September 12th, 2005

Kristen Bell

Public Records

Where does one go to search public records? I mean in person, not online.

After viewing a crapload of public records requests forms, I've found out it's free to search & view public records in person and only costs $$$ if you make copies or need help. Online, you have to pay a bunch just to view a record, 95% of the time to find out it's the wrong one!

And being that I don't have a credit card, I don't have the online option anyhow. So where should I treck myself in the morning to search for a long lost friend of mine?
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Vaux's Swifts

Good morning Portland!

Image (c) Michael Wilhelm, for the Portland Tribune

"Each September, for about a month, thousands of Vaux's Swifts roost every night in the chimney of Chapman Elementary School in Northwest Portland before they fly south for the winter. Just before dark, the swifts amass above the school in a huge spiral formation and then, as if on cue, they swirl down into the chimney, giving the impression of an avian tornado."

I went over to a friend's house near the Chapman school to watch this last night. There were probably about 15,000 - 20,000 birds. This was the third year I've gone to watch.

If you haven't caught this show yet, my Portland peeps, it's not to be missed. There's still time before the flock heads south. For a cheep date (HA!), grab a friend, a blanket, a bottle of wine, and some sweaters, and head over to the Chapman school ... it sits behind a small park on 25th between Pettygrove and Raleigh, and the chimney is on the rear side of the school. Get there about an hour before sunset, head over to the grassy slope on the Pettygrove side, or go sit behind the chimney in the field behind the school. On weekends, expect a few hundred spectators, including a group from the Audobon Society of Portland (article linked above).

Here are a few more articles about this Portland phenomenon:

Portland Tribune, Aug 2004

Willamette Weekly (Best of 2004 edition)

PulsePlanet, May 2005
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(no subject)

hey everyone, I'm working on something and was wondering if you all could help me out...

1) what resolution is your computer set at? (ie. 1024 x 768)

2) what size moniter do you use?

3) what internet browser do you use?

thanks so much for your time!!!!!!

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Hi All!

Our starter went out in our 99 Ford Explorer. We need to get it fixed TODAY, and live on SE 50th and Hawthorne. Are there any recommendations on cheaper, honest, trustworthy auto care! Any good stories!???


If you work at The Motage or drive a yellow cab...

This is a long shot, but here goes ...

Saturday night I went to see Danko Jones at Dantes. I got drunk and bought a shirt. After the show we took a taxi to The Montage. I lost it either in the taxi or at the Montage. If you know of anyone who found a black Danko Jones t-shirt on Saturday night, size medium, could you let me know? I really want it back.

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Fell on hard times (Need a Miracle!)

Well here goes...
I have been in Portland for about 6 months.. LOVE THIS TOWN! Long story short... I recently lost my job..and my wife :( and am in need of a new one (yes job...hehe)in the very near future... My background is in the area of Technical Support mostly for ISP's but I have done some hosting support.. At this time I am not a picky job hunter.. But before I start Applying at Plaid Pantry ond other places that seem to always have Help Wanted signs up. I thought I would ask the community if they have any suggestions, have herd of any openings, good advice.... have a job for

I don't want this to sound like a sob story but I am in a pretty tight spot..

Love and light to all...

Thanks in advance..

(this is new account since my ex watches this group ;)...)
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"THE" Reunion!

I don't know if anyone posted about this already, but were any of you DamnFine DamnPortlanders at The Crystal Ballroom on Saturday night to witness history repeating itself? By that I mean a reunion show with Sprinkler, Crackerbash, Pond, and Hazel? I had a grin on my face almost the entire time. I felt like I was in my twenties again! It was the early 90s once more. It was good to see Sean Croghan from Crackerbash flailing around like Regan possessed!
Anybody have any thoughts on Music Fest NorthWest this year?
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(no subject)

Can anyone tell me if there is a Dutch Bros. coffee stand in the general Portland/Vancouver area? Or, at the very least, one closer than the one in Tualatin? Thanks!
Oh Fuck

Can you see the light?

So, DPers, I have a question for you. I'm cutting all ties with what used to be my home, and among the changes, I need a new opthamologist, and I need them pretty soon to get more contact lenses and a new eye exam. Here's what I'm looking for:

1) Someone relatively young, who isn't going to go out of practice anytime soon.
2) Gender is irrelevant (hey, it's my damn eyes, not anything else).
3) Someone close to (or in) the SW Portland area, close(r) to Lake Oswego (I'm a student at Lewis & Clark) the less I have to drive with dialated eyes, the better (bonus points if you can list someone who's on a really convenient trimet route).

So, go! Please help me see!
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Needed: A Power Supply

Does any of the geeks out there have a 400W ATX power supply they're not using? I had a transformer blow out on my block and with it, my main workstation. I'm without fundage right now so if you happen to have one in the pile, I'd be glad to take it off your hands.

