September 8th, 2005

Let's moon 'em!
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Western Culinary Institute "Bleu"

It's spendy - but it's mighty nice for a 5-course meal that's just enough food (you're not overstuffed or underfed, even though the portions look way tiny).

Taste? Gorgeous!

We (my husband and his parents) went there last night (oh, and the meals change regularly - like daily, if I'm not mistaken) and it was awesome. We've even booked up for next Thursday, the parents liked it so much!

So, if you can afford to do it (it's $24.95 a person - figure $5 a course) - Western Culinary Institute is superb!

921 SW Morrison (across the street from Busch Gardens)

Happy eating!
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Turban Varga
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What's a good place or places around SE 10th & Morrison to grab a drink in a semi-quiet atmosphere before a show at Holocene? I'm having a difficult time remembering what's around there, other than Sassy's, and we are NOT going there, sorry. ;-) Please and thank you to any suggesetions.

Kara, the philanthropist! Who'd-a-thunkit?

Me and a few friends are going downtown to hand out food to the homeless on Sunday. I'm not quite sure what we'll be making, probably sandwiches, soup/chili, and something else. I have a couple cases of bottled water, and I'll be picking up some of the single servings of the lemonade packets to go into bottled water for people that would like that. I figured, I'm in the position where I'm able to do something nice, I probably should. I'm pretty excited about it too, I've never done this before. If anyone has any ideas on what I could make, of if you'd like to come help out, let me know! We'll all be getting together Sunday morning, then we'll head downtown. Even just a few people's help would be awesome :)


I apologize ahead of time because this is probably NOT the last post like this from me. I am in the process of doing a serious cleaning/organizing of my apartment and have many many questions.

While cleaning out my hall closet I found a box of unused contacts from an old prescription. I have head of several charities that give out old glasses but none having to do with contacts. I would hate to just throw out something that someone could use (plus I am irritated cuz I spent money on them) Do any of you know of any places that take old contacts?

Thanks in advance,

Powells, Screaming Man, and Chai Tea

So, you guessed it kiddies! I Sarah Berkley am at Powell's Books, have once again spent exorbinant amounts of money on books, to which I am still on a book high from. On my way here today, I heard a screaming man and it reminded me of someones Screaming Man post...should we get them all together in the desert and call it Screaming Man? Oh and steamed chai is god.


Printer issues

I need to find out if there is anywhere on the web that you can publish a document that can be printed in a different format? We have Microsoft stuff on our computer and my in-laws have MACS. I need to print off some resumes but they obviously can't print word documents. Any ideas? Thanks.
Oct 2010

SMART - Start Making A Reader Today

SMART is a book and reading program in the state of Oregon.  The program is in need of volunteers for the 2005-06 school year. 

Volunteers only need to be able to offer one hour a week of their time.  During that hour, the volunteer reads books with children from kindergarten to 3rd grade.  Each volunteer has the same two children each week. 

This is an invaluable experience for the child.  It helps them get excited about reading.  It also is about creating bonds with adults.  And honestly, it is an amazing experience to be a volunteer.

I was a volunteer last year, and it was the highlight of my week. 

This year, I am coordinating a SMART program.  Each of the programs throughout the state is in need of volunteers for this year.  The program begins at the end of October and runs through the school year. 

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, or if you know someone who would be, please visit the website :

You can fill out the application right online.  It really makes a difference :)

Thanks for your time. 
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(no subject)

My birthday is Saturday and I am being taken out to dinner. I have not lived in Portland very long (about three weeks) and I haven't found a job yet so I've been poor and haven't been eating out much.

I love Japanese food and Indian food. Can someone recommend a good Japanese or Indian restaurant? Something in the 20-30 dollars per person price range?


(this probably gets asked a lot but I looked in the Memories section under restaurants and there isn't anything about Japanese/Indian food)
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Where ya From?

My one year anniversary of having moved to Portland is coming up and I was wondering where ya all came from and how long ya been here?

Me: Salem, Oregon
Move: Date: October 3, 2004
Why: Because Salem sucks yo!


because so many other people posted where else they lived:

1975 - 1978 Salem, OR
1978 - 1985 Port Angeles, WA
1985 - 1990 Springfield, OR
1990 - 1993 Salem, OR
1993 - 1994 Scio, OR
1994 - 1996 Corvallis, OR
1996 - 2004 Salem, OR
2004 - Present Portland, OR

(no subject)

So I’m sick of commuting to Eugene to see my medication specialist/mental health guru, anyone have a good psychiatrist in the city that they would recommend to me? I have great insurance and all that good stuff, so cost doesn’t matter so much. Someone who specializes in manic depression/bi polar disorder would be great.
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Web Hosting Services..

So I have been working on a personal website with my design work and portfolio stuff on it to help me get some jobs, I was just wondering if anyone had any good suggestions on a place that would host my site for cheap. I would also like to get a domain name as well. I am currently looking at (someone suggested it to me) and was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions. I dont need anything huge, but the free webspace we get with comcast isnt cutting it right now and I would like something a bit faster...

any info would be great!
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Housing situation...

For greater exposure and, hopefully, an increase in the potential for success:

Not only have my good friend/housemate Abby and I been fairly diligent in attempts to rent our gorgeous townhouse while I'm running around Europe, but I've also begun the search for a new living space in Portland as of today.
I'm asking all of you to please pass these items along to anyone and everyone you know that it may be of interest to. Being that the house needs to be re-leased by the end of September in order for our heads to keep from exploding, we're understandably down to the wire here ;)
Both Abby and I will be available to answer any and all questions, and I thank you all in advance for the leg-up!

my search for a new place to hang the hats


the beautiful home I wish I could still live in ;)

x-posted accordingly

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(no subject)

quick!! i need a link to that flash animation about the world comming to an end with everyone firing their missles.... know what i'm talking about? someone on here has a user icon that has blurbs from it... thanks! :)

Looking for help!

I just had a friend contact me who was attacked by a ex-boyfriend physically who is now trying to repeal her restraining order against him....

I need any links or contacts for women rights lawyers or advocates.... this is needed ASAP and she is really looking for "free support" .... please help me out so i can foward this to her in a time of need!

*bows to the power of DP*
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bern-y goodness

even though i don't live in portland, i've taken a shine to all you northern folk, and thought some of you might appreciate a fun filled evening of dan bern and booze. he will be playing two shows in the area early next month, and was great the last time i saw him live.
if you're free that evening, i'd suggest checking him out :)

Berbati's Pan
Portland, OR
9:30 PM
click me!

Sam Bond's Garage
Eugene, OR
me too!
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Ok...who loves me?

Someone does!

I just got a paid account...which is really nice - but I didn't need the charity.

It was anonymous.

Was it YOU?

I bet it was!, since this is the only community I consistently blog around on, thanks to...someone.

neener neener

(no subject)

Poll #567000 cell service

Okay, Portlanders. I need a new cell provider. Pick one:

smoke signals
something else

EDIT: For what it's worth, coverage area is important, as are the whole "free nights and weekends" thing everyone seems to offer. Oh, yeah. And roaming charges are bad. Very, very bad. Other than that, I'm not picky. Heh.

Resolution to support an independent inquiry into the failures surrounding Hurricane Katrina

I mailed off some letters today to the Portland City Council asking them to consider a resolution formally stating Portland's support for an independent investigation into what went wrong before and after Katrina that permitted so many lives to be lost and so much damage to be done.

Obviously, such a resolution would be a symbolic (read: futile; pointless) gesture, but I think it's one worth making anyway. We've already seen our President's complete disconnect from his own responsibility for the tragedy in his offer to lead the investigation himself. Republican leaders in Congress have proposed an investigative committee dominated by their party; Democrats are currently refusing to participate. An independent investigation (of some sort--I'll leave the details to someone else) would offer the most objective findings available while avoiding to some degree the politicization that goes along w/ having a "bi-partisan" Congressional inquiry into anything. We all have an interest in making sure this is done right, so if anyone else would like to voice their support, write your congressperson(s), write the media, and certainly feel free to write the City Council. E-mail and street addresses for the City Council are available @, and I'll follow-up later w/ some info on the rest.
Oct 2010

Reading, eating, drinking, and being social

Do you like to read? 

Do you like to be social?

Do you have one Thursday a month to hang out with a group of others that like to read and be social?

pdxbookclub is accepting new members, and we are about to vote on our next book of the month.  What a great time to join.

We meet one Thursday a month at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.  We have been meeting at 5 pm, but I believe we are going to push that back to 6:00 pm to accomodate more work schedules. 

If this sounds like something that interests you, come on over to pdxbookclub and introduce yourself. 

CNA jobs

Do any of you know how you become a CNA (certified nursing assistant) in Oregon? I can't seem to find much info on how to get into that job or what you have to do to get certified. Any of you CNA's? What's it like?
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Custom pendant needed...

I have a rather large (27 x 42 mm) pear-shaped sunstone cabochon that I am looking to have placed in a custom silver bezel setting.  I'm not interested in wire-wrapping unless it is extremely clean and non-ornate.  Do any of you know any local artists (or jewelers, although I know that's a real rarity) who work with silver and might be able to help me?

(no subject)

I thought this would be of interest to some of the members of this community.

The Legendary Knock Out Boyz remix Gold Digger by Kanye West with lyrics in response to Hurricane Katrina.

Download "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" at one of the following links:

For users like darkzebrahead who are confused, note that The Legendary Knock Out Boyz wrote the words that accompany the remix in addition to adding the Kanye sound-clip--lyrics can be found here.
Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

Does anyone want to hang out with me in Portland tomorrow? I don't have a lot of money to spend, but I'm very tired of not doing anything all day long. Naps get old, believe it or not. So yea, if anyone is up for wandering around and maybe doing some window shopping around the city, email me at abbi dot mueller at gamil dot com.
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Question about Western Culinary Institute

I revieved this response to my question posted in damnportlanders  about other Western Culinary Institute out there.

 I'm going to remove this comment
because I don't want to start a flame-war. If it's not too late I really implore you to reconsider WCI. If you're family owns a restauraunt and is willing to foot the bill- and give you a job upon completion then go for it. If your expectation is that you will be able to walk into a mid-to hi level position with your certificate- then I'm afraid that you are one of the hundreds of people who are bilked out of tens of thousands of dollars by these cooking schools. I know people who work there, and in unguarded moments they'll pretty much admit that going there qualifies you for a job at a corporate chain restauraunt like Applebee's and not much else.

The people who go there and then open their own place have the money lined up -before- they attend, and most have already worked in a restauraunt for several years.

I seriously think the reason you have had so few responses is because of the number of people that were totally ripped-off by WCI, and the fact that the graduates are working split-shifts for 10 bucks an hour and don't have time or money for computers/damnportlanders..

Just one guy's opinion... good luck to you


I would really appreciate any info that anyone could give on their own experiences at WCI or just what they've heard about WCI or Cordon Bleu affiliates in general

damnportlanders ,bakery, in_the_biz, portlandoregon and any others I think of later

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