September 3rd, 2005


hot clothes, tons of fun stuff, cheap prices... yard sale!

Hey! Yard (and porch) sale Saturday and Sunday, 4406 NE 35th Ave (between Prescott and Skidmore). My friends and I are selling CDs, DVDs, laser discs, electronics, toys, clothes, and more (come for the DVDs, stay for the "more"!). No antiques. This isn't your grandmother's garage sale.

We wanted to do a midnight garage sale, because how fun would that be, but somebody wussed out. Anyway, Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm. Follow the fun pink and green signs.

If you come Saturday (today), you might even get the chance to buy excellent custom hand-drawn art for a dollar...

In other news, Ted Leo and Talkdemonic rocked at the Aladdin last night! Who else was there? Did anybody like Kingdom?
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FOX NEWS DAY 6 "RELIEF IS BULLSHIT" somebody tell me this isn't insane.


Who needs Micheal Moore to be outraged by this Travesty when any red blooded human being would be?

I think everyone in America should have to see this video as soon as possible.


Geraldo Riviera breaks down crying begging for support for these poor people trapped in the convention center.


FOX NEWS. I honestly have never watched a Fox News program in my life that I would suggest as unbiased media in my life. Geraldo and Sheppard Smith should be commended. They obviously are facing resistance from Hannity and COlmes, you can feel the dire friction in the air when they speak.

Fox news reporters are calling bullshit on the relief efforts just like EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT'S SEEN IT FIRST HAND.
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I'm a little dismayed by all this. It's awful.
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(no subject)

All over the country, Americans have been gathering money and supplies for victims of Katrina. Right now, though, the top priority is getting people OUT of New Orleans. Whether you blame Bush or you just want to urge our leaders to get it together, here are some ways to contact local and national officials:

Email, call or send a letter to Oregon's governor here.

Contact info for Portland's representative, Jeff Merkley, the Oregon Democratic Leader.

Contact info for Kate Brown, Oregon Senate Majority Leader.

Senator Ron Wyden.

Congressman David Wu (via the House of Representatives).

Senator Gorden Smith.

Putting it out there.....

Hi guys.... Does anyone need or know of anyone who needs, after-school care for their students at David Douglas (Burnside and 117th)? I will be walking the short distance to dropoff and pickup and could easily take on up to two kids for after-school fun, snacks and homework help while mom or dad can clock out, commute home..and not stressout. You could do daily or weekly rates as you needed. My gifted second-grader would love some playdates with new friends! We are vegan, non-smoking, pet-loving and we have a great sense of humor. Also, I stay home with my 9 mo old and if you know of anyone in this area who needs pt daycare for preschoolers please let me know as well. I have good references and have worked in-home daycare before.

Thanks! :)
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Keep me motivated!

Trying to sell all of my belongings is really depressing.

Can everyone share with me one really amazing thing that you love about Portland?

Or more then one, it doesnt matter, i just need to hear good things to keep my spirits up, and keep my head focused in the right direction.
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Why Portland?

This is for snifferbiscuits and anyone else thinking about moving to Portland. I wrote down 10 of the many reasons why I'm moving there from Phoenix, AZ in the spring. I hope to meet many of you when I get there!

1. Housing - Right now, in Portland we could get a larger house than we currently have with hardwood floors, a fireplace, and character for $200K. In Phoenix, we couldn't even afford our current house for that much. We're priced out. Plus, it's hard to find a house that isn't cookie-cutter.

2. Transit - Gas prices are getting unbearably higher, and those who could help alleviate the situation don't seem willing to. Portland has one of the best public transportation systems in America. In Phoenix, people don't use public transit unless they have to, and the system isn't very good. The bus doesn't even come out to our house. In Portland, people take it by choice and it's efficient and widespread. It's also one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the US. There are a lot less SUV's as well.

3. Businesses - In Phoenix, everywhere you look you see the exact same chain stores. Very little choice. Portland is packed with original stores and restaurants of every description. Places like WalMart are shunned by the city and county gov't. There is a great deal of resistance to homogenous gentrification and urban sprawl.

