September 15th, 2005

Eye came - eye saw
  • euqsam

Yet Another "Where can I get...?" post.

I would like to enlist your help, DP.

I'm looking for Discraft Ultrastar Ultimate discs. They look like this:

I'm not particular about color, really; I need one that exists before I need one that sparkles. Yes, I know there are alternate brands available, but I don't WANT those. I want THESE. Surely one of you out there knows where I might come up with one?

Say, by tonight perhaps?

Updated: mariotta wins! Thanks! Found 'em. Not in sparkly colors, but they'll do. Now, if anyone knows where the sparkly ones are....

And then secondarily, who's up for some nighttime frisbee at Waterfront or the park blocks this weekend?
  • madmal

Oregonians Traveling to DC

Oregonians travelling to DC for the big march/rally /lobby day are urged to contact Oregonians Against the War (OAW) D. Hess at to coordinate lobby day activites.
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Dark Knight

(no subject)

It's driving me nuts - there is a pizza/brew pub in or near Tanasborne that has baseball bats as door handles, it's near Thai Orchid and Haagen and a bunch of other shops - someone please tell me they know the name of it!!!

Flame on, but I am being boggled by this....
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Alright DP drinkers :

Put aside the egos and tell it like it is.

I'm interested in finding out if you can handle your liquor. I'm sure different types do different things to different people...but let's be general.

I'll go first.

A 5th + a little more than a pint of Southern Comfort (80 proof) = Slim Drunk
12 beers = Slim slightly buzzed (I'm not willing to spend more to find out what will get Slim drunk)
3/4 of a 5th of Vodka (80 proof) = Slim fall down drunk

I'm curious as to why Vodka will do much worse to me, when I can consume much more SoCo. Thoughts?

Mind you, this is not in one night. I'm not an alcoholic! hehe. I'm saying in general, this is what it takes.

Now, how about you? And for the love...please don't be 17 years old and say "I can drink a Half Gallon of Vodka, PLUS 18 beers and STILL be fine," because I'm pretty sure you're lying. My friend and I were just discussing tolerances, and I'm curious as to how PDX measures up.

This is for informational purposes only. Any drinking you indulge in as a result of this post will not be the fault of the poster. ;)

Wild Oats $10 Gift Card Up for Grabs

I have a Wild Oats gift card I received from work around last Thanksgiving, but I never have had a chance to get to any of their locations, so would prefer to let it go to someone who wants it. First person to comment here gets it.
It would probably need to be used before November. The balance is $10 if I remember correctly from when they gave them to us, as it has never been used, but the only way to check the balance is to go to the store. I will mail it out to the winning poster.

*Twitches in the throws of a boredom induced seizure*

Ok... I am just posting because I am REALLY bored. This has got to be just about the slowest day I have ever had working here. And I just want somebody to entertain me. PLEEEEEEEEASE entertain me. Before I try to jump out of the extra thick high rise windows to the street 10 stories belows. Though, knowing my luck, I would just hurt myself hurtling bodily against the window... but thats besides the point!!!
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  • joleine


Okay, so I don't need a specific doctor. I could care less if it's a man or woman.. But I prefer someone younger, obviously. What I'm looking for is a clinic..

Does anyone know if there are ANY medical clinics that have appointments AFTER 5pm? I go to Legacy @ Meridian Park now, I like my doctor and all (the like, 2 times a year I might need to see him), but their appointments are from 9am-4pm, and that's highly inconvenient. I've looked all around my health insurance website (Lifewise) only to get nowhere! I don't want to go to an urgent care clinic.. (did that, wasn't pretty), because I don't have the time to sit around for hours on end waiting to see the doctor for ten minutes.

Any ideas or suggestions? I'd also prefer something that's close in.. as I live in Clackamas (soon to be Beaverton) and work in Wilsonville. :)

Thanks! :)

(no subject)

Does anyone have experience buying cars from Vancouver Washington dealers? I'm looking for an 01 or 02 Accord, and so far Dick Hannah Kia has been the most helpful dealer. A little pushy and over zealous, but that's to be expected with a dealer. Any thoughts or suggestions on this dealer or going to Washington for a car in general?

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Word of the day: Cheap
(or better yet, FREE)

Can anyone tell me where to get cheap interior paint and (any type of) plants? I've been to Miller checking their remainder paint, but room-be-damned if I am bowing down to blue or white. Do you know of any reuse places that rescue plants before paving them over?

My place needs some life!
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Dang, what happened to the Clap?


Hehe...I love DP

Only here could I make a political post that garners at least 100 comments along with a few pissing contests...and the next day make a post about alcohol and get over 100 comments where we all, including those that I was pissing with, get along.

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(no subject)

October 10th, Roseland - Dredg. They last played here at the Aladdin, but they're back for the "Catch Without Arms" tour.

Go. See it. Say hi to me. Playing with Coheed & Cambria, and a bunch of others.

event details

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Hungry Hungry Hipster?

