September 4th, 2005

fuck it

What the fuck!?

What asshole decided it would be a good idea to set the dumpsters in my apartment complex on fire? Yeah, Woodcreek sucks ass (possibly in the scuzziest neighborhood in the west side) but c'mon. Wait until I move out before you burn the motha down please.
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I love working at the plaid at grand and burnside... there's always something going on.

for example, tonight we had a belligerent, drunk old man yell at a couple of drunk girls and make said girls cry, bang on the windows, try to start 3 fights and puke all over the sidewalk. So we 86'd him, called the cops, and sent him on his angry, drunk way.
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all blogs need relief links for KATRINA RELIEF

here are plenty of ways to help.

whether its $5 or $500 just give it to them.

our fellow man is in need

blogs should resemble this one "somewhat"

TO SEE IT JUST REGISTER if not see it here ,some crazy links in there as well as a LIVE CAM IN NEW ORLEANS WITH A LIVEJOURNAL BLOG

spam your communities with ways to help.

we all need to come together!

here is what the truth looks like ,just copy and paste WOW! this also i just found ,
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I AM OUTRAGED!!!! in just a matter of minutes the president is going to have a press conference on the death of William Rehnquist, just mere hours after his death. But this son of a bitch went days without doing anything on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina... I hated this man before this whole situation, and now he just appears to be a foolish, selfish asshole, even more so then he did before... God, we must seem like such idiots in other countries... he cares more about politics and wars more than the suffering of people that he is suppose to 'lead'.......
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The Saturday Essay had a day off yesterday...

As always, this is Portland-related by virtue of the fact that I fucking LIVE HERE. heh.

Proceed at your own risk. Your mileage may vary. Do not hold in hand or put in mouth.
My desk is getting messy again. This frightens me. There is an almost comically perfect symmetry between the organization of my desk and the organization of my life.

Or, really, the chaos of my desk, and the chaos of my life.

A couple of weeks ago, I cleaned everything up. I made little spots to put everything. I handled paper ONCE. I did all the acronymed things one is supposed to do with clutter. My desktop was clean. My brain was free, unfettered. My brain was skipping through a big yummy-smelling organized field of wildflowers, carefree and happy. MY brain was wearing a little pinafore and being warmed by the afternoon sun.
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Cheesy fair acts...

We're going to the Oregon State Fair tomorrow, and I checked the schedule of events: where else but at an American fair could you finds such fascinating entertainment as T. Texas Terry the Comedy Cowboy, Bobbye Brown the Bead Lady...or my favorite, The Silverton Anti-Violence Dancers?


If everyone in the US, that is not directly affected by this tragedy, just donated a dollar, that would be $295,734,134.00 (minus children and the Katrina victims), which is HUGE. My boyfriend & I don't have much mula, but we scraped together $10, its not much, but when pooled with other donations makes a rather large difference.  At least we did what we can do and we could do something. As i am sure they will need donations for a long while, and when we can, we can always donate some more.

My mom said she knows of a Charity that will use ALL of the money received for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, so that is where we put our money. The information is below:

Christian Ministries
Katrina Relief
PO BOX 911
Pensacola, FL 32591

write "Katrina Relief" in the Memo portion of your check

NOTE: The sources (my mother and I are athiests), this is non-bias info.



Is there anybody out there that is great with hair and long in patience to give my hubby a cut and actually spend a good amount of time training him how to style it. I am looking for a cut that can go from corporate to kind of fun/funky. Please tell me that there is somebody that can do this out there...thanks!!
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welsh kimono glazed over

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Apologies if you've already seen this, I just thought this might help those of you that haven't.
If you've got extra space in your home and aren't sure how you can help the refugees of Katrina, check this out:

Site is sponsored by
Registration is painless.
Here's one message my good friend from back home left:

"We are a young-ish family of 3 and are happy to share what we have: our home, food and company. We live in SW Wisconsin, in a small, progressive town 40 miles from Madison. It is beautiful and the people are friendly, but it is not cosmopolitan. Our home is spacious but old (lots of bedrooms, not so many bathrooms...).We would be happy to put up an individual, a couple or family with a child. We have a large, friendly dog and a small, annoying cat. We will do what we can to assist with employment, but can offer no guarantees (we have a seasonal economy here, so short-term work is plentiful in summer, less so in winter). We will be respectful of your needs - all we ask in return is that you respect the sanctity of our family and home. If that's too much to ask, please don't call. If that works for you, our doors are open."

