September 6th, 2005

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My poor pup.

I've tried to put this off for as long as I possibly could. I am moving into a manufactured home park to help take care of my 86 year old grandmother and unfortunately, I can take my cat but not my dog. I've had this dog since she was a puppy and she is the sweetest, silliest, loving dog I've ever known. I have asked all of the family friends I could think of and none of them have room or can afford to take her. She's over 10 years old and I don't imagine she'll be around much longer and I couldn't bare to put her in a shelter. I move tomorrow and I really want to find somene who has a nice backyard and love to give to this old girl.

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Edit: I think have found a home for her in a non shelther/rescue situation. thanks for the reminders about craigslist.
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kurt che

Al Gore coming to Portland tonight

Al Gore's in town tonight

Straight Talk - A Real Look at Global Warming"
Presented by former Vice President Al Gore

Tuesday September 6, 2005
Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther Kind Blvd., Portland
Ballrooms 201 and 202
Free Admission, No Tickets Required
Limited Seating
Doors open at 6 p.m.
Presentation from 6:30-8:00 pm This is a unique opportunity to see Al Gore present on an issue of vital local, national, and international importance.
little blue dog

macha, macha man ... I want to be a macha man ...

Good morning Portland.

Does anyone know where to get macha (in Portland)?

Specifically, I'm looking for places you know that have it, and maybe even your critique on how good/expensive the stuff was that you found there. I've already got plenty of ideas on where I might find it. ;)

If you don't know what it is (I didn't; I'm asking on behalf of a friend), please allow me to clarify before you go a-googlin': I'm looking for finely ground green tea, not the Celtic war goddess. It's also spelled matcha or maccha.

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Physical Therapy

I got rear ended pretty badly just in time for Labor Day weekend on Friday, and I was planning on going to my usual physical therapy place here in Clackamas in the Eastside Athletic Club, but apparently they aren't there anymore. I am looking for a good place in the Clackamas/Sunnyside/Happy Valley area that has a good reputation/recommendations from you guys on here. Location is important because my car will be in the shop and I don't want to have to drive all over town to get to the place since the accident wasn't my fault and I'm busy with work and moving for college. Thanks in advance :D

Downtown bike gallery

**to the girl w/ the bf that works at bike gallery....would this happen to be the downtown one? i only ask b/c i don't know if i should call one of the mechanics which i do find highly attractive. was wondering if you knew who he was.
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Is there a place where I can get good, fast, authentic gyros in Portland? There was one in my favorite city in Michigan that was awesome (Sami's Eastown Deli, I think) that was awesome. The set up was Subway restaurant-style, where they'd put the gyros together while you watched, and you could get anything on them you liked. They this awesome cucumber sauce/spread that I just couldn't get enough of.

So yea, any suggestions? I've been craving one for weeks now...
So Gay

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Anyone of you damnportlanders looking for a roommate for your house/apt in close-in NE/SE or NW Portland? Anyone looking to move there but haven't found a roommate? Please contact me.
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commuting from the Couv

Hi all,

I might be hosting a Katrina evacuee at my place ... she's found work in Vancouver WA and I'm in North Portland (a few blocks from the MAX yellow line route). We're trying to figure out transportation options and I thought folks here might have suggestions. For those of who you commute to/from Vancouver, how do you do it?

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After some contemplation, I realize I NEED to find a new job. ASAP. I'm looking for something around $10 an hour, I've got managerial experience, admin stuff, tons of customer experience. I just need something that ISN'T collections. I can do the collections aspect just fine, but not when I can get in trouble for having compassion for people.

Does anyone have any leads on anything?



Hello, all. CJ & I posted room in our home on HurricaneHousing, and got this response:

I have read your specifications, and
realize our criteria may not meet exactly, but perhaps you can refer
me to another resource. We are myself, 25 year-old Jeannette, my 29 year-old partner Crystal, and our two children
(girls ages 6 and 8). I happened to have my 15 year old sister staying
with us the day we evacuated, so she's travelling with us for now as
well. We do have a pet, our 10-year American Eskimo Spitz (about 15
lbs., looks like a slightly large Pomeranian who is very used to other
animals). Our plan is to move to Portland, we're staying at Crystal's
half-brother's grandmother's retirement home tonight and are leaving
tomorrow to continue our journey to Portland. I understand if you are
unable to accomodate us, perhaps if you know anyone in the Portland
area who could house a nice, clean, professional family and a small
dog temporarily, you could forward that information to us. Bless you
for the help you are offering to total strangers from the other end of
the country. It is people like you who will help us all get through
this in one piece. Thanks in advance for any information you can give.
Sincerely, Jeannette

It's a few more people than we really have room for, and we have too many cats to make the dog a good plan (the specifications she mentioned). Do any of you have room for a lesbian couple with kids and a dog?

