August 30th, 2005

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I just bought my first scoot today, and I was wondering if there were
any nice little PDX-related scooter going-downs that weren't
neccessarily 21+ (mostly because I am not) so yeah! I know about the
clubs, I've checked out their sites, but is there anything above and
beyond? Anyone know any good rides? Anything?

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Oh knit...

So. My best friend has been trying to get me to start knitting for ages, but I haven't because I'm stubborn. However, after hearing me bitch and whine about not making any friends in Portland, she sent me a care package with lots of pretty yarn, knitting needles and a knitting book.

My question is this: Can anyone suggest a nice crafty group where I might go hang out and get some knitting advice, or perhaps someone here would like to teach me some basics in exchange for some coffee?

question about a seattle band

i know this is for portland but i was wondering if anyone out there ever heard of a seattle band called ragamuffin. i saw them about 2 years ago and got their cd. they are reggaeish. the lead singer was very much like the lead singer to sublime. he even sounded like him.

point is the website inside the cd...which i just notice was there, isn't working.

just curious if anyone had heard of them and if anyone knows what is up with them.

thanks in advance.
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I thought maybe some of you very helpful people could let me know if you are familiar with the areas these apartments are in. I tried using the crimemapper thing but half of them showed up as unknown, and since i cant get there to see them until i actually move, any other random info would be awesome. Also i apologize if im being annoying with these questions.

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Hey Boys and Girls!

I just ran across a site called and created a community for Mt Tabor West. It's pretty cool, kind of like a local networking thing. Check it out! I need more people in the Mt. Tabor West community other than myself!

P.s. There are tons of other communities in Portland to join.

P.p.s I am not affiliated with

P.p.p.s This post sucks but it gets the point across.
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Pick up game of soccer at gabriel park

People are leaving with the summer and internships ending. We need some fresh blood.

We play a pick up game of soccer at Gabriel park in SW portland

Wednesday at 6:30pm - 8ish
Saturday at 10am-Noonish

Feel free to contact me for information, or just show up. All ability levels, just bring enthusiasm!

We should be at the
field directly in front of the Vermont side parking
lot. It's in front of two baseball fields and by the basketball court. We always steal one of the fields. Usually lower if we can.



Are there any places that I could go to in order to pay all my bills (comcast, PGE etc.) at one time instead of mailing them off or driving to each individual business?? I know in other states that some grocery stores did this, I just don't know if they do that here or not. Thanks a bunch!!
Worky Work!


On the Oregonian front page today, is the story of Hurricane Katrina.

A real nice quote in the article :

"Some of them, it was their last night on Earth," Terry Ebbert, chief of homeland security for New Orleans, said of people who ignored orders to evacuate the city of 480,000 over the weekend. "That's a hard way to learn a lesson."

That's a hard way to learn a lesson. What a complete fucking dick. Nevermind that many of these people were too poor to go anywhere.

An estimated 50 people were killed at an apartment complex in Biloxi. 14.6% of a population of 50,000 people that are living below the poverty line. Per capita income is around $17,000. [source]

Nevermind that leaving their homes, meant leaving their in never seeing them again, as in never being able to rebuild anything, no insurance, nothing.

I realize that 50 deaths is not so big in the grand scheme, because 2.7 million are without power, and I realize that rescue efforts were deployed. But this comment by Terry Ebbert just really pissed me off.

touchy, feely post

Today I had to go to the hospital to visit my aunt and when I left I was definitely feeling very emotional. On one hand, I felt lucky to have my health. On the other, I felt really pissed off at the world. As I pulled up to the stoplight right before getting on the freeway, I saw a man holding a sign that said "Homeless Veteran can you help god bless". I don't know if it was my state of mind or what but I started feeling really bad about that poor guy, especially knowing there was a big hospital right up the road with food and shelter, etc. I was considering giving him some money but was so conflicted. You hear all these news stories (channel 8 investigates, dateline exclusive blah blah) about how some are making $80 a day and do quite well, etc. In the end, I decided not to give him anything and kept driving, avoiding eye contact and debating with myself. My question is, how do you handle yourself when you pull up next to some one holding a sign at an on/off ramp? What is going through your mind and what do you do, if anything?
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How big do they get? (The biggest Flame war in DP)

I'm pretty new to the whole DamnPortlanders thing (I just got googled here looking for good dim sum and got hooked) and was wondering how many comments the biggest war had (if you happen to remember) there's one down a couple with 137 and counting...

