August 28th, 2005

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Looking for a local who has done the cvs palm cord hack and can whip one up for someone with no soldering guile.
Anyone locally using the cvs one time with palm cable?
Point me in a direction from which I can exchange cash for these goods and services.

Thanks Bunches,

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I know that most of my posts on here have been me "wanting" stuff so I thought I would just make a general post. I guess I would like to express that one of the things that I love about Portland is the general mentality of the people. I love thier creativity, originality, and, admittedly the political view points that the majority of the people have is another reason I love being here. Ok I can't say majority but for the most part I have seen that they agree with a lot of the same things that I do. I also love the landscape, the oppertunities, the life.......
I guess I sound a little silly but I am from a much smaller town and being here just gives me a rush.
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So, I can't sleep, so I'm messing around with the yahoo blog that I just discovered, which I'm sure has been around for ages.

Anyway, somehow through this I found a link to this site. This is fun. Maybe because it's due to me not having any sleep. I don' t know....

But I figured maybe some of you might find it interesting, especially if you're bored like I am. hehe.
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Character maps

I am a Mac user and am looking for the character map. (A character map being the thing that lets you type special characters, such as tildas and umlauts.)

This way, I can somewhat use my translator for things like: Käse darüber streuen und zugedeckt ca. 5 Min. schmelzen lassen, without having to go to the German Web, to copy-and-paste those special characters.


Massage Needed - LMT Preferred

Hello fellow DP'ers. I've put off posting about this for a couple days but I really need ask your insight. Friday morning I woke up with a sore neck. Figured I'd slept on it wrong, or pinched a nerve. It relaxed a little bit over the day. Saturday I woke up and it was much tighter, sore/painful. That brings us to today. Extremely painful when I first woke. Very limited range of motion. With a few rudimentary stretches I was able to loosen things up and gain some mobility.

My question, do you all know of any LMTs that would take Cigna insurance? If not, any suggestions or recommendations for massage therapists? I live in the Woodstock area. Any other ideas or thoughts? Home remedies? Basically my neck and lower/mid back on both sides are extremely tense and knotted up. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

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(no subject)'s worth a shot...

Last night around 12am, Somewhere between Pioneer Square and 10th and Morrison, my wallet was either stolen...or i left it at my seat, and when i got up I forgot it there and someone took it to turn in. I'm hoping it's the second.

It's a pink wallet with my ID, and some other random crap in there. No money.

My first name is Taylor, so if you have seen this wallet PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get into contact with me. there were very sentimental things in it and I need it back. Hell, you can keep the wallet if you want. I just want the contents.

edit: does anyone know the name of that little store at that 3rd and Morrison MAX stop? I want to try and call it ...

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Hey all.. I have a question. And yes, I'm well aware I could use citysearch but I'd rather hear your experiences.

My boyfriend is coming in from out of town next weekend and we need a place to stay. My roommate is being a jerk about the whole deal, but anyway! Where are some relatively inexpensive (read: $70/nite tops) places to stay around here, the coast, seattle, wherever somewhere neat. We don't necessarily wanna stay around here, but maybe go explore within an hour or two from here. Aaaaaaand go!
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alright... my dilemna (already searched memories)
i had a party last night and someone fell into a large framed photo on my wall. (think around 6 ft by 4 feet). It didnt hurt the frame and just barely nicked the actual photo but it shattered the piece of glass. so today i would like to get the glass replaced. im just going to go to a framing store to get it done, but what framing store do you suppose i use?
im on a tight budget and just had to pay school fees so i have $97 to fix my problem. i doubt ill have to spend that much (i hope im correct in thinking that)but yeah, cheaper the better but still with quality.

all i need is the glass cut right and help putting it back together. im thinking the beard's framing in the mall. any big objections?

thanks a lot.

