August 27th, 2005


Dog friendly areas

good morning !

so i recently adopted a dog and live in downtown. does anyone have any recommendations for parks or places that allow dogs around SW/NW? we live near the waterfront park so we'll be there a lot and i know of a few pet shops in NW. i'm assuming we're allowed at most bars with seating outside, we hung outside of Berbati's last night. any ideas? where do you and your pooch hang?
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On the coming of fall, and other middle aged musings.

Today's Saturday Essay is not very funny or Portlandy, but here ya go if you want one. :) Crossposted from my journal, natch. Have a lovely weekend!

Fall is coming. I can feel it this morning, air full of the hint of frost and football and sweaters and gold-orange leaves. It's not here yet. Portland is still in the grips of a real summer. But, it's coming. Fall's my favorite time of the year.

It strikes me that, on the edge of my 47th birthday, I'm approaching fall, too. I think that I'm in August, maybe. Mid-August. And I can see fall, and feel it in the morning, and I can look forward to it with mixed feelings. I can look back on the first part of the summer and see how full it has been, and think about what to do with the summer to come. I can remember spring, wistfully but not regretfully.

It's hard to know what to make of middle age, sometimes. All around me, people I've known for a long time are getting older. Funny how that works. I don't feel older. I've been swimming 3-4 days a week for the last 6 months and I'm probably in better shape than I was ten years ago. I still LOOK middle-aged, kind of. I look in the mirror and see gray and see wrinkles but I also see the face of someone I've known for a really long time, that guy that always looked kind of young and acted a little immature. I like that guy. We've grown up together. I know his secrets.
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MOVING SALE - repost - updated 3

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE BOUGHT MY STUFF, its a really big huge help!!!  :)

Hello there everybody.  I am moving accross the country to go be with my man and fam and am having to sell all my stuff and things!  Only driving car to move, mailing personal items, not taking anything big.  Below is a list of items i need to get rid of.  Please have a look and if you are interested in anything and/or if you have any questions about any of these items, please dont hesitate to email me.  Below is the list of most everything i need to sell.


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need some assistance?

I am offering my services to anyone who needs someone to:
-watch or tutor their kids
-clean their house
-feed/walk their pets
-do any kind of odd jobs

I have a reliable car and extensive experience in all of the above mentioned.
I live in SE Portland.
I can tell you more about myself if you comment here or e-mail at the following address:

Okay, hope to here from you soon!
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Le Velo

DP Bike Meetup

Meetup at the Salmon Street Fountain at noon.

We'll be taking the MAX via Old Town/Chinatown to SE 60th.

Then heading south to Mt. Tabor.

Bring yer bike + camera and you'll be set for life.

Leave a comment if you're going so we/I know how many people are doing this.

So far we've got me, dinoterror and meisterdorf.

I should be a hoot.

serious dilemma here folks

so here's the deal, i recently adopted a dog from a woman on CL. all i know about his history is the woman who had him bought him for her grandmother who doesn't have time to take care of him and they got him from the humane society. no info about any furthur history. she also told me he was "good with kids but not so much other cats/dogs." ok cool i can deal with that, all normal. so within the past few days that i've had him i have witnessed him try to attack children and today actually bit a child. my friend and i were having lunch and he was laying under the table with his leash tied up. he was right under our legs. the people walk by and the dog goes charging at the child out of nowhere. nipped him on the arm and the kid starts crying. i'm was shocked out of my mind and surprised i didn't get slapped with a lawsuit. the dog fucking tried to eat the kid. i thought it was only because kids tried to pet him, but now i seriously feel he does not like kids.

i asked a vet tech friend of mine who said he could have been previous abused by children as a puppy. he is now 2.5 years old. i emailed the previous owner about this and asked what i should do. if i have to i will return him, but i really don't want to give up on this dog who other wise is very sweet and mellow. he just does not like the sight of small kids, which is a huge issue. is this normal? has anyone else experienced such a strange thing? what should i do?
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Okay, all you happy people.. (doing his best Droopy impression)

I've noticed something the past couple of weekends I've been down to Saturday Market. I'm sure many of you have seen these mobile billboards that drive around town. Well, the past few weekends, one of them has taken to parking on the Burnside Bridge above Naito Pkwy. during Sat. Market, and here's the annoying part: blaring a loud stereo.

Now, aside from the fact that mobile billboards are ugly as sin, and more marketing "we don't need", they do technically have a right to exist, and I'm not necessarily going to argue that point. But, it seems parking on the bridge and doing the blaring stereo bit is over the line of good taste, and it seriously offends my sensibilities. And, I'm not the kind of person to do nothing about something that pisses me off, so I would like to ask the following.

I need a half-dozen (the more, the merrier) people for a bit of a.. well, we'll just call it "culture jamming" exercise involving this mobile billboard. I propose a bunch of us walk in front of the billboard with plain colored (large, like 3 feet square or larger) card stock.. slowly enough to create a kind-of moving art form, but quickly enough to not be "loitering". I'd really even appreciate some help from somebody who could choreograph this into a work of art.

Any volunteers?
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hot tubs?

does anyone know of any good hot tubbing places somewhere close in? Two of my friends and I want to are looking for a place to rent a private tub at a non-skeazy (not a sex hook-up/guy-trolling area) semi-cheap location.
How much SHOULD something like this cost? We're all hot tub virgins and are looking forward to finding a place to go soak tonight since we all have messed-up muscles from a long long week.
Are most hot tub places 24 hours? I'm under the impression that they are...

Thank you! We are awaiting your wisdom!