(There have been a few doozy's this week, and it's all been very interesting in a baseball-bat diplomacy sort of way.)
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I recall a few weeks back that people were looking for pugs. The Oregon Humane Society has 3 realy cute pug mix puppies up on their site, if anyone is still interested.

The pictures aren't great but I pasted them into photoshop and lightened them and could tell that the dogs were adorable. Hurry if you're interested, because I'm sure they'll get adopted quick.
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if you were going to live forever, would you care more or less about politics? what if society had for whatever reason accepted that you were going to live forever and gave you some sort of status based on that?

this is relevant because i've been pondering this ever since I came across some graffiti on a bus sign at 39th and Belmont expressing an interesting in living with me forever, or something to that extent.

Seeking Women Writers

I’m interested in meeting with local women writers on a regular basis to talk about writing. I’m thinking support group, rather than critique group–a place to talk about finding time to write, the process of editing, finding an agent, and publishing. Brainstorming about plot problems, character development, or just what makes a good story would be fun too. I don’t plan to trade samples of our work and give each other feedback, though if people want to do that outside the meeting times, go for it.

All genres are welcome, including nonfiction. I’ve written two fantasy novels, a mystery and one general fiction novel. Although it’s a constant struggle to carve out writing time from family life, I’m doing it four or five days a week. Right now I’m writing the second draft of a fantasy novel. It’s slow going but I plan to look for an agent this winter.

I’ve taken writing classes and participated in critique groups, online and face to face, but now I want the chance to socialize and commiserate with other women who are Doing It. Every writing group seems to revolve around writing together or critiquing each other’s work. I’m envisioning more of a semi-professional group to give each other tips and encouragement along the way. People who can sympathize that your kid was sick all week and you didn't get any writing done, but who will give you a kick in the ass to get started again.

I’d like to meet with people who are working on later drafts of a novel or polishing a story collection, but women who are on their first drafts and actively pursuing the goal of publishing (ie: writing on a regular basis with a self-imposed deadline) might work too. I’d especially like to talk with other moms who are managing to find the time to follow their dream.

My dream is to form a group of women who can stick together through sweating out the story and motivate each other along the path to publication.

art/craft in Portland Metro

I have set up a forum to post info related to arts and crafts in Portland Metro, and need your help to make it successful... please come over and post reviews and info about local places to shop for art/craft supplies, places to see art, there is an area to post links to your own art/craft related business.  I am most interested in building up the local places to buy/see art forums. 
(I am doing this because I am new to the area and want to learn about these places and so others know where to go/what to see... I am making no money from this site.)

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what to do on a tuesday night in pdx?

so the question to you all: what's something fun to do in or around portland on this tuesday night? my honey and i are really bored. we're dorky queer college kids who have all night free. it needs to be accessible to those 21 and under. gas isn't too much of an issue.

what are your ideas? thanks!

THE story

"The house just split in half. We got up the roof and the water came and just opened up, divided."

"My wife, I can't find her body, she gone."

"I held her hand tight as I could and she told me 'you can't hold me'. She said, 'take care of the kids and the grandkids',"

"We have nowhere to go. I'm lost, that's all I had, that's all I had. I don't know what I'm going to do."