I'm told by my co-worker who is the owner's mom that this new restaurant is going to be the place to be this weekend:

Colleen's Bistro
738 E Burnside
Next to Doug Fir
Opens at 5:30, on Friday night Sep 15th
She will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and on

Any early birds want to do breakfast Saturday?

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Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

My (anti-LJ) boyfriend has a question for all of you fine people :)

He asked me to see if I could find any information on rowing crews in the area. He runs along the river sometimes and whiles he's runng the back half of the waterfront he sometimes sees crews of rowers out there. He's tried loking on the internets for information, but hasn't been able to find anything. So, does anyone know anything about this? Thanks! :)
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Fresh eggplants from Portland Farmers' Market.

2. supergirl_04's amazing homemade salsa (and meeting her in person at a fellow damnportlanders' gathering last weekend), and lunesse's amazing marinated cucumbers.

3. A tasty brunch with fellow damnportlanders at Cup and Saucer Cafe.

4. Late-evening shopping at Whole Foods in the Pearl while singing along to Duran Duran's "Save A Prayer" (which was being played on the store's P.A. system).

5. The beautiful fall weather.

6. A show tonight at Hawthorne Theatre with an amazing line-up: Empty Room, Railer, Submarine Fleet, and Son of Rust.
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How 'Bout A Cold One?

Job Help

Okay, so I'm out of work at the moment and getting to the point where being out of work is starting to suck. So, I was wondering if anyone here knows any good temp agencies in the Portland area. At this point I'll take just about anything as long as it pays me money. If you have any extra info(location, resume vs. application, what type of work they specialize in, how good/fast they are at finding work) let me know. I'm not quite desperate, but I'm borderline. Thanks!


Does anyone here have any experience or history with Americorps? Please share your experience. I'm thinking about joining Americorp NCCC specifically, probably next year although VISTA seems fulfilling.

major questions I have:

1) What are the living conditions like?
2) Were the meals provided nutritious?
3) The scope of the projects and volunteering.

Thank you so much!
  • tmcm

(no subject)

Dear Stumptown folk,

OK. I know this is sort of stupid... what's the episode where Seinfield dates the ballet dancer? Season? Episode number? Title?

I thought I'd seen every damn episode of that stupid (and by stupid I mean funny as hell) show. I hadn't even heard of this one. It's the same episode in which Kramer has a kidney stone while at the circus.
  • corva

Palm help?

Any Palm gurus (sp?) out there?
My Tungsten E was telling me that I had an "error 1116" when I tried to sink photos from desktop to Palm. Now it has removed all photos from the desktop photos (on computer) and it telling that "Palm Desktop Software does not recognize the following files as photos". This computer seems perfectly happy to let me load photos to the other Palm desktop that shares this computer with my Palm.
I've puttered around on Palm's webiste, and posted a request for help with a user group - someone had a similar problem about 18 months ago. Any other ideas?
  • 1nburg

What's Wrong With the 'Couv and the Country

Hey, I know this is orignally for those north of you guys but I figure maybe those in the Portland area might have something to contribute as well.

A few weeks ago I saw a list of cities that were deemed conservative and places I expected were in the top five like those in Utah and Texas. What surprised me was that Vancouver was #72 out of I believe 300. This really disappoints me because in the past the 'Couv has been a progressive town but with all these people moving in from more conservative areas, the town (and county) is quickly changing. What's happening? I'm sick of seeing all these "Bush/Cheney" bumper stickers on cars. For every one "liberal" sticker, I have to pass by at least ten "conservative" ones.

If you're a Bush supporter, please tell me why you are especially after all of the damage his administration has caused. Sure I'm biased but Bush supporters seem to be also but for reasons I've yet to fully fathom. Is it the whole born again religion thing? Are people willing to blindly follow him because he's a God fearing fella? Do you think the Bush administration has really made the United States a better and safer place? It seems the majority of the world thinks less of us since Dubya has "taken" (stolen) office. Even when Clinton was in office I didn't like everything he did but it seems that Bush can do no wrong despite overwhelming evidence that he has. Even to this day I don't like all the things Democrats are doing and yet people who support Republicans will blindly do so regardless of the things they do to corrupt the freedoms we have as Americans. Just look what's going on with the Supreme Court for the latest example. I'd especially like to hear what the teens and twentysomethings have to say on this issue if they have anything to say at all. In the end, I just want Vancouver to not be an embarrassing place to live and if people thought the city was a joke before, they'll certainly think less of us with the way things are going.

Print stuff.

Anyone want a printer for $20? It works just fine, I'm just getting a new one soon and no longer need this one. It's an Epson Stylus C40S. I have all the cords, and the driver install cd. It doesn't have ink right now, but you can get ink reeeaaaallly cheap at ... for Epson C40S ink, it's like 6 bucks. So, please e-mail me if you want it: anartperson at yahoo dot com

Thanks peoples.
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