Housing is being searched for nation-wide, don't think you're too far away from the crisis to help out!

animal victims

Anyone who can help, please do:
Transport Provided to Anywhere - Room Desperately Needed! (For the Animal Victims of Katrina)There is transportation provided, with people ready and waiting, for upwards of 200 dogs and 150 cats so far rescued from the devastation of hurricane Katrina. What these animals need is a place to go. Kennels, boarding, vets offices, shelters with any extra space, foster homes and rescues. Even one or two open kennels would greatly help.
From what we know, all animals have been vaccinated and are in good health considering the conditions. There are dogs and cats of every breed and size. Some are in groups of two, three or four, hailing from the same family, while some are solitary. ANY KENNEL SPACE AVAILABLE CAN CERTAINLY BE USED. These drivers are willing to move these animals ANYWHERE they need to go. Absolutely anywhere.
The current safe houses for these animals are being inundated and some of these pets will have to be euthanized if they are not moved to make room for the incoming animals.
Please feel free to pass on this information everywhere. Every forum, every list, every community.
If you know anyone, anywhere, that is willing to take in even one cat or dog, please have them contact Lynda at the information provided below.
They are also asking for ANY kind of donations for the animals - money, food, bedding, water, etc.

Please Contact Lynda V. at: 203 515 3024 (cell)Home: 203 227 5308Email:
Please contact at any time, day or night. These volunteers, rescuers and shelter workers are working around the clock.
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Will and Em


Seems like all the public service announcemenet posts on here are about someone getting their stuff stolen. In light of this, I want to post something positive by publicly thanking the firemen of Tualitin Valley Fire and Rescue stations 65 and 67.

I have been taking care of my parents house while they've been out of town. Last night, I went over to water their plants and discovered two hot water tanks had burst and were flooding the livingroom and basement below it. I was concerned not only for the house, but my step-father's collection of antique microscopes (the largest in the world, I'm told). Unable to reach my parents or find the water main to shut it off, I called 911.

The service rendered by the men of those stations gives me hope for human kind, especially in light of the events in New Orleans. Not only did they help me shut off the water tanks and stop the actual problem, they stayed for an additional 90 minutes helping me and a friend clean up the mess. They removed as much standing water as they could, covered priceless antiques with tarps and cleaned up the huge amount of sheetrock that had fallen from the celing of the basement. Their willingness to stay and deal with the problem probably saved my parents thousands of dollars in repair costs.

If any of you know one of these men, give them my thanks again. They were the most professional and courteous people I've met in a long time and the level of commitment and service they display should be an example to us all.

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good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

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Does anyone know if there's a way to find out about missing friends online somehow? I could have SWORN I saw on the news that there was a website that helped people locate friends and family in the area that one hasn't heard from yet.

Help? We have two friends missing and everyone is getting really worried.
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bright side


I have a friend who is volunteering at the Astrodome in Texas and she said there is no coffee given out and everyone would love some coffee. It is one of those simple pleasures that could make a world of difference for these folks who now have nothing.

If anyone here has connections with coffee companies, could you see if they would donate to Katrina survivors living in the Astrodome??

I'd be glad to help coordinate if needed.


A way to help

This is a wiki page focused on consolidating lists of missing folks from the many news and aid sources collecting this data. You can volunteer your time to claim a small list for data entry. You can obviously do as much or as little as you choose. It's pretty well set up and allows you to return a list to the pool if you're unable to finish for any reason.

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So I was flipping through this magazine my mom gave me(Budget Living) and I see a picture of the Doug Fir. So I read the article. It's about the hip new up and coming neighborhood in Portland called LoBu. Lower East Burnside. The attractions in that area they mention? Doug Fir, Bossanova, Ozone Records, Hippo Hardware and Union Jack's. That's funny because this magazine is very "suburban trying to be hip". "It's a great neighborhood, all these cool bars, a neat hardware store, low rent and AN AWESOME STRIP CLUB!

Anyway, my point: have you ever heard of that area being called LoBu? Ridiculous!
Point and laugh at these people with me.

They SO wish they lived in Portland.