September 2nd, 2005

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Red Cross Volunteer opportunity

For those of us interested in physically volunteering in the Hurrican Relief Efforts:

I talked to the Red Cross this morning, and you will need to pick up an application and receive training.
She did say they are expediting all applications and "speed" training all volunteers.

The applications are available M-F 8:30am-4:30pm at the following centers:

Portland area:
Oregon Trail Chapter of Red Cross
3131 N. Vancouver Avenue
Portland, OR 97227

Vancouver area:
Southwest Washington Chapter
3114 E Fourth Plain Blvd
Vancouver, WA 98661-4660

Good luck to all who apply!

Because of the training needed, and the influx of applications, the mission would be cleaning & rebuilding (depending on how long recovery takes).
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interdictor = firsthand accounts of Katrina

I'm sorry if this has been mentioned here already.

For those of you who don't know, interdictor is holed up on the 11th floor of a building in downtown New Orleans and has no intention of going anywhere. He is the crisis manager for and he's been updating his LJ regularly throughout.

EDIT: I've deleted some comments and frozen some others. Please keep civil in your discussion. This is a sensitive situation for many, upon which some have strong opinions.

I dont even know how to google this...

Does ANYONE know if there are any art auctions for the katrina relief effort? If so, any contact information for donating artwork to them? I tried googling, but I ended up getting something about an art auction in ireland for an artist named Katrina.


help plz?

Thanks muchly.

Edit- alternatively, if I can find a place to house it, does anyone want to join me in creating one? (If I cant find one already going, that is)
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For all of your offers of help in the Search and rescue/general help activity I have been attempting to facilitate. I have just gotten off the phone with Lt. Col. Tom Miller of the New orleans E.O.C. (emergency operations center) who is also in cherge of Orleans Parrish CERT who has informed me that though slow the wheels of government turn VERY slowly, the =governors of several states have finally volunteered enough National guard troops to facilitate the needed bodies and supplies/efforts, etc needed to get NOLA back into some degree of control. There are 4500 troops pledged and I know that 450 of my friends local guard unit were just given activation and shipping orders to fly out tomorrow. As such Lt.Col. Miller informed me that had we gotten there in the first day or two we would have been a great boon to their efforts, but with the guard, the us marshalls, the navy, and the coast guard, not to mention the state police and all the red cross and other volunteers they have on site they have it covered now.

THe fires are being contained, diesel fuel is being trucked to generators through the streets, they have many more helicopters now, and dry LZ's have been set up. While far from over, the need of a bunch of volunteers with big hearts are n o longer needed in the capacity I have found us able to offer. My thanks again to you all for your offers, and interest.

What he did request was that upon my informing him of the efforts here that we take advantage of the fast track training through the red cross for exactly this type of emergency. New orleans and others are going to still need help even once all the people are safe. THey need help, counseling, food, shelter, and these things the red cross is fantastic at.

THey are currently offering training for those who can commit to a 21 day tour in the area in what they call a High risk state, meaning very little comfort, long hours, hard work, maybe bad tasting food, and cheap coffee, but if you can commit to it they will train you and get you there transport you around, and get you back at the end of your tour rotaion of 21 days. there are already portland chapters ont he ground there and they will rotate back in 21 days and a new crew will go in and this is going to continue for some time. Classes are currntly booked through the end of the month but in late sept early october they have more openings, and will likely ship in early october to the site as training is only 2 days.

here are again the links I had posted for those willing to learn about survival for free paid for by FEMA and train yourselves to be a help in future events.

if you are untrained and would like free training to help in future issues should you desire as there are always going to be future problems check here.

Beaverton CERT:
General Portland Metro contacts list in PDF:
Red Cross Training:
Federal level information, with listings for all regions

Thanks again portland for all your kindness and offers. All whom I have spoken with appreciate your offers of help and concern.

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i have finally convinced college friend from east coast (who has not been west of the appalachians, for shame!) to come for a visit in november. many of the things that make oregon oregon are not so great at that time... the beach for example.

my call to you:
what can i show her/take her to in november?

side note: i know she likes girlyspa stuff... so does anyone have recommendations for good places on the cheap?
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Sorry if this has been asked...
but I don't have the time/ability to search through all the posts at this time.

My Grandmother has quilts she has made and she want's to send them to the victims of Katrina but we don't know where to send them. Does anyone know where would be the best?

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cd release party/tour kick off

dj Red/ Dj Girl/ Dj Gino

8$ cover Paris Theater

I promised Gino I would post this, he wants anyone who ever hung out at the Paris back in the day to attend, like a reunion. I'm all over this...

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Katrina Victims Yard Sale

Hello -

My family and I will be holding a yard sale on Saturday September 10th and Sunday September 11th.

A majority of the proceeds (I know mine, my boyfriends and my sisters will be, not sure about my mother) will be going directly to the American Red Cross to help those in need in the hurricane effected regions.

Not only will we be getting rid of stuff we don't need, but helping out a much needed cause right now!

Anything that doesn't sell at the end of Sunday will go to the Salvation Army.

I'll post specific details later next week.

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yahoo news

"The French daily Liberation described the scenes of devastation as a cruel spectacle for President Bush, "the champion of security." Criticizing the disorder in the evacuation of hospitals, the editorial called Hurricane Katrina a "natural disaster with political implications." Terror mastermind Osama bin Laden "must be dying of laughter," it said."

so true.
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Okay folks, you have been of great help before in my quests to be outside and happy someplace grand.
This time I am looking to explore someplace towards the Mt Hood area. It needs be dog-friendly, perhaps with a river or lake?

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random question.
I have a pair of shoes with hot pink shoeslaces and my cat decided it'd be cute to chew off half of one of them. Does anyone know where I could fine some replacement laces? My first instinct was hot topic but I checked their website and didn't see anything. I live in Aloha so close to me would be nice.

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I just thought I'd pass this along since this seems to come up every so often about people with animals down on their luck and what not.

My sister is in a L&I fight with the Post Office and her current benefits got cut to $150 a week. Her rent is $600 and she is fastly going through the cat litter and food for her cats. She began emailing food and litter companies for donations a couple days ago. Today Whiskas got back to her and let her know they were going to send her some cat food donations.

She hasn't yet heard anything back from the other companies yet, but this is a good idea for the myriads of people asking for help for themselves or loved ones with animals. I imagine the same thing could feasibly apply to other things like flea meds as well.

Just thought I'd put that out there.

Somebody may have mentioned this already...

eBay has a program called Giving Works where, as seller, you can elect to donate to a charity of your choice a portion of the final sale price of your item. The proceeds won't actually be remitted to the charities until November, but it's still a good opportunity to get rid of some extra stuff while benefiting disaster relief (or whatever cause you'd like to support).

Likewise, for the buyers out there, keep an eye out for items sold under the Giving Works program.
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why does it not surprise me that posting my latest email from michael moore in my current city's lj group (baltimore) would be met with anger and accusations and general-unpleasantness

and then i come over here and y'all are posting aid relief info and whatnot.
alas i miss pdx
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There is this man in the lj community that will give a $1 for the Red Cross for each comment you post

Here is what he says in his journal:

"Now is your time to shine

Dear LiveJournal friends,

In an effort to show the Katrina victims that we care, I have a simple favor to ask of each of you.

Please leave a comment to this post.

You can write whatever you wish in your comment, but please comment once and only once. After you have left your comment, please direct everyone else on your friend's list to this post so they can do the same.

For each comment I receive I will donate $1 to the Red Cross.

I have no idea how long I will let this process go on. It will depend on how many comments I receive and how quickly they come in. I will leave that magic up to you.

Thanks to all of you. -Ryan"