September 10th, 2005

dirty lingo

alrighty. Im watching Vh1's top 40 awesomely bad songs ever, and the reference "dirty sanchez" came up. Am i spelling it right? lol. I have no clue what it is. Educate me!

Or explain a dirty phrase of your choice(with some delicacy if possible) ;)
(delete if needed, though uh, dirty lingo seemed portland related. he hee)

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hey guys, Happy Saturday! :D

So.. plans are finalized.. I'm moving to Phoenix October 12. This means I have a ton of things to get rid of before I move, so! Aside from Craigslist and the newspaper.. where is the best place to sell stuff? I have a running-almost-perfectly ugly 1980 Honda Accord to be rid of.. a brand new 5-disk DVD Player and some other pretty nice things to be rid of. How about pawn shops.. do they pay decently enough for stuff?
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hi there

could anyone out there possibly recommend a neat place in portland to undertake some two-sided photocopying? somewhere that's not too pricey, and where the staff are knowledgeable (i am a bit silly with machines). preferably inner SE, NE, or downtown would be wonderful

thankyou all so much for any help!

Where to donate?

I had gathered up a bunch of close/personal supplies to donate to the Katrina victims coming to Portland. Now that they are not coming anymore I am not sure where to donate this stuff. I checked the Red Cross website but it seems to be all about monetary donations (Which I unfortunately can not afford to do). So.. Damn Portlanders... Where would YOU donate these things?

1) Clothes / Shoes
2) Personal care products (Shampoo/soap/feminine products, etc)
3) Misc sheets (twin sized) **This one I am not sure if any charity would want. If I don't find one I would be happy to share them with someone from the DP community**

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Have a nice weekend :)

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Once again I must call on the infinate (sp?) wisdom of all of you Portlanders. I need to find out where some free or low cost health care clinics are that aren't restricted to 1 day a week. My son has been sick for over a week now but we don't have insurance and if it isn't better today I need to take him in. We live in SE Portland so anything on this side would be great. Thanks so much.


saw this on craigslist today in the free section, anybody know of someone/where that could help???

4 abused kittens need new home now

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Date: 2005-09-09, 11:15PM PDT

My ex roommates son abused my cats kittens i have nursed them as well as i can a home that can seek medical attention would be good the little brat got ahold of sisiors ans snipped the tops off of one kittens ears and a little off of one others ears not as bad as the first ine they are liktter box trained and eat hard food they need homes i have been putting poroxide and neosporen on there ears i think they will be ok but i dont have the money to get them treated properly some i am asking forgood homes for these babys asap
tiny little super guy

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How does a girl find a good guy around here?

Edit: Now that my mailbox is filled with DP nonsense, I meant Portland, not the internets. Is the internet all you people think about? :D

P.S. You kids take everything so literally! Less serious, more fun, please.

Does anyone want to buy my Neil Diamond tickets??

Hey there! Neil Diamond is coming to Portland and I am so sad that I will not be able to see him - I have to take a last minute trip out of town. I need to sell my tickets to the show at face value (tickets $42.50, "convenience" charge $7.50, shipping & handling $5.00 - per ticket) for a total of $110. i will consider all offers. these are upper level, good seats with what should be an amazing view of an amazing performer (seats: Sec 329, Row B, Seats 1&2). let me know if you're interested.
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More tales from the hatchery...

Throughout history, epic fishing tales have held us enthralled. Gripping stories of man vs. the sea. Jonah and the Whale. Moby Dick and Captain Ahab. Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea. My six-year-old girl and the fish trapped in the concrete hatchery tank.

Yes, today was a fresh chapter in the nautical lore. Armed with only a camera and some ibuprofen for the inevitable headache, I brought my kids to my friend Gordon's house in Camas and boarded his Expedition for the trip to the fish hatchery. Our traveling companions were small, for the most part, better to fit belowdecks for those long jaunts across the Sea of Bengal or even the Highway 14 through Washougal. In our crew were four little kids, two of whom I can barely stand on a good day. Gordon's kids are not the kind to take on long journeys. Their sea legs are bad, and they make ADD kids look like the Dali Lama.

We also brought along two old people to eat if our provisions ran low. Gordon's mother in law, feisty at 70-ish, and her friend George, not REMOTELY feisty at 90-ish. I was dismayed, as I wanted to bark orders at George to climb the riggings to the crow's nest but he couldn't hear so good. Nothing says macho fishing like bringing your mother in law and somebody who came of age during the Coolidge administration.
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semi firey action

not too long ago, my doggie and i were peering out the window of our building and the building across the street, old town lofts, has like 4 fire trucks outside and they start breakin out the hose! i see a fireman in someone's room on the 4/5th floor and he rips out the screen window. i even saw some guy peering out his window with a giant slr sticking out. aren't you suppose to be evacuating sir?! everyone is evacuated outside and so obie and i go for a little walk to see things from down below. there doesn't appear to be any smoke or fire of any sort. maybe some dimwit just left their stove on. well it was exciting for a second, not that someone's house on fire is exciting. i was just bored for the time being. does anyone here live in those nice lofts? may i visit your balcony..?

i'm almost never bored or have this much time to sit down and think about how bored i am. the adhd is definitely kicking in. no canvas, don't feel like riding right now, agsfb cd and joseph ledoux book is in my pseudicle as we speak...sigh.'s the weather?

aim orangeskirt
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Nokia 3390

My phone is very ill. Probably my fault, for flushing it down the toilet. It hisses at me and the lights flicker, but nothing comes up, and I can hear nothing.

My question, then, is this:

I get off work at eight. I would like to purchase a replacement phone (Nokia 3390, or something I could transfer the Smart Card into.) this evening, if possible, as not to lose touch with my aquaintences. I work up in NW, and I am heading home to SE. What's my best bet, kids? Lloyd Center? Goodwill? Something else?

Lemme know. You have an hour and a half,
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Anything totally awesome going on tonight? There was talk of checking out DJ Spooky until I realized that the tickets were more expensive than 8 bitches on a bitch boat. Then Atlas at Halocene was an option, but while I quite like the music, I'm not hip on the yuppie dance club crowd ala skinny blond chicks doing the white-girl-look-at-me-I-have-no-rhythm-but-aren't-I-sexy dance.

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Hello DamnPortlanders,

I need an excellent, non-flaky, professional tree service (pruning and removal) and an exterior house painter before the rain sets in. 

Who have you used, who do you love and who would you stay away from? 

And before you say it, yes, I know how to find them on Craigslist, etc... I would like some experiential input.

FYI - I'm in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area.

Thank you!