September 16th, 2005


Help me DPer's! You're my only hope!

I need to consolidate four credit cards ASAP! I am getting eaten alive by finance charges and I want to pay these suckers off.

I have a good job and fine credit.

So... who should I contact?

More to the point - who have you personally worked with and how did it go? What kind of rate did you get?

Thanks mucho, advice greatly appreciated.
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Okay, here's a random question: Where in Portland is a good place to get a good, high-quality backpack/messenger bag? I'm going back to school and need something sturdy (Jansport?) and not too pricey (under $50.00).

Thanks in advance.

Damn rats!

Ok, DP'ers, help out some neighbors. We have rats at our condo complex. We think they are getting in from the crawlspace - they are appearing thru holes under people's sinks. Yuck.

Is there some humane way to get rid of them? Does anyone have a suggestion for an exterminator who could give an estimate for the whole complex? How do we keep them from coming back? And please, don't suggest we make them into pets. Or that we send our cats down to take care of them.

Thanks in advance!
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I have no problem with people advertising, even if it is a little intrusive at times, but I gotta say that the following really irked me.

I went out to my car in the morning a few days ago to find a flyer under my windshield wiper. Expecting it to be yet another unprofessional memo from our apartment management, I picked it up and read it. It said the following (note: I can't get the formatting to be as uneven as hers was):

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From the perspective of someone who might be buying a house in the future, I'm not so sure I want to associate myself with someone who does this kind of sloppy, cut-rate work. I've been trying to get in contact with someone from her organization, but there doesn't appear to be any contact information for a company except for a name, ARESI, which doesn't generate anything in the phone book. I'm wondering if she's affiliated with any larger corporation.

Thoughts on this kind of advertising?

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EDIT: If anyone wants contact info for this person, let me know.

Executive Recruiters

So.. I guess this is a post because I'm getting set to move back home in a few months. The problem is that I am hoping to have a job lined up in Oregon before I move back there. Applying to jobs in the Portland area via or just doesn't cut it. I have yet to hear back from any of the places I have EVER sent my resume to. I know it's because they probably get a ton of local responses (not because I'm not qualified). I am also not local so when recruiters and employers search for resumes, they can easily find candidates from local only. I know people want to hire me because I constantly get calls from places in the area that I live.. now if only people from the Portland area were the ones calling... :)

So, my question is, does anyone know any executive recruiters (a.k.a. Headhunters) that they can hook me up with? It's all about who you know and I think if I'm going to get my foot in the door anywhere, I'm going to need a recruiter to get me in. By the way, my speciality is web development using ASP or ASP.NET. I know a lot are really specialized, so if that helps, I'd really appreciate any contacts anyone could give me. If you would prefer not posting it publicly, you can also email it to me at divamatrix at gmail dot com.

Thank you!
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Coffee Question

You know when you buy a cup of coffee and you're walking down the street and it dribbles on your hand from under the lid, even though the lid is fully warpped around the rim of the cup?

What causes that?
Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

More random questions about serices offered in Portland:

1. Are there any inexpensive but good upholstering places in the city? I've checked Antique Alley and Trip Furniture, and both are asking waaayyy too much. It's for an Eames lookalike chair, and I don't want to skimp with fake leather.

2. Does anyone know of any freelance Spanish Translators? My boyfriend needs one for his work... something about marketing ;)
someday b/w

good afternoon!

it's just about 3pm and I'm holed off in my little cube with no view of the outside world (but I'm assuming it's cold and gray and possibly rainy) bored out of my mind and having trouple focusing.

so respond and talk, tell me something intereting or whatever you feel like and I'll do the same.

feel free to e-mail me as well.
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Did anyone hit up Everyone Get's Lei'd in SE Portland last weekend? DID I SEE YOU?!

And is anyone going to Elements of Nature this weekend?

w00t for Portland raves.

P.S. Don't lecture at me about how the rave scene is soooo dead. I like it >:(

im so sick

Ugh, I have the worlds worst headcold. I need comfort food, ASAP!
Does anyone know a place that sells good chicken noodle soup?
I am really craving chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes. If you havent tried it yet, its way tasty.

