September 11th, 2005

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Can anyone suggest a place that has a variety of poster frames? Specifically I need to frame something that's 12.5"x17.5". Apparently this is an uncommon size, because I can't seem to find any frames. The closer to NE the better, but I'll travel.
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It's that time of year again -- the fourth anniversary of 9/11.

Any thoughts? [Where were you when you found out? Do you know anyone who was harmed? Do you have a less-than-popular opinion about the entire thing? How do you feel now, a few years later, about the events that took place?]
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Alright DP

I know we have a broad spectrum of people here and for whatever reason I got to thinking. What do you wear at your job? Is there a dress code?

For example I work in a cube at intel I have no dress code really except I cant wear anything graphic and I cant be shirtless or anything. I am wearing a hoodie and dickies pants and skate shoes.

Edit: Post where you work to, so it all makes sense
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shopping help

looking for a single fold-out foam chair/mattress dealio. when did these become $60-$100 items???

even in a children's size (it's for when my grandson visits), they are that expensive. wtf?

any suggestions?

my undying gratitude, as always.
patsy stone thanxgiving

after 3 years of college I learn this:

(according to many SOAN/POLS articles/books I have read)

In order for a middle class woman to maintain the middle class lifestyle of her childhood, she must marry a college educated man.

In order for a working class woman to move up in the society, she must marry a college educated man.

In order for a middle class woman to be well off in life, she must marry a millionaire.

Young women believe that they will have the opportunity to make something out of themselves on their own, and to attain their own wealth through their very own efforts. They believe that they are exempt to the gender based discrimination that haunted their mothers, aunts and grandmothers. This is known as the Pollyanna Hypothesis. It is only when they reach the workplace after college that they realize the falsity of such beliefs as they will indeed witness sexism/discrimination in the workplace.

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FS - Epson Stylus Color 740 Printer

Yours for $10 OBO. (I've just upgraded to a better printer, so I have no need for this one anymore.) It has USB and PP connections. It's in good condition, needs ink.

Located in Beaverton near PCC Rock Creek, or you can pick it up downtown at Big Pink (US Bancorp Tower).
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Hey everyone, I have a good question for ya:

Does anyone know if a good place to get vintage cameras repaired? My boyfriend has an SX-70 Sonar Polaroid and an old Canon SLR that he wants to have looked at. He's looking for expertise and fair prices, and someone he can go to now and in the future for camera issues and such.

Thanks :)
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Your Wisdom, Please!

I'm looking to buy Suzuki (Aerio Wagon) and in all honesty, I've never heard anything about Suzuki... Is there any wisdom/stories/warnings that I should know about Suzukis?

Follow up question for 500: In comparison to a 2003 Volkswagen Bettle (New version) what would you choose or suggest?

AND, this is related to Portland becuase I'm home for a week and have to buy a car while I'm here.

PLEASE share your thoughts with me!

Need moving boxes

I was wondering if anyone here has moving boxes they don't need any more. I need lots of them!

If you're in Hillsboro or close by that would work best for me but I don't mind driving to Portland either.


happy dead patriot day!

Tonight at The Back To Back Cafe @ 8pm
Riot Cop, with Forced March, Maraud, Absolute Rulers & Poison Street.
Animal rights propaganda by Diego, who will be selling patches and shirts at the benefit.

This is a benefit for a political prisoner named Peter Young, who is an Animal Rights Activist.
Federal officials have accused the 27-year-old of freeing some 8,000 mink from fur farms in Wisconsin,
South Dakota and Iowa. He has been charged with engaging in animal enterprise terrorism and unlawfully
interfering with interstate commerce. Young has been a federal fugitive for six years.
He faces up to 82 years in prison.

Thee Back to Back Cafe is located at 614 E Burnside. Phone- 503-233-1929
This benefit will be sliding scale, no-one turned away.
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If this is off-topic, just smack me upside the head and I'll promptly delete this and walk home in shame.

Okay so, I live in Miami, FL. I'm sick of hurricanes and bad storms in general, the kinda crap that comes with living in a city like this. I'm seriously considering gettin the hell outta dodge and checking into Portland as soon as I graduate university (roughly about a year), because I've heard a few good things about it and it looks pretty :D . However, I've never been there and aside from reading about it on websites and such, I don't know a whole lot about it.

SO, everyone gimme your best pitch about Portland. GO!

ps: Thank you all for your replies! I figured if I was gonna get information about a city, its best to ask its citizens. :D

Bhama Bound...

Dearest Damn Portlanders,

I am off on an adventure across country, traveling to see family and finally wind up with friends in Mobile, Alabama.

Be Back In A Month.

*Hangs closed sign*


P.S. Can I be a Damn Bhamam' when I am there?

Cool people only.

So who's going to see Opeth with me at the Crystal Ballroom on October 12th?

Come on, don't be shy. It's going to kick ass. I'm gettin' in on a guest list but tickets are only $18 anyway.
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Why *I* like Portland: an illustrated guide.

Somebody posted earlier today, asking what we liked about living in Portland.

For me, it's as simple as this.

Here's what I see when I step out my side door each day:

A five-minute walk brings me to coffeeshops, restaurants, brewpubs, markets, specialty stores, and more.

I'm about ten minutes from this:

I'm less than 100 miles from this:

And this!:

And I feel like I'm a zillion miles from THIS:

And THAT is why I like Portland!