September 1st, 2005

Protest get together

I just wanted to let you all know that there is going to be an Anti-War protest picnic in Albany at Monteith Park on September 25th. My die-hard Bush hating mother-in-law called me and asked if I wanted to go. She said it is through the same branch that is holding a major protest in D.C on the same day. I guess it is just to support the group. So yeah, you are welcome to come if you want. I will find out what time it is at. (Yes, I know Albany is ghetto. No, I don't know if there will be one in Portland)
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Keeping fuel consumption low

I hear from family in Memphis, Tennessee that gas has hit $3.00/gallon down there and is going up. They're recommending on the radio that when your tanks hits the 1/2 mark, to go ahead and fuel up again. Here's a few other things I can think of that will help keep your fuel consumption low:

1. Check your tire pressure. Having them all filled to the same PSI makes them weigh less and doesn't add extra work to the engine.

2. Check your air filter and replace it if is needed. If you can't see a flashlight through your air filter, it's time to change it.

3. Get your car tuned up. New plugs, points, wires, ignition coil, oil, fluids, everything. A smooth running engine uses less fuel.

4. If you drive long distances, consider using an octane boosting fuel additive to further decrease fuel consumption.

5. Use Tri-Met instead of driving!
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What a great birthday dinner I had last night at India Oven on Hawthorne. A bunch of my family, friends, and good food!! I just wanted to tell you guys about it because the serving lady was so damn sweet. They don't usually do anything for birthdays there, you can tell. The place inside is nothing super beautiful to look at but the food was great and the service was good. My cousin asked the lady if she had a candle that we could stick in some mango ice cream and she said she didn't have one but offered to go to Fred Meyer to get one!!! How nice of her. In the end she found a little votive and made this cute little arrangement around it with mango ice cream and some brown stuff that i never figured out what it was...tasted good though. It was such a chill birthday dinner after a crazy birthday day!!!

PS--I'm celebrating my birthday (well, partying) next weekend and i want to thank Apu for giving me the idea to do some Bhangra at Holocene. Can't wait!!! I'm a Bhangra virgin! Anyone care to join?
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(no subject)

Yet another post about the Gulf Coast. I'm just curious if any of you are aware of any ways to help that doesn't involve money. I don't have any to give right now, but would be willing to spend some evenings assembling care packages or food boxes or something. Northwest Medical Teams? Red Cross? Salvation Army? Anyone?
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a lovely picnic spot

my fucking computer died. again.

so, i'm just going to head to fry's and get a new one, since the issue seems to be with the motherboard, and i'm just not going to screw around with it that much, when $250 can get me a new one.

the problem is that saturday is the only day i get with my gf, and i was really thinking about a romantic picnic. since i now have to drive all the way to wilsonville, i was wondering if you folks can recommend a quiet, beautiful and secluded spot for a picnic in that neck of the woods.

my undying gratitude, as always.
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Rainy Day

If you're interested in donating $$

I know some of you have spoken out and wondered what organizations could use help. World Vision is a very reputable organization and they partner with local churches, charities, and organizations in areas where disaster has struck to aid them with supplies and other things. (they also do other things, but this is one of their functions).

Hopefully this link works, if not, check out

EDIT: Okay - I tried going through the site to see the letter that I received, but no luck. So once you get onto the website, click on EMERGENCY AID, and use the HELPFund to donate. Here's the letter for more info.

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Help at Powells

Help! I am a un-trendy uber dork, who went to Powells for frolic and fun. Brought my laptop in the cafe, and realized there are no plugs for it. So my screen is dim, it's hard to see. Is there a way to override the powersettings for the battery to bring full power up to the screen? Ack! Sorry, for typos or grammar errors I can't see what I am typing.

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(no subject)

Ok so I'm looking for three things and I've called some obvious places to find them and they don't have them. Please don't say google it as when I do I find online retailers and I'm on a tight budget; if I order it online the shipping costs I"ve seen will make it so I have to buy less than I need.

I'm looking for:

1. Loose hair extension hair in unnatural colors. The stores I reached had it in blondes and browns and other natural hair colors. I need rainbow colors, neon and non neon, the type of colors you use Special Effects or Manic Panic to create.

2. and 3. Body art quality henna and natural Indigo. I'm learning how to do henna body art and I'm also going to dye my hair black and I don't trust the dyes they sell in stores because the contain PPD - Para-Phenylenediamine and I checked a couple art stores but they don't have any. Would a natural market like Whole Foods or New Seasons have them?


Ya Know...

Sitting in the cafe, I look around and think tattoos have become yet another status symbol, or symbol of rebellion, for these yuppy bitches. No offense if you're a yuppy bitch with tattoos, that hang out in coffe shops.


Your whole family is made out of meat -

(no subject)

Some friends and I want to go out and enjoy the outdoors on Saturday. The only stipulations on where we go are: Needs to be swimming and needs to be within 2 hours of Portland.

We were talking about going down some where on the Clackamas but no one knows where to go or how to get there. Ideas?
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Need blood?

