August 29th, 2005


New Orleans soon under 30 feet of water. not kidding.

I was at the car dealership today looking at a diesel v-dub, and the sales guy was a little distraught. He explained that he was worried about 'that whole New Orleans storm thing.'

'Huh?,' I asked?

Apparently he's concerned because his fifteen y/o daughter and his ex-wife are very near the area of Louisiana which will be hardest-hit by the oncoming CATEGORY FIVE HURRICANE, because his ex-wife chose to disregard the mandatory evacuation.

It is likely that by daybreak tomorrow many parts of New Orleans will be completely underwater. A million people or more, some of the poorest in the country, will be homeless--those who survive.

Bush is doing nothing to evacuate the 140,000+ people unable to leave, mostly the poor or otherwise incapacitated by reason of health or transport restrictions. The city has not mobilized city buses. Many of the poor are now huddled in the Superdome football stadium. Read the following condemnation from islamiccommunitynet, which I fully understand :

They could all die--by inaction, if I understand correctly.

Go read about it. AP news or indymedia or whatever you'd like.

On a more local note, slow down spending and fill up your gas tanks and heating oil sources, because the economy will definitely dip. Petroleum prices will likely go very high. And because this is beginning on a weekend, it will hit hard tomorrow morning when the markets open.

My father, who teaches disaster preparedness, has been very worried about New Orleans for many years, because it has few escape routes, is sinking, and is already below sea level in a VERY risky area.

Send positive vibes, pray, direct your positive intentions to New Orleans and the entire region to be affected in the Gulf area.

Love, Joy, and Community,
Mamá Joey

copied from BBC:

US city evacuates as storm looms
Hundreds of thousands of New Orleans residents have fled as Hurricane Katrina, strengthening to the deadliest level, closes in on the city.
Highways were jammed as people obeyed Mayor Ray Nagin's order to evacuate the Louisiana city for higher ground.

Those unable to leave through infirmity or lack of transport queued around the block to get into shelters - including the 77,000-seater Superdome stadium.

Katrina is expected to hit land at about sunrise on Monday (1100 GMT).

Forecasters say Katrina has grown to a Category Five - the scale's highest, and it will hit the city with winds of up to 160mph (260km/h).

In the Gulf of Mexico, oil production has been hit, with capacity of over 650,000 bpd closed down, along with seven refineries and a huge offshore terminal.

In Asian trading on Monday, oil prices jumped nearly $5 to touch a high of $70.80.

'Once in a lifetime'
Issuing his unprecedented mandatory evacuation order, Mayor Nagin said the city - which sits some six feet (two metres) below sea level - was at risk of serious flooding.

The post-hurricane surge could reach 28 ft (8.5 metres) toppling the barriers that protect the city and its historic French Quarter, he warned.

"This is a once in a lifetime event," he told the city's 485,000 residents.

"The city of New Orleans has never seen a hurricane of this magnitude hit it directly."

Darkening skies

Many businesses and homes have been boarded up and sandbags stacked up in doorways as rain and wind lashed the city.

Resident Sharron told the BBC News website she did not expect to find much left of the home that has been in her family for 300 years when she returns to the city.

"I pray for those who could not find a way out of the city. I believe this will devastate the city I love with all my heart," she said.

The BBC's Alistair Leithead in New Orleans says many of those who are not leaving have headed to hotels in higher areas. Car parks are full.

The most frail have been given priority in the city's Superdome, the home of the NFL's New Orleans Saints and now a makeshift shelter. Doctors and nurses are on hand.

More serious cases have been taken to hospitals in other cities in Louisiana.

States of emergency

The neighbouring states of Mississippi and Alabama are also braced for the impact of the storm, which is now swirling over the Gulf of Mexico.

US President George W Bush has already issued a state of emergency in Louisiana and Mississippi, freeing the path for federal aid for those affected.

"If it came ashore with the intensity it has now and went to the New Orleans area, it would be the strongest we've had in recorded history there," Ed Rappaport of the US National Hurricane Center said.
Some 21 oil platforms on the Gulf of Mexico, which produces about a quarter of US domestic oil and gas output, have been evacuated.

The storm, which formed in the Bahamas, lashed South Florida on Thursday, claiming the lives of nine people, uprooting trees, downing power lines and causing extensive flooding.

Katrina is the sixth hurricane to hit the Florida coastline since last August.

Only three Category Five storms have hit the US since record-keeping began.