-- Biloxi resident Harvey Jackson
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patsy stone thanxgiving

hey travolta

kinda tired of seeing/reading sad things so I bring you newest video hit from balkans

ok unless you speak croatian/serbian/serbo-croatian you won't understand what he's singing about (pretty much just saying he's the travolta from his town and comparing his coolness to the american travolta -- the real guy)..but nonetheless you can enjoy the tunes and dancing
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Tell your friends with sticks and skins

'WE WILL STEAL YOUR DRUMS IF WE HAVE TO!' I think the implied theft angle earned a deletion from CL, even though it was just a joke (and not in all caps there, either). So here's Collapse )

That there was my post, to which I've gotten precious few responses. So I'm gonna nail my theses to the DP cathedral door here in hopes that the right person will find them.

My band needs a drummer. Said drummer should like bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes, The Libertines, and The Strokes, because that raw, lo-fi sound is what we're going for. If you or someone you know fits this description, please tap-tap-tap on your keyboard and send your dots and squiggles in my direction. Thanks!

EDIT: Our vocalist is female, so the YYY's reference should give you a vague idea of our sound. We don't have any mp3s to send out yet (we're only about a week old as a band) but we have 10 or 12 songs that are completely finished, and another 8 or 10 that are in various stages of completion.
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World's on fire, it's more than I can handle

By now, everyone has undoubtedly been surfeited with news of Hurricane Katrina's disastrous effects upon New Orleans and its environs. This community has been full of offers of sympathy for the hapless refugees of the disaster, but seems to have stopped there. (I just came to this conclusion by skimming to the bottom of the page, so I hope you'll forgive me if I've missed something.)

In a time when the government is looking to minimize its role in natural disaster relief, it is incumbent upon us as private citizens to bear the load directly. I was reminded of this by a friend's similar post, and I urge you all to contribute whatever you reasonably can to one of these organizations, or another that suits you:

The American Red Cross

Mercy Corps

I understand it is customary for Americans to offer to pray for the victims of disasters. This is all well and good, but prayer, without substantive effort behind it, is meaningless. Right now people need real assistance, in materiel, volunteer labor, or money towards organizations that provide these. We cannot all be as expansively generous as President Chavez of Venezuela, who has offered to provide the U.S. with foreign aid grants of food and fuel, but we can all follow the example of such a statesman. You don't have to give a lot. Give just a little. Give the cost of a dinner out. If everyone gave so much, we'd be far better off. But give something.

Please. And thank you.
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I know, you'll tell me to just use Google, but

I'm an overly protective "parent" and so I'm looking for recommendations. I'm going to be leaving town this weekend, and it's fairly short notice for most of my normal dogsitter folks. I generally don't board my dogs (it's been at least two years) and they're pretty spoiled... So I'm collecting recommendations of good places to take them for a night or two. Cost is an issue, but it's not the only one, certainly. Anyone have a facility they use and swear by? Or know of one I should avoid? Thank you.

(P.S. I'm declaring this a flame-free zone. Thank you for your cooperation.) :)

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Hi! My wife, 31 - My self, 30 - and our two cats, both age 4 years; We want to move down to the Vancouver Portland area. Specifically, I think it would be cool to live life RIGHT ON the MAX tracks. (Ok, very close to them - easy walk, etc.)

So, I was thinking perhaps Livejournal could help out. (then, someone told me the original group I posted in was never read, and to try here in D_PDX'ers)

I grew up from age 2 to early 20's in Vancouver, Beaverton, and Clackamas. Then I went north to Seattle/Bellevue for Microsoft Perma-Temp employment. In the process of 6 years and so, I've not gotten hired full time permanent. So, I'm done serving the evil empire on a contract basis. My wife's employment is going out of business in the middle of September.

So, we will be coming down this labor day weekend to look at apartments.

What I'm looking at is recommendations/thoughts/input/etc on the following:

The apartment complexes to AVOID;
The ones that are good;

Currently, we are paying $840 for 1000 sq ft. Where we move to, we would like to pay less.
My wife does not drive, so I'd like to be right on the MAX line. (Um, there's 3 of them now? when did THAT happen?)

Also, how's the job market down there? Are there places one with a tech background would NEVER want to work? (similar to Microsoft).
What are the best job resource web sites that cover the Portland area?

Any and all information is appreciated!

Thank you,