4. Society - As you know, we lean somewhat left in our social, spiritual and political beliefs. Phoenix is very right-leaning in many ways and simply isn't a very good fit for us. Portland was dubbed "Little Beirut" by George Bush Sr. for the massive and intense protests that greeted him when he visited. Our kind of place.

5. Environment - We're done with broiling summers and an endless expanse of beige and smog. Portland is very green and close to many national parks and old growth forests. It's about an hour and a half from the Oregon coast. It's gorgeous. We like that.

6. Beer and Wine - Ok, this isn't a complete reason to move, but it is a nice fringe benefit. Portland has the most microbreweries of any city in the US. Portlanders know their beer! There are also several wineries in the area that make excellent Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio. To sample some Oregon spirits, for beer I suggest Widmer Hefeweizen, for wine I suggest Erath (yes, Erath, not Earth). They make a great Pinot Noir.

7. Neighbors - Portland is near to many hip cities like Eugene, Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver BC. We can go catch concerts in Seattle, festivals in Eugene, and Canada is only a few hours away.

8. Food - Fresh berries, salmon, savory name it! Portland has excellent fresh seafood, and a vast array of wonderful food from just about every culture. Portland has it's own Chinatown as well with excellent Chinese food.

9. Nightlife - As huge as Phoenix is, it is surprisingly limited when it comes to good places to hang out at night. I work until midnight and there are almost no late night microbreweries or coffehouses to go to. I find myself thinking every night that if I were in Portland right now, I could go to some hip place and talk with friends.

10. Kids - Sometime soon we will have a kid. We want to instill in them certain values that are simply not very widespread in Phoenix. These include progressive values, respect for nature and all life, and respecting a diversity of cultures and opinions. Phoenix isn't a place that is very conducive to such values.

Feel free to add more reasons, folks!


Is anyone else having problems with their Cingular cell phones this morning? While my signal is absolutely fine, I can't seem to make any calls. I'm out in Tigard, if this makes any difference.

Why do we care about looting?

It seems like there's been an awful lot of attention paid to the "looting" ongoing in NO, so much so that I'm getting the impression that the troops deployed to the region are there as much to prevent that looting as they are to actually provide assistance to the victims of Katrina.

Anyone care to explain this to me? Considering that something like 80% of the city is still under water, it seems pretty god damned ridiculous that anyone would care about property crime right now. The ransacking of a department store is completely trivial in comparison to the destruction already wrought upon the city by the hurricane and flooding. [Edit: And, I should add, almost criminally undeserving of our limited resources in comparison to the thousands of people elsewhere in the city who are thirsty, hungry, and in need of medical attention.]

Many people have also made a big fuss over the distinction between those looting for necessities (food, water, medicine) and those looting for luxuries (electronics, jewelery, etc). What very few people have mentioned, though, is the fact that if you're in a situation like that and you don't have or can't find the necessities, you take whatever you can get, not because you're greedy or overcome with lust for things you could never afford, but because you may be able to barter them for the things you need.

Anyway, something to think about next time you give someone a pass for stealing bread, but condemn the person who steals a DVD player in the hopes they can trade it for that bread.



Okay folks, I just found out that the abandoned school next to the OTO lodge will be taking in 1,000 refugees. That means it's time to start gathering up stuff for donations. I'll have oodles of stuff ready to go at my house, if anyone would rather drop off stuff here. Hooray for Portlandia!
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The most righteous Pizza Joint in Stumptown!

Aside from the fact that they found my wallet- returned it to me with cash, and my 53 million $ winning Powerball ticket (positve thinking) They also have the best NY style thin crust in town.

High prices at the pump got you down? They are on Williams which has very nicely groomed bike lanes and a bus line.
Please give respect - Boyakasha!