The last to strike the Louisiana area was Hurricane Camille in 1969, which killed more than 250 people.
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(no subject)

To whom it may concern,

It is really sad the way this community has turned into a big shit fest. People bitching about grammar and spelling. People turning a post into something it's not. I am sure I will get flamed. I don't care. It is just getting old. I have to deal with enough negativity in my life. Why do people flip other people shit if they are the least bit excited or curious about anything. I seriously can't believe that there is a community just for snarking this community. It's great cause it keeps the negativity there, but it's really pathetic that people who are jealous or petty or annoyed or whatever have to attempt to ruin someone else's day. I know several people have stopped looking at DP'rs cause of these very reasons.

Yes. I post "ads" for my necklaces. They are done with in an LJ cut. Thay aren't intrusive and they are meant only for the people who may be interested. I only post when I have made 4 or 5 new ones. I am excited about them. I guess to some people, my life and what I create might seem pretty stupid. Personally, I love all of the feedback I get from the normal dp'rs. It is really important to me and I love that I can involve the city I live in with what I love.

Maybe I am the only one who feels this way, but at least I said what I wanted to say.
Really...let's not hide behind our computers and be assholes. I am sure these people have something more to offer than a grammarical edit or spellcheck. It is disheartening that people feel the need to shoot people down in order to try and make them feel like shit. I hope they all get a good chuckle, then leave everyone fucking alone.


OB/GYN recommendation

Hello all -

I'm fairly new to Portland, and just found out I'm pregnant! Of course, I don't have scads of friends to ask for recomendations, and neither does my husband.

I'm interested in finding a good OB/GYN, maybe someone who specialized in older mothers (i.e. over 35). I'm on HealthNet HMO, so my choices are somewhat limited, but I'd like to look around and actually check out docs rather than going with just the one my PCP recommends.

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Hear hear

This was so well said it bears repeating:

I looked at your so called "livejournal". I didn't notice much journaling. It looked a lot like a store front.

Are you here to actually take part in a community (which includes all walks of life) or do you just want to put your necklaces on the web for sale?

Yet you posted this rant about how everyone should have rainbows flying out their ass and should get along. If you want to sell things craigslist and ebay are great places for you to go. If you want to be a local seller Saturday market can not only get you away from this terrible shitty community, but you might also make some good money.
- cujo6453

Hi. (X posted to other portland related communities)

My name is Carrie, I live in Milwaukee, Wi but I am planning to move to Portland in November (hopefully) with a friend of mine.

I have never moved across the country before so Im a little scared of the unknown. If any of you know how i could go about finding places to live or work please let me know. Ive done searches online and havnt really found anything helpful.

Also, how do you all feel about where you live? hate it, love it? what are some fun places to go to, hang out?

Any help would be greatly appriciated!

Worky Work!

Do you design web sites?

If so, then we need you!


The company I work for needs to overhaul their site. It's pretty lame and generic.

Since I know jack shit about designing web sites, I told the boss I would go on the lovely DP forum and ask if anyone is interested.

We're just looking for someone who knows how to make it pretty and more professional.

Check THAT shit out!

You'll probably need more information, but I don't know me. Please, no calls to the business.

P.S. Yes, this is a paid endeavor. Boss is just doing some shopping right now and wants to find a good price and a talented designer.
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Another car question.

I need to get an entire new exhaust system put on my car and I need to do this quickly. Having driven 1300 miles with an exhast leak has my car sounding like a truck now. Who would you all suggest to do this? I would prefer a local place, not Meinike or the like. A place that is willing to put a warranty on the whole system and not just the muffler. Any suggestions? Or places that I should avoid at all costs? Thanks in advance! All of you are always so helpful.

Salsa en la calle

Did anyone go on Sunday? Beautiful day, BEAUTIFUL latina women, and best of all... free dancing instructions from 11am-7pm!

I wish i'd gone on an empty stomach. Local upper scale hispanic restaurants were selling food based on their menu's and i would have loved to try a couple of the dishes!

I'm sore and i fucking love this town!
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Severe weather report?

They are talking about 'funnel clouds'. Similiar to a tornado...? Just thought I would mention it. Thought it was interesting.


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(no subject)

i don't think i want to be a part of this community anymore with everyone being so uppity about people asking "dumb" questions. why can't people just ask a frickin question without someone commenting "why don't you just google it?" like it has been said before, people like the opinion of others before picking a doctor/restaurant/whatever. and really people, why does it bother you so much? are you that lame? oh and i know someone's going to come back with a "oooh why are you so upset, are you that lame?" and all i can offer is a pat on the back and my disdain.
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Just weighing in

I have to admit it... I've been on the internet since pre-web days, when I was checking out the local BBS scene with my 1200 baud modem. And, I've got to say, I've never ever seen a community quite like this one.

Bitching, moaning, poorly-spelled snarkiness, improperly-tensed commercialism, rampant triviality, weird requests... all I can say is I FUCKING LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU DAMNPORTLAND FREAKS.

