September 5th, 2005

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any suggestions for a beach on the coast with a quick and easy route from portland? i've never been there and i'm moving to portland tomorrow and thought i'd go to the ocean on wednesday...

Any protests coming up?

Anyone know of any upcoming protests about the terrible way our president has the aftermath of Katrina? Or candlelight vigils?

I feel the need to be with a group of like-minded folks who are angry and horrified by the last week of American history.

hookah pt II

So I would again like to thank all those who had good reccomendations on hookah-ness. (And disdainfully shake a finger at gross assumption making asshats).

I also make this POst because I give a mad shout out to the folks at Rose City and Riverside Tobacco. Same people own them both, and I got my stuff at Riverside. Their prices on Shisha were great. They have a BAJILLION (ok so around 70 kinds), the hookahs are nice and reasonably priced (for my nice preety one I paid 85) and the owner lady cut me a deal. She was soo sweet and helped me get everything I needed.

So for all you tobacco smoking DPers...riverside tobacco is the shit. They also a have a nice selection of difficult to find smoking products. Such as Nat Shermans, every variety of American Spirit, Dunhill, and Black Death..etc. I highly reccomend the store.


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Help DamnPrtlanders!

My family will be here today at 5pm. We will be having dinner at my favorite Thai place.

After that we will need something to do! I need to find a nice family activity to keep them occupied.

The info: My younger sister is 18, and my parents in their late 40's. My dad has a bad knee, so it can't involve steep hills or lots of walking. My dad is a gardener and my mom a florist, so any gardens that you might recommend might work. Any part of town is okay, as long as it is in Portland.

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anyone going to the taste of vancouver today?
3 leg torso and pink martini are both playing. i mean whoa. c'mon.
so ill be there. if you feel like saying hi ill have a black shirt with a pink microphone on it. have a nice labor day!

More local relief info

I've seen a number of posts over the weekend about folks wanting ways to help that don't involve sending a check....

From KOIN's website:

Northwest Medical Teams is asking for donations of personal health supplies to
help the 1,000 storm victims coming to Portland this week.

“So many
people in Oregon have seen the heartbreaking images from the hurricane
disaster and wondered what they can do,” NWMT President Bas Vanderzalm
said. “These families have lost everything.  We now have a very
specific way to show them we care and that we support their recovery.”

relief agency says it needs NEW soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes,
shampoo, razors, deodorant, combs, brushes, washcloths and
over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin/ibuprofen/acetaminophen,
cough syrup and antacids.

Donations can be dropped at the NWMT
warehouse at 14150 S.W. Milton Ct. in Tigard. Labor Day hours are 10
a.m. to 2 p.m. Regular hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visit the NWMT Web site to make a monetary donation. The agency says 96 percent of all donations directly help people in need.

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Does anyone know if traffic at and around Bridgeport Village is currently as bad I imagine it would be, on a day like today?

Alternatively, does anyone know of a good stationary store that's open today? I was going to go out to Oblation Papers, but I don't want to go if it's going to take 45 minutes just to find a parking place (in addition to the 45 minutes it takes to get out there).

Deep-fried sno-cones

I just got back from the Oregon State Fair. I thought I would be easy to spot there, since I was wearing sandals with socks. It turns out there were quite a few of us with the same idea.

I saw some of the strangest food concoctions in the world down there, including the deep-fried sno-cones. I was about to try one, but as soon as I caught a whiff of the tempura batter they use to coat the cones right before they go into the fryer, I nearly lost my lunch. This post is Portland releated, because I have been hearing about them for years, and I could swear they were invented in Portland, Oregon. My friend said he remembers growing up with them in Philadelphia, and that's where they're from. You'er a clever bunch. Any DPers know for sure where the deep-fried sno-cone was born?

Big gigantic sewer project

I am sure most of you have at least heard of the "big dig", the project by the City of Portland to finally make it so that when it rains, the Willamette doesn't overflow with sewage. Although I can't remember the details, I believe two big underwater pipes are being built, one under the downtown area, the other under the East Side, that will collect sewage and pump it to treatment stations.

So, the question I had is, are these big pipes going to be earthquake safe? And if so, up to what richter? Since Katrina, I have been thinking about possible natural disasters to hit Portland. We have two big contenders: earthquake/volcano or flood. And since I know that our sewage system is kind of antiquated, I think that might be one of the bad things that could happen in a disaster.
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thank you for the recommendations for memorial park.

my picnic was fantastic, plus we had a bit of a hike on the trails, and a lovely nap in the grass.

fry's was ... interesting. my gf ended up telling one salesman "i want to talk to somebody else. you're fucked up." and then getting a sweet deal on a flat screen.
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Take my furniture, please

So I'm moving. I have a couch and a refrigerator to get rid of.

The fridge: normal white plastic, full size, getting old, slightly busted drawer, but works great. Asking $50 or best offer.

The couch: white and grey, old and getting a little torn in a couple places. This I'm expecting to give away free.

Both items can be picked up any time, or we can deliver them to you on Saturday the 10th, for free, when we get our moving truck.

Sorry if this is against some rule of this community. Cross-posed to craigslist and freecycing.
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I've looked around, and haven't had much luck (obviously, since I'm posting here)

There's a painting I saw once, it had a ballerina on point(I think) and then other ballerinas in the background. Lots of pink and cream hues. I can't remember the artist. Something like Van Gogh? Someone else must know what painting I'm referring to. I want to get a print of it, so if anyone knows not only the artist but where I can get a print that'd be great!

Thank you!
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