Me again...

Ok so my sister is travelling North on I5. She left South Salem at 3:45 and is just now to the Volcano's Stadium (if you aren't familiar it's JUST outside of Salem)because of accidents.

What's the best way for me to check from work how the commute is between there and here.

Vail, CO

Anyone been to Vail? If so, let me know what you think/thought and give me some pointers on cool things to see. I'm heading there for a while and I've never been before. I snowboard, so I'm really looking forward to that (especially if Hood doesn't get much snow again). Vail just seems so magical. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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A MEAURE of Hope Katrina Benefit

Description: Musicians Event for Aid and SUpport to the Relief Effort

Venue: Montgomery Park

Address: 2701 NW Vaughn Street, Portland

Cover: Sliding scale $15 - $25 plus two cans of food; kids under 16 free.

Schedule: Sunday, Sep 18, 1:00 - 8:30


1. Janice Scroggins

2. Darrell Grant

3. Black Swan

4. Tom Grant with Ron Steen

5. Porkpie

6. King Louis Pain & Sweet Baby James Benton

7. Mayor Tom Potter

8. Paul deLay

9. Curtis Salgado and DK Stewart

10. Portland Community Choir directed by Lessie Williams

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Ants in my Pant(ry)s

Besides doing the ant dance, and using the rip-off traps I've bought by Raid (which will result in them getting a nasty letter, it will have alive ants and say "LOOK AT THESE RESULS! I AM UNHAPPY! ARGH!" but wait, they'll be dead by the time they arrive. SHIT), what do you recommend that kills those ants like no other and fast? I WANT INSTANT RESULTS!

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(no subject)

bit it on the zoo hill on the way down to the rose garden/park
if you should happen to find a large aluminium bicycle basket, somewhat the worse for wear, sitting behind one of those large black phone pole tree trunk road edgers, when coming down that hill in the next few days, could you be kind enough to grab it for me?
thanks in advance,

March in DC

Is anyone else going to the peace march in dc on the 24th? I think I remember someone posting about it awhile ago but now I can't find it. I would keep searching the previious posts but it is late and I am to tired.

eyebrow threading

Is there an establishment where I can get my eyebrows threaded in Portland?  The closest place I've come across so far is in Clackamas..and I think it's just the greatest after having it done in NYC a couple months ago..

Thank you~

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(no subject)

Okay, I need a little help here.

The time for me to move out is getting closer and closer. Well .. I have no set date that I need out, but, I WANT out as soon as possible (read: when I get money saved). Since I have no money saved that's the next phase -- saving money and all -- but I want to be 'in the know' before I get that far along. I know it'll take a while to save up, but, it never hurts to be educated, right? Right.

So my questions to you all are .. what tips can you offer for someone moving out on their own for the first time? And actually I'm not sure it's gonna come to me moving out alone right away, I might have somewhere to go to be with another family member whom I don't live with now, but, I'm sure the time for moving out on my own will come soon after that. Just use the other place as a way to get out of my current situation. ;) So anyway, I wanna get prepared! Aside from save lots of money and all and budget and stuff like that .. what else? .. or, do you know places that I could find a roommate to specifications other than just asking/posting/etc.? Someone in my age range, who preferrably doesn't do x and y and z and stuff like that. (I don't do much, and I'll tolerate some things, but some things I'm trying to get away from which is why I'd be slightly picky!)

And one of the hardest parts, in my mind is .. where can I find an apartment/house/something/whatever that will take my 100 pound chocolate lab? I've already been researching for prices and stuff on, and very few of the apartments I've seen so far (that are in my price range and such) will accept either dogs that big or dogs at all. Of course I haven't done a very deep search at all, but is it going to be hell finding a place that will take my pup? I don't care if he's got an outrageous deposit/fee on him, I just can't see leaving him behind or doing anything else with him. :( He's my baby, he's only a year and a half.

Anywho, yeah. I just wanted some insight from you lovely DPers. I've never moved before (well, I've been in this house since I was 1, that's 18 years!), so this is all new and scary and I don't know what I'm doing at all.
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