August 31st, 2005


My eyes!

My stupid glasses broke tonight.

I don't have a vision plan with my current insurance (so whether or not they take my insurance isn't an issue), but I need to get a new prescription, more contacts (and possibly and new pair of glasses as well).

Any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive place to get my eyes checked and to get contacts and glasses? (Bonus if it's in NE.)

I'm hesitant to go to one of the chain stores like Lenscrafters or Binyons. I'm afraid they'll be horrible. But I also have NO idea where else to go that won't be super expensive. Please damn Portlanders, help me.

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I'm coming to Portland from Phoenix for about a week (Sep. 1st-9th) there anyone who can suggest some baby-friendly things to do?

I'd like to do some adult-friendly things on the weekend though. If theres anyone that wouldn't mind me tagging along to a bar/show/etc, let me know?
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We are moving cross country and not taking everything with us! We are 22-26yrs old. Items available will be books, clothing (female sm-med, male med), appliances, kitchen stuff, furniture (desks), and other random stuff we accumulated over the past 4 years. Come get it... everything must go!

When? Saturday September, 3 from 9am - 3pm
At? 7135 N. Campbell Ave. Portland 97217


I'm meeting someone for kareoke tonight at some place called Chopsticks on 28th and Burnside. I've never been there. What's it like? Is there food? If so, is the food good? Should I make sure to eat first? Did the baby look at you?
Prince George

Buffalo Exchange questions...

I'm in a mind to sell some clothing articles. I want try the Buffalo Exchange downtown, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a bit about the process. Their website is less than helpful.

1. Do I just walk in with a bag of clothing or should I call ahead?

2. Are they very particular about what they'll purchase? Common sense tells me no holes & in decent shape, and I've seen what they're actively seeking, but what will they take?

4. Do the different locations in Portland have different criteria or content requirements?

5. Should I trade in at the Red Light instead?

6. Anything else I should know?


So I'm trying to figure out what movies might be like The Ring or The Grudge. Yes, I know there are Japanese versions of these movies. I'm getting them. But I'm wondering if there are any scary movies that use that kind of way to scare you using icky girls with stringy black hair hiding their faces or jump-action cinematography?

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Okay, this is kind of a weird question, but I've always wondered about this:

I notice that in some areas of Portland, there are two lanes, but people park in one lane. I understand the need to park somewhere, but how do you know that it's okay to park there?? Aren't you worried your car will get hit? I mean, it really looks like a lane to drive in, to me, not a place to park.

I've never seen this sort of parking in any other city I've been in, so when I moved here, it really surprised me. I'd be driving along in what I thought was a lane, and suddenly, there'd be a car parked there!! I know better now, but I'm just wondering WHY.

looking for a guitar

Hi. I'm a student at Lewis & Clark and I would like to take an intro to guitar class but I don't have a guitar... so, I'm looking for someone who has a guitar, acoustic preferably, they're not really planning to use through December. I'm willing to pay a small fee to rent it or we can negotiate something - thanks!

Does anybody like the band, MINUS THE BEAR?

Who is going to see them next Wednesday at the Hawthorne Theater?

Hey, I'm Mae. I just moved here from Tacoma, WA and I do not know my way around Portland. So maybe if you're willing to help me out and accompany me to the show and possibly future shows, that would be great. I just need some new pals around here. Thanks in advance!


in search of...

anyone out there in p-town know wade slingerland? i haven't seen him in years and want to catch up on old times. if you know'em tell him pete's trying to look him up. snowmayne at yahoo dot com.

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Yes, another hurricane post.

Last night, on Fox news, there was a report about a hotel that doubled its prices on Friday, to $199.00 a night.

The hotel said that it wasn't to make more money, but to "keep certain types of people out."

Did anyone catch the name and location of this place? I'm feeling rather angsty right now and would like to write them a letter/call them (or something) and give them a piece of my mind.
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I need Your input Portland

Everyone knows what is happening in New orleans right now. They need all the help they can get, and it is very dangerous there for anyone volunteers included. I am a member of one of beavertons Community Emergency Response Teams and there are many other cities under the FEMA umbrella who have had this training not to mention the other kinds of training afforded through the red cross, ex military etc...

I am thinking of trying to get together a group of volunteers with training of any kind as all kinds are useful to go to new orleans and help out. I have spoken with the CERT captain there and he in the brief conversation said all bodies would be welcome and needed.

There is no power, no easy supplies of fresh water, No fast medical care, all must be self suffiecient, and have gear they can contribute with them, boats, jet skis with floats, chainsaws, gas, a great many things. THere are animals to worry about, it is hot during the day and little food to be found, criminals are everywhere, but people still need help.

Are there any in this forum that think they might be willing to offer some kind of commitment to this effort? I am just trying to sound things out before I start asking for funding from local groups.

Please no wise cracks or flaming, just offer help or don't.

**EDIT: if you are untrained and would like free training to help in future issues should you desire as there are always going to be future problems check here.

Beaverton CERT:
General Portland Metro contacts list in PDF:
Red Cross Training:
Federal level information, with listings for all regions

Stupid Question

I know this is a stupid question but I have no idea how this works so I am going to ask anyways. If hackers get into your computer and they open files does it show up on your computer screen? I just came in here and there was a file open that I didn't not open. I found it odd. Just wondering. Go ahead, choke to death on your laughter.