Pizza A Go Go
3240 N Williams Ave
Portland, OR. 97227 View Map
(503) 335-0300

PS: They call their "Hawaiian" style "Pine 'n Swine"... kickass...
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Dance clubs

Can anyone tell me where in Portland we can go dancing where there's techno music, no smoking and a small cover? Or maybe just the techno part? There has to be some good places left here...
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several hundred dollars worth of dimes.

i'm finally ready to turn all that change i've been collecting over the course of my life into usable money. i could roll all of it, or i could use those Coinstar machines which charge an exhorbitant fee, but i'm hoping there is a better option.

do any of you know of a bank where they have a machine that counts change? i would like to pay as small a fee as possible, of course. :)
kurt che

Emergency hurricane relief book drive for the refugee kids in the Astrodome

i just got this from the PDXPirate email group, i figure it should go out to the rest of you, too. It's another way we can help:

Local Internet merchant of pirate wear, Shayna Vest of is assisting with a book drive for Hurricane victim kids housed at the Houston Astro Dome.

What is needed are new or used, magazines or books, board games & cards. Picture books are the best.

Short notice...Please drop off no later than noon Wednesday, September 7th to either:

-her home at: 1455 SW 66th Av. In Sylvan (Portland West Hills), or

-Lounge Lizard at 1310 SE Hawthorne, Portland.

Everything will be picked up before end of day Wednesday and hopefully have
them on their way the same day, or Thursday at the latest.

You can e-mail Shayna at:

Sorry for the cross postings, please help spread the word.

girl at desk

Radio Show Cohost?

So as some of you may know, I host a radio show on KPSU twice a week, Reverend Kate's Theme of the Week, where I play a bunch of songs revolving around a main theme. Sometimes, I have cohosts.

As some of you also may know, I am a huge Buffy/Angel fan.

So, anyone wanna come cohost my Buffy/Angel themed radio show on September 13th and/or September 15th?
Buffy and Angel fans only need apply, as it's kindof going to be a fangirl/fanboy show. :)

Thank you!

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Worky Work!

(no subject)

The overwhelming majority of those stranded in the post-Katrina chaos were those without the resources to escape — and, overwhelmingly, they were black.

Anything to say now? Huh? Or are we going to continue to blame it on stupidity, and claim heroism of those with internet access? Right in front of your fucking faces, and people claim "population control" or "stupidity" or "I would have walked."

Thousands dead. Thousands. Maybe more than 9/11. More than the London bombings. People left alone in New Orleans. The dead and dying are left alone. People still trapped. Babies died. Animals died. They all died.

But let's continue to hurl insults and flame it, shall we? Let's continue to debate about why they stayed. Let's.

update on Portland refugees

update on the 1,000 refugees headed for Portland:

so apparently their arrival was supposed to be somewhat secret (whoops!) because they don't want the whole thing turning into a three-ring circus of media nastiness. Since these folks haven't had a chance to relax for awhile, the initial request from the Red Cross is for folks to stay away: they have all the supplies and volunteers they need. For now.

To emphasize the "for now" aspect: since they expect folks to be here for more than a month, soon they *will* be needing help. I would keep eyes on the Oregon Trail Red Cross page, or call them in the coming weeks for more info.

Figured I'd let yawl know what I know since KOIN 6 is all up in their cheese anyway. Keep it quiet tho.

Official Portland survey

Did anyone here get the official city of Portland survey in the mail like two weeks ago? And did anyone else fill it in and mail it in?

I answered "yes" on the question if I was prepared for a disaster. I see now that I am probably not as prepared as I thought I was.
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Dots, dots everywhere!

Figured I'd mention this here, so about those Portland survery thingies.

I've seen all your answers! Mostly 'cause I work in a data entry job, and one of the jobs we're working on is putting them into the computer. I've never seen so many dots in my entire life. I don't mean scaning them in, I mean entering which numbered dot y'all filled in/circled/crossed/scribbleled/ ect. And lemmie tell ya, doin that for 6hrs... wow. But! Many many thanks to the folks who wrote on theirs! Provided some relief from the thousands of dots.
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Population: Us

i want to meet someone, i know you smarties can help me out. i am not about to pay for an accout on the mercury's lovelab but i do occassionally browse it for kicks. tonight i ran across a fellow who goes by "zero." picture has a man laying on the floor with a rear bicycle wheel near his head. i want to meet this kid, does anyone know who he is? does he check DP by any chance? funny how these things go...and no, i will not get an account on the mercury, thankyou.
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