Thanks people and peace,
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looking to rent a movie theater

I'm looking for a movie theater to rent. My friends, family, and I like to have a "Pride and Prejudice" movie viewing every year, and so many people have heard about it that we don't have a living room big enough for everyone. So I'm looking for someplace that would rent a small theater to me...any place that has a large screen, enough room for 20-30 people, and hopefully comfy chairs/couches. If anyone knows of a place that would rent a theater for 6-7 hours for a reasonable price, please let me know! Thanks.
At least my boobs are big!

Probably going to get slack for this, but bring it on!

Every day that I work, I have to drive up and down Skyline Drive. The actual road doesn't bother me at all. What bothers me is that every single biker in the state of Oregon has decided to bike up and down this curvy uphill or downhill 2 lane road. There is NO bike trail on the side, and no extra to pass without going almost completely into the opposite lane. This normally wouldn't even be that much of a problem, but as I mentioned before, the road is curvy as all get out and blind corners abound as you all well know.

Scenarios? I either risk life and limb and dare to venture into the oncoming traffic's lane, or I risk life and limb by almost killing my engine (it's a manual) by not being able to keep the revs up in 1st gear going uphill. To make matters worse, I'm a nanny and almost always have small children in my car as I'm driving. 

Bikers need to go somewhere else. If they were going to work, I could see that, but these are people that are out to pleasure ride. There is nothing but residential up on Skyline, (unless you count the one lone restaurant about halfway up), and no reason at all for me to risk getting into an accident just so they can get their jollies. It's not like there aren't other mountains around here.


Holy Moley!!

Anyone else see the Bat Signal tonight? It's freakin far out! Every other time, I always missed it. If you have sky access, you should check it out. As I type this, it's still beaming strong. Look due south about 45 degrees off the horizon ....

Oct 2010

(no subject)

Jimmy Buffett is coming to the Rose Garden on Oct 27th.  The tickets go on sale tomorrow (PRE SALE).  I have a password that allows the purchase of up to 8 tickets. 

I won't be in town for the concert (and I am super sad about that) but would like to see it put to use if someone is interested in purchasing tickets tomorrow.  Let me know.

(no subject)

i noticed alot of places on craigslist say "food handlers card required"
ive never needed anything like it in wisconsin.

Hehehe edited because i left myself way open on that one.

good thing i didnt put in the rest of my info.
thanks for the responses and
thanks for noticing!
hey you!

Consolidating Bills Time

is there a way for me to get rid of cable, but still get good regular TV reception?
is there a way for me to check this before i drop cable?

i NEVER watch the TV, so it seems pretty ridiculous to even be on the $12-$19 plan.
what would we need to get for our TVs to make it work, and how could we test it out?

also, i know this has been asked 1,000,000 times, but good cell phone services out there? what's your favorite company/plan?

High Speed Internet
prefer Comcast over Qwest? how much of a pain is it to switch? will i have to change my main email address (a address)?

Anyone out there use Vonage or something similar? how is it?
can anyone tell i want to do away with paying Qwest a bill altogether, those bastards?
Oh Fuck

AIDSWalk 2005 - Commit to stop AIDS

I am posting this to all of the major groups with which I am affiliated to encourage you to join in the fight against AIDS and HIV. The virus affects millions of people each year and is not limited to any one sexual orientation or gender identity. Anyone can be affected at any given time, and no one is immune. There is no cure.

Please join me in raising money for AIDS research, which will stay in the Portland area. Raised by CascadeAIDSProject, the AIDSWalk 2005 is a great resource for giving if you have not already done so. Please consider donating to this worthy cause, even $5 or $10 will help. You can even donate using your credit/debit card, so you don't need to go and hunt down a fundraiser nor do you need to mail in a check (unless you want to). If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

To make a donation, please visit my personal fundraising page at:
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(no subject)

alrighty DPers. If you live in SE portland around Belmont/Hawthorne/Stark/Burnside listen up. There is a new bicycle police program for the neighborhood areas. Rather than ominous and obtrusive ars we could have eco-friendly and non-invasive bicycle cops patrolling our streets. I rather like the idea. My bike cops are great and I want to keep them aorund. They dont care WHAT you're doing on your front porch (smoking the ganj included) and are attentive to epoples needs and complaints. Problem being, the pilot program expires thursday. They will decide wether or not to keep the program absed on public feedback. Call the police chief's, and mayor's comment line and make your voice ehard about the issue.

Thursday activities

So, there's first thursday and last thursday... what thursday event is coming up this week? I'm going to have a couple hours to kill after five, and i wanted to check out or do something random. Any suggestions?
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Stylish downtown hair salons?

Has anybody been to the London Influence Salon downtown? I'm looking for a place in that general vicinity to get my hair cut that isn't Bishops or Perfect Look, since I've had bad luck at those types of places, and that's what I'm seriously considering. I don't want something that's going to cost me a total arm & leg, but I want to go to a place that normally does really sophisticated hair styles; I have yet to find a good place for this in the downtown area or some place close in. Suggestions? Before you flay me for asking a hair cut question, I did a search on the community and wasn't satisfied with what I found.

Please and thank you. :-)