Please pray for Aaron

Aaron is stuck on the base. We called and tried to get him out but we were too late. He just had to go into the shelter. This Hurricane is supposed to be a catagory 5 and cause massive damage. I can't believe that the freaking Air Force is making him stay right where all of the crap is going to go down. He is going to be in a brick building but the main concern is flooding because the base is right on the beach and it is only a 2 story high building. I told him that he has to try really hard not to die and if the building starts to fall apart to get under a table or in a doorway. I also told him that if he is going to die to make sure that he prays and is saved. I also told him to take a bible with him. I know that I am being pessimistic but what else can I be? I will keep praying but you please pray too that my husband survives this. He said that it is supposed to be past them by tomorrow evening so all we can do is hold our breath and wait.

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Okay Portland folks.

Where are the best places to get cheap, but nice furniture (besides Craigslist)? Cute thrift stores, not-too-pricey antique shops?

Specifically looking for some sturdy bookcases and a nice lil coffee table.

Thanks a bunch!

Variations on a theme.

So, I was just thinking. has a shirt that ruins the ending of the latest Harry Potter book, I was thinking that ruining children's fantasies is a really fun past time.

If I got some "Santa is really your mommy" t-shirts made, who else would want them?
Perhaps one that says, "Grandma isn't in heaven, she's in a box underground."

That'd be great.

Back to work for me.

Sewious Sundays

Alright, who the FUCK is giving all the homeless people a BOOMBOX? I've seen like FIVE of them boomboxbums today.

I'd also like to know who gave everyone iPods, and why they always carry it in their hands as they go walking and not in their pocket. We FINALLY get something that can hold so much music in a pocket-sized device and we carry it in our HANDS?

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I need a housemate for a new place in NE, stat!

I found this awesome place on Alberta and Rodney in NE. It's a 5 year old townhouse, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, nice kitchen, wide open living space. I was gonna move in with a friend, but his money situation is iffy, so he's withdrawing his application. I need someone to fill in for him. Here's the stuff:

Rent is $950 a month + utilities, split 2 ways.

House is part of duplex, off the street. There is parking on a concrete strip behind the house.

I'm bringing a washer and dryer with me (provided I can pull this off).

I am:

I'm a quiet computer geek type w/ a steady job and two cats. I don't care about ethnicity or gender. I'm tidy and clean up after myself. I need to get the fuck out of Beaverton before I go crazy.

As long as you're a friendly, no-BS type, we'll get along fine. All I ask is that you pay your share on time and clean up after yourself.


I'm looking to move in the next 30 days (need to give my 30 day or I'm stuck out here for another month). My plan is to move in the next 2-3 weeks if all goes well. Please let me know, and I'll have you get in touch with the landlord to get the application started or if you want to look at the place.
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hangin on the telephone

Alternative worship in Portland?

I'm looking for a church (preferably in NE Portland, or close by) that is Christian in its core beliefs, but not tied to the traditional worship service that most churches conduct. Anything that incorporates art, free expression, and a disregard for "conservative" dress would be of interest, as long as it's sincere in it's commitment to the teachings of Christ. Do any of you have any recommendations, or personal experiences (good or bad) to relate?

Um, okay- cry for help!

Do any of you know a Kimberly Hollingsworth or a Julie Anderson that live at Spring Garden Apartments in South West Portland?

They live next door to me, and I would like to have their cell phone number. I only have the number for their house. They went down to New Orleans to attend a wedding, and I am worried sick.

If you have it, and know them, please do email me the via LJ or ems97219 at yahoo dot com. Or if that is way too freaky, please do call them, and email me and let me know that they are safe.

I am really frantic, and would greatly appreciate any help!
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Cheap Calls to London

Since Damn Portlanders are so smart (and thrifty) I was hoping someone would know the cheapest way to call London (calling cards etc) One of my bestest friends is living over there right now and I want to call him for his birthday (tomorrow) any suggestions?
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Tune Up?

Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place for me to get a tune-up? I have to drive 3000 miles and want to get my car all ready. I will get an oil change, get Les Schwab to check my tires and stuff, all i now need is to know where to got for a tune-up, where they won't try to make me "fix" everything.

Thank you so much for your help!! :)