Uniform - Banquet Serving

Hey guys, ok so i am going to be doing some banquet serving and need to get a tux shirt, tux pants, black bowtie, black tie and cummberbun(sp?), does anyone have any ideas about where to get the CHEAPEST of these items?

p.s. already got a tip on the tux shirt and bowtie at burlington coat factory


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does anyone know where to get these? google is not being particularly helpful.

or any other thoughts on how not to have my bed rolling all over my hardwood floors? i can't take my flying leaps onto my bed quite as well as i used to....

you know, for my first attempt at posting, i typed "ed" instead of "bed". now, that's a freudian slip.

laptop help.

so my laptop has officially died.

where in Portland would be a cheap place to go to maybe get it some medicine and some help for it?

or maybe just help back up all of my pictures and stuff?
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I need some memory more ways than

I want to increase my RAM and am wondering if it would be difficult to do myself? I know folks do it all of the time but I am hesitant to open up my 'puter and start fiddling around with it.
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One of my ol' Ashland buddies is in town for a couple of weeks, housesitting. We got together for lunch on Sunday, so I decided to give him some exposure to what I consider one of the true benefits to living in Portland -- Pho.

Pho, for the unitiated, is noodle soup, usually based on beef stock. It contains any number of lovely and aromatic ingredients, including anise, ginger, cilantro, onions, basil, scallions... and is served with a pile of crunchy fresh bean sprouts, lime and more. Good pho places have an array of different things to add, including hoisin, chili oil, and on and on. You can act like a hungry mad scientist with a pinch of this and a dash of that.

So, my buddy Mike and I went in search of Pho on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. We started at my favorite spot, Pho Hung on 74th and Fremont, but it was absolutely packed with starving churchgoers. The SE Asian Vicarate is right around there, and I think every last worshipper had made a beeline to Pho Hung... all kinds of nicely dressed folks cramming tables.

We cruised from there over to Mi Wa, a little place I had first tried during the great ice storm of '04. Had to use ski poles to get there the first time! I'd never had pho there, but figured it was worth a try.

What a yummy payoff! The pho at Mi Wa is aromatic and fresh and delicious. Good pho is a very complex mix of flavors that have simmered together for hours and hours, and this pho did not disappoint. My beef was still a little pink when the soup arrived, so I stirred it into the broth with a chopstick and watched it cook before my eyes.

Mike loved it. I did too.

I worry about Mi Wa. They never seem to have too many people in there. If you're in the neighborhood, go in and get some lunch. Besides the pho, they have a lovely large delicious menu full of Vietnamese food. Great bubble tea, too! They're at about 68th and Sandy, I think, on "pho row."

No, I'm not affiliated with Mi Wa in any manner other than gastronomically. But a fella can dream. :)

Oh! And my question -- when you've got someone in town, what do you do to give them a Portland-y experience?

Help- Need Job Quick


I just found out that my tuition for this term is more than my student loan (18 hours grad studnet is why). SO, I was planning on having excess loan money, and now I'm in trouble. I need a job quick so that I can pay the rent and rest of tuition. I can work full-time as my classes are 3 nights a week after business hours. I have an undergrad degrree in business, but I wouldn't mind almost any service or labor positon.


Portland related, because portland is a city, in a state, on the planet, aka.. "the world"

and my webcomic is titled "theworld(dot)com"

so, yeah..

I'm home sick from work today, as the larynx hobos have set up shop in my throat, and I've been oozing drool and mucus from all my facial orifices.. anyways.

I've decided to spend the day working on my cartoons.

I've run out of ideas for subjects. so I come to you, my wonderful portlanders. You're all so creative in your own little ways, and I'd really appreciate some help.

thankies! -Me

p.s.  theworlddotcom is my livejournal for my comic. incase you wanna take a peek to see what you're working with.



someday b/w

Did you hear?

Bob Denver Died!

Better know as Gilligan.

I was feeling snarky and laughing at someone in another cube talkign about this and realized I was thinking John Denver... So Yeah I am now laughing at myself.
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Who's going to the show at Loveland tonight?

I'll be there minus the cake (and maybe at minus the bear, tomorrow, oddly enough).
Come on K Records fans, I want to meet you. There were none back home.
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cotton candy icecream

does any one know where i can get some cotton candy icecream? I used to be able to get it at baskin and robbins but i went in today and no luck. If anyone knows where i can actually buy it at a store that would be even better. thanks so very much!

How you can help Katrina transplants coming to PDX

For those who are interested, here's the latest on an opportunity to
out with the people arriving at the shelter. The meeting starts at 6
tonight in North Portland. Other meetings will likely follow later in


Hello Everyone,

I hope my email finds you in good health. I would like to inform you
Portland will be welcoming approximately 1000 SURVIVORS of Hurricane
very soon. We at the NE Coalition of Neighborhoods encourage all to
volunteer to make this transition smooth for them. Currently we don't
what the demographics will be, but the assumption is most will be
American. It would be nice to show the SURVIVORS that Portland DOES
have a
caring and supportive Community that is willing to support them and
them in any way we can!

