you even know of apartments in portland that are 2 bedrooms with clawfoot tubs, PLEASE OH PLEASE let me know.

holistic vet?

so we rescued/adopted a dog in may and now need to find a vet for him... i'm not really into western medicine--prefer eastern/alternative. anybody got any suggestions? or if i can't find one of that nature--a good vet recommendtion in general would be helpful. or ones to avoid. we're in st.johns/north portland...but would drive to ne/se/sw--if it wasn't too far out.


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hey DPers...

any college football fans among you?

The roommates went out of town for the weekend, so I'm sitting here yelling at the tv attempting to finish a 12 pack of PBR all alone.

Anyone care to join me?
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We all scream for ice box

It sounds like a dumb question, but it's not. I've tried Kitchen Kaboodle, In Good Taste, and whatever the name of that store is across Pioneer Square Mall and haven't had ANY luck. So, I ask you, where do I get an ice cube container. NOT an ice cube tray, and NOT those fancy hotel ice holders, but a fucking ice cube container you put in the freezer and dump ice inside. It's effing ridiculous that I haven't found one at any of those stores (and yes, I asked the employees) but maybe I've missed something. You tell me.
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dirty girl

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Anyone want any kittens? and possibly the mother? we can't keep them.

They are free

If you are interested then email me at and I'll send you some pictures if you want any.
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Dear DamnPortlanders

I have returned from Arizona with fresh essay ideas, which will be revealed in due time.

Meanwhile, THANK YOU for the birthday greetings. Geeeeeez... that was NICE.

Love to all, even you flamers over in the corner!

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I'm looking to buy my boyfriend a guitar for his birthday next month. I'm looking for something sort of nice, but not too spendy. I'm thinking $150ish, and used is fine.

He hasn't played for 5 or 6 years but he has expressed interest in wanting to get one and start playing again. I'm looking for suggestions on brands, places to go, or what to look for if I hit up craigslist.

My hawk in 2003/04

Woo for car issues

Does anyone know any mechanics in the area that know old hondas? Mines running real badly, and I don't have much money to get an overlook on it.. But it's needs it, bad and I need to know whats wrong with it.. Any ideas?
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