Best community, EVER.

I'm inordinately proud to be part of it.

Oh, and some of you need to just remember that THE INTERNET IS VOLUNTARY.

Caps were for cosmicjohn's use. Your mileage may vary.

Carry on.

(no subject)

Boy I sure do love Portland, but you guys are so mean!

I'm leaving Damnportlanders forever.

Will you miss me?

Probably not.

Will you love me?

Oh yes you will.




I'm not a troll...I just thought I'd say that...because you guys are so damn mean you kick trolls out.
I am a good person, I swear. I'm just tired of all the draaaaaama! Poopy drama.

I'm crying now because your typed words hurt me so very bad.


Hi DP!

I mean...bye DP!
mohawk skull

(no subject)

Do any of you know some firefighters?

I have 3 FDNY t-shirts memorializing those who gave their lives on 9-11. I would like them to go to firefighters rather than just taking them to a second-hand shop.

size LARGE:never worn:FREE


thanx :D
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patsy stone thanxgiving

damn medicine

so last week i had some tests done and doctor said it will take two weeks to get the results. hmmmm....
if i'm not mistaken, my cells are flying high somewhere over the pacific or perhaps they are already in some (outsourced) lab in a village in India and Apu is taking a lookie-see through the microscope.

what fun!!!!
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Wahoo My Yahoo!

Congratulations are in order for one Mr. Shannon Wheeler, otherwise known as Too Much Coffee Man. Thanks to a deal with, TMCM is now part of the great comics selection in Yahoo's My Yahoo! personalized features! You can have Shannon's alter ego on your personal page every fricken day. You know you've made it big when Yahoo! syndicates you. Can syndicate be used as a verb? Anyway, it's a beautiful thing when Portlanders become a widespread national epidemic, so show him some widespread love!
straigt up gangsta

so ...

i keep thinking of things that i mean to ask you guys, and then i forget. so, why don't you all just give me your cell numbers, and this way i can randomly call dpers whenever i am besieged by these questions?
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I love Portland. And so do you. Discuss. (Rather than bitching about others' bitching).

My favorite spot in the land of PDX: East (?) Airport Way... right between the river and the airport. While being rather Wayne's World-esque, laying on the hood of your car at 2 a.m. with a friend at the end of the runway is rather entertaining. Also, I hear it's a pretty hot make-out spot...

Where do you go at night?
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Phone stalker?

Does anyone know how many times a person has to call and leave "harrassing" voice messages on another persons voicemail before anything can be done about it? Like in a certain time frame? What if there is no certain proof of who is leaving the voicemails.. Is there anything at all that can be done? Can I contact the other person's cell phone provider and see if something can be done?

Basically, I'm 99% sure that my ex is calling me, but he blocks the caller-id on his phone. Leaves really random messages, most of which sound like some variation of heavy breathing.. It would be one thing if he were calling at normal hours.. But he calls at like, 3am, 5am, midnight.. etc.. mostly, sleeping hours. Luckily, I've got my phone set up so that it doesn't ring if the phone # isn't in the address book, but it's getting annoying getting the voicemail notifications at certain times. And I can't turn my phone off at night, because well, it's the best alarm clock I've got.

So yeah. Any ideas of any type of legal help I can get? I just want the schmuck to stop calling me, for goodness sakes, we broke up 8 months ago!

And no, I don't want to have to change my phone # because of one psycho...
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So Gay


Have any of you ever had any experiences, good or bad, with Fox Management, Inc.? I have four friends in a house managed by them and are being screwed over royally, and I'm looking for some other people with experiences with this company. Please let me know! Thanks!

Who'da thunk it!!

I always thought the beefeater-style hotel greeters like that guy over there from the Heathman were just window decoration. I had no idea they were packing heat. A few downtown shootings and all the world goes to hell. Do you feel safer? I sure don't. Heck, if they must be armed, they might as well go all out, like with a silver sabre sheathed to their belts just in case Portland is invaded by Visigoths, IMHO.
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Did any of you see the graffiti on the Oregonian building:


or something like that. It was painted over a few weeks ago.
made me smile a few times while riding the max.

kayak, fishing, kayaking

Pinhead Crickets

anyone know where I can find Pinhead crickets (<1 week) on the westside?
only place i've found them thus far is on the east side at The Tropical Hut
made a few calls so far and not had any luck
Scamps doesn't carry them... Western will order 500 for me (only about 5 times as many as I need and the smallest they normally carry are 2 week)
I need about 100 of them tomorrow and doubt i can get to Tropical Hut by the time they close...

anyone have any info?

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