September 14th, 2005


Local movers

Would any of you lovely people be able to recommend a local moving company? I'm only moving a few miles, and I just want to give someone money to pick up my furniture and boxes and move it for me. I have no idea who to choose, so any positive testimonials would help. Thanks in advance.
Let's moon 'em!
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Fossil Cartel Closed?

Did anyone else see/know that the Fossil Cartel in the mall was closed yesterday? My in-laws tried to go there and everything looked shut. Seemed a little weird....

Anyone know the deal? Changing their store look or something more dismal?
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So, how long does it take for the city to remove a dead animal from the street? I called one in Monday morning on Scholl's Ferry, just south of the freeway, and as of this morning it is still there.

.. and it's getting .. "funky".

Damn missing tags

See, this is the sort of thing tags would be useful for if someone hadn't been an asshat.

I need to find a dry-cleaner in Portland who does same-day pressing on Saturday. I really really don't have time to call every dry-cleaner in the book, so I thought y'all might have some recommendations.

Please & thank you!!

(no subject)

Even with all of the local breweries, I have yet to find a good american red/amber lager out here. Any transplants from the east coast might know of Yuengling -- that's pretty much what I'm looking for. Where should I go?
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(no subject)

Ok, I'm gonna be visiting Portland for 4 days about a week and a half from now.

What must I see? Where must I go? Where's the best beer, bubble tea, buffets, and laid back scene? What are the wonderful places that aren't in tourist books?

Also, what is overrated and not worth the hype?

Thanks for your help!
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locking gas caps.

although all local sources seem to be sold out, i would highly recommend buying one. i had gas siphoned from my car last night.
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dino dance!!

(no subject)

My friend has been helping produce a compilation of indie music videos for a year now, and it's out! It's called "No Parachute" and it has 26 music videos from all your favorite indie pop bands. But you should buy it!

You can read more about it here

And this is Portland related because a. I live here and b. You probably live in Portland, too. So be hip and get it!

No one's making me post this, I just got my copy in the mail yesterday, and it has made me SO HAPPY.
What a beautiful mess I've made...

Artists Needed

I'm working on a project for school regarding art in Portland. My group is making a video and we'd like to have a few local artists to interview. If you are a Portland artist or know a Portland artist that would be interested, please comment or email me to try and work out a time. We have until next Wednesday to have all of our materials together, so please get back to me ASAP.
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At least my boobs are big!

Where do you start??

I'm looking for a church... specifically, a nondenominational church with contemporary music and a Wednesday night service in the Beaverton/Bethany Village/Hillsboro area.

Anyone got any suggestions?

this is not work - it's torture

My god I am incredibly bored here at my job - Anyone have very awesome websites they go to regulary that will take away this boredom? I feel like all I do is read my friends blogs and get my ass whooped at chess online. So, I'm down with anything; stupid, funny, serious, political, informative blogs/sites or just even more cool online games that will take up my time - fire away with the suggestions please!


(no subject)

I have 2 main floor tickets to Dead Can Dance this Sunday at th eparamount in Seattle I need to sell.I paid about $160.00 with shipping for them, I am only looking to recover $100 of this, if anybody is interested please leave me a note here or email me at flowersoffilth at yahoo dot com. thanks!!

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leather repair

i got a question for you all:
i know of decent leather cleaners, but do any of you know of good places that can repair an old leather jacket? my favorite jacket is coming apart at many of it's seams and the DIY method just isn't working anymore. i need someone who actually knows how to repair a leather jacket and make it all wonderful and water tight and cozy again.
any suggestions? and any ideas about how much this usually costs? i am clueless.

thanks much.

Thursday Thursday Thursday!!!

So... asking one more time, but my hope for an answer is somewhat dimmed.

Are there any artsy or unusual events planned for this thursday? I have an hour or two that i want to kill tomorrow before my date.

Any interesting food places on the NW side could be cool too. Not interested in yuppy or too exotic. Think... someplace with a menu of items that you’d love to have on a snacky picnic. Maybe some place with fresh fruit and vegetables?

Or... if there are particular items at trader joes that you personally like and think a boy should try, let me know.

Thanks guys!

*crossing fingers*

(no subject)

Help me...i am so happy i have made it this far...i am going insane. Can you take a look at my journal and tell me what i need to do in code to make the writing more on the left and the cat on the right and not on top of each other for a normal monitor size? TIA

Yeah its done...thanks to burningheartz
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(no subject)

Memo to the my-aged (!) guy who just blasted by in his new middle-aged-crisis yellow Mustang convertible... listening to "Turn Me Loose" by Loverboy is not only nakedly cliche, but also not cool. If you were going for retro-ironic, you should have at least selected "My Lady of the 80's" from the same album.

Oh, and that shirt... oy! You're giving all of us old dudes a bad name. That shirt was wearing YOU.


Crafting for Charity

Hi Damn Portlanders!

A couple of other local gals and I have started a new community for crafting for local charities, pdxcharitycraft. All of the recent talk of helping Katrina survivors has been wonderful, but we are looking to help some people a little closer to home.

Our first actual crafty meeting is going to be on Monday the 26th of September, location TBA.

So join up! If you aren't crafty (or not interested in crafting with us right now), but can provide yarn or fabric or anything like that, these items are needed just as much as we need members to use them! If you need a refresher or crash course on knitting or crocheting, we are more than happy to help you out. We want to help keep some of our fellow Portlanders warm this winter!
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best pizza?

Okay, so where I used to live there was this awesome bar with the best happy hour ever. Dollar drafts, and 5 dollar pizzas.

Now, this pizza. It is the best pizza ever. I usually ate there twice a week at a minimum. This pizza is super thick and cheesey. The crust is like heaven. Thick, soft, and just covered in this garlic-y buttery stuff. It's called smokin' joe's crust and there is nothing like it. The pizza sauce is spicy. It's by far the best pizza I've eaten in my life and one of the few things I miss about where I used to live.

So. I've tried pizza in Portland. So far, nothing even comes close to being worthy enough to compare to this pizza.

I've tried Hot Lips. Twice. Sub-par. Mediocre at best. I've tried Rocco's. About the same, but gets an extra point because it's thicker. Both are still basically crap, though.

I haven't tried this Pizza Schmizza place yet. Is that any good?

And seriously. What is the best pizza in Portland? This is very important. Everywhere I live I always have a favorite pizza place. I don't really feel like flying back to Ohio for pizza, but it may come to that.
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(no subject)

used the blogsearch@google and saw nothing about it in this hideously malformed community, and there has been a seemingly high level of interest towards helping folks with the Water Damage, and perhaps YOU could go about helping the 372,000 children who are going to have to go to new schools.

thats it.

.... WAIT!!!

heres a picture of a cat.

Help us find a cure

Saturday Oct. 15th 2005
@ The Lotus
932 SW 3rd (Portland)
$10 cover @ the door

Party For GOOD
A benifit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Music from the 80s and a Van Halen tribute band

This may not be your "thing", but I'll be there....the CFF can use all the help it can get to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Need a better reason, other than doing something good for humanity?

One of my best friends died of CF when I was 18. She should still be here. Come help us find a cure!
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