August 26th, 2005

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Have any of you ever seen a girl in Portland (downtown) who has polka dot tattoos, about one inch big and spaced one inch apart, on the back of her legs that go from her ankles all the way up?

She was like straight out of an old 50's movie, only better. Everything about her was unreal. Really short dress, short dark hair, highheels, sunglasses, walked with that strut that indicates she doesn't stop for anyone. As I walked behind her on my way in to work I looked at other people and they were all staring at her legs too, those tattoos, what an insane idea that turned out to be incredible. Surely other people have seen her?

In a weird way I sort of hope I never see her again, cause that could ruin my interest in other girls forever. And in a weirder way, girls like her make me love the fact I live in Portland.


Creating wealth