I want to help the hurricane survivors, but I don't have any money. Do they need blood? Are there any Katrina-specific blood drives?

The Red Cross really pisses me off, they call me like every week trying to get me to go to some church to give blood. I gave blood a year ago and I probably should give again, but those vampires really freak me out. Is the red cross the only organization that gets blood?
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Help for people and their pets.

You've heard it before but. . .

This is an excellent source of charities to donate to:

Please pick one and donate something. ANYTHING. $5 bucks isn’t going to kill you and it can really help someone out. At least we can eat generic mac n cheese for a few days.

Edit: this site has a $10 min but you can go to an individual site like the Red Cross and donate less.
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hey you!

(no subject)

i need to get a loan for a car i want to buy from a private seller.
does anyone have any recommendations for the best company/place to do so?

also, does someone have a local place they recommend for VW maintenance and checkup? preferably in the SE or close in


Ok guys...some place cedar hills that will take a check and deliver egg drop soup? Please help me, Im very sick to my stomach and havent eaten anything but crackers today :(

Feel like donating something besides money?--Feel free to pass on!

TO: All Law Enforcement Agencies

FROM: Madison County Sheriff Communications Canton, MS

SUB: Hurricane Relief

**********************REQUEST NATIONWIDE BROADCAST***********************************

We received a call from Hancock County Sheriff Steve Garber this date requesting any and all assistance with clothing for his deputies. The only clothes these men and woman have is what they were wearing when Katrina hit Monday.

Their needs are basic, including underwear, boots, socks, t-shirts, pants and toiletries. The sizes we were given range from 34-36 waist and sm-xxx shirts. These items are desperately and immediately needed.

Any donations can be sent to the following address:

Madison County Sheriffs Office

ATTN: Sheriff Toby Trowbridge Jr

2941 Hwy 51 South

Canton, MS 39046

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our agency at (601)859-2345. Thanks in advance.

Madison County Sheriffs Communications, Canton, MS

Auth: Sheriff Toby Trowbridge, Jr. Madison
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(no subject)

I'm kind of bored.

I'm going to go to the Pied Cow, I think, and if anyone else is stopping by, say hi! Or something. (If I can't go and meet people, I'm going to come bring them to meet me).


troll hunting

to hew ever is dating slimem88 I'm sorry but you may want to talk to hem about his unhealthy obsession with my wife and probably kids under 12.
he states that "I thought I should keep up appearances by commenting on every single post of hers." witch sound like a troll to me but what ever that's just me. And any one else reading this do tell me if you think that's a troll to you. if you want more BS witch I realy dont know why any one would care about hem go to to sell all that is a troll at his work.
patsy stone thanxgiving


if I go to livejournal, there's drama... myspace, drama... new york times, drama... even ebay is drama these days! Yesh...Melrose Place (or at least those two episodes of it I wathced) has NOTHING on online drama.

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i didn't make the image. i'm not that cool...or witty...

Hey DPers...hookah time!

I need to know where to go to get myself an egyptian, syrian, rotating or locally blown glass hubbly bubbly. A hookah. A hosed water pipe. whatever. Anyone ekknow where I can get a hookah around PDX?? IM in Se and can travelt o find it and any ideas on price range. IM prepared to invest.

-Peace and thanks

EDIT: Ive found what I wanted thanks to all you lvoely DPers. Thanks so much. I know im an argumentative ass most of the time....but I do have a heart and its all warm and fuzzy and hookah-ready now.

Thankee much.
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Rooms for rent

We have a terrific four-bedroom house, and we need to fill two
bedrooms! Specifically, we need to fill them with fun, responsible
people who aren't allergic to cats. We don't need to fill them with
thieves, tweakers, or Pat Robertson fans.

The upstairs room rents for $400 a month. It's the master bedroom,
with hardwood floors and terrific natural light, sharing a full bath
with a 22-year-old girl.

The downstairs room rents for $275 a month. It's smaller, with a
linoleum floor, almost no natural light, no real closet, and sharing a
bath with a 28-year-old guy.

Neither room includes utilities, which are generally paid in a lump sum
and tend to come to around $80-90 per person per month.

The house is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and equipped with
two full baths, laundry facilities, and high-speed internet access.
There's ample storage space, a front yard, a back yard, all the street
parking anyone could want, and a terrific back porch, all set in a
quiet, comfortable neighborhood right near shopping and bus lines.

The present housemates are two cool, easygoing young people, who like
hanging around at home or going out, and are notably free from drugs,
depression, and drama. We have a great video collection, an even
better comic book collection, and at least one of us is a terrific
cook. We want to live with people who respect other people's space but
are still sociable, who understand that four separate people do not
need four separate containers each of milk, butter, and rice, and who
don't mind doing some dishes once in a while. Essentially, we want
roommates who want to be a part of a real household.

Please respond here or
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(no subject)

Oh my guys are awesome!

I fucking LOVE DP!

Oh my god...and I really love Southern Comfort.

And I love Seaztheday!

Hahaha...oh my god, I've been laughing for two hours now...seriously, you guys are great. Even the ones that hate me.

Oh lord