There will be a meeting this evening from 6pm-8pm at Emmanuel Temple
(located @ 1033 N Sumner on North Michigan/Sumner). At this meeting,
may register to volunteer. There will be many committees there to
choose the
area in which you would like to volunteer. There are many ways to
donate/volunteer your services, remember these SURVIVORS have nothing.

Here are just a few suggestions/ways to donate: Clean clothing & shoes
sizes, your services/talents/gifts, health/beauty, food, home cooked
transportation, housing, employment, music, books, toys. Anything you
will be appreciated. If you have donations, you bring them to the NE
Coalition of Neighborhood¹s Office, between 9-5 Mon-Fri, after hours or
weekend by appointment. You may contact me at 503.823.3151 or

I hope to see everyone at this meeting. Please pass this on to

Thank you...

John G. Canda, Executive Director
beach betty

it's raining dogs and cats....

alright pet friendly portlanders i have a question for you.

for a 1st pet would it be best to get a dog or a cat?

i ask because my husband has NEVER had a pet of any sort, not even a goldfish. i on the other had have had dogs, cats, goldfish, hampsters, guinea pigs, and even a gecko throughout my life time. now we have a house and don't have to worry about the pet deposit in apartments. and i want pets. i think cats are fairly low maintenance. especially since we aren't home most of the day.

(i still have my gecko, but my hubby doesn't really care for him much)

input please?
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Astrodome conditions rapidly deteriorating to Superdome v2

So I got to thinking about how we have a Red Cross shelter in Portland with 500 to 1000 people scheduled to arrive sometime tomorrow...and how to work to make sure people are protected within the shelter.

I contacted the RC to talk about these security issues and they directed me to speak with the Portland police. It turns out that they are hiring a private security company to handle all security issues, but no one at RC or PPD has specifically identified how to keep an eye on what's going on with potential abuse of power from security and how to prevent sexual assault and other violence within the shelter.

After talking with a friend about it, I contacted Planned Parenthood and an independent medical facility to talk about their Clinic Escort programs and how this type of work could be very beneficial in a shelter situation. The idea is to be a constant presence to witness and report conditions and be a passive deterrent to violence.

I have no idea how to get this sort of volunteer team up and running within (or outside of) the Red Cross, but I'll be following up with the ppfa and independent clinic volunteer coordinators tomorrow to try to see if their volunteers might want to get involved and then trying to get through to the right person at the RC.

Does anyone have any experience with this, advice, etc?
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I like to call him The Screamer

I currently live in North Portland, near Ainsworth and Mississippi. Now, I'm loving this neighborhood - it seems like a great location. There's this one problem that bothers me a lot: We have quite a yeller across the street from us. It's not a constant thing, but today he has been pretty awful. Usually he goes off at night, while we're trying to enjoy our dinner on the back porch. Today, however, he started yelling at someone around 6:45pm and hasn't let up very much since then. He's very mean and yells all sorts of profanities and whatnot, and I'm sure I'm not the only one disturbed by this. I can see people walk and bike by his building, probably just as bewildered as me. My roommate has called the non-emergency police on him once, so he's been warned before.

So yea, has anyone else had the pleasure of hearing this guy at all? Anyone else have screamers in their neighborhood?
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Looking for a book club that doesn't require you to bull* critical theory on books? Looking for something a little more creative and funny than your average sit-around-and-bitch? Here's an idea:

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x-posted to personal.


I know there were some posts about it but I couldn't find anything in the memories...

My boyfriend has an 'sploding tooth. You've all mentioned some low cost/emergency help please?

Your whole family is made out of meat -

x-posted to California

My friends and I are riding down to Reno for Street Vibrations (Sep. 21-25) but we can leave Portland as early as Sep. 16th. We'd like to spend 5 days seeing things in southern Oregon and California but I'm not sure what we should do. We were thinking of doing an amusement park but as far as I can tell they are only open on weekends which would limit our S. Oregon time. Any suggestions for things we should do in these areas? We're down for pretty much anything.
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so me.

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so, my dear portlanders, I have a question.

I bought a pair of shoes at fred myers today, but I used the u-scan, and so I forgot to take the security things off of them.

my question is : is there any way to take them off without having to go back to the store and get them removed, because with school starting tomorrow I don't have much time.

my mom ended up putting it into a vice[I belive that's what she said it was called] and it took it right off,but thank you to everyone for the suggestions
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Please Join Us ...

Tired of this illegal war and the pathetic amount
of help that our "President" is offering Louisiana?
Please join us in our fight for peace.

Every Wednesday in Vancouver at 6:30 PM on the corner
of 164th and Mill Plain (Target Shopping Center).We
are getting a good response to this and want to keep
it going. We wou;d love more people out there with us.

Also, every Thursday in Vancouver at 6:30 PM across
the street from Vancouver Public Library. We've had
about 75 people out there every Thursday consistently
and want to double that number. Come join us.

We hope you will help us send the message of peace.

(X-Posted In Other Portland Communities)
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Anyone go to see Al Gore tonight?
I thought it was neat he stayed around and did the whole thing over the second time.
And now I can't stop thinking "Of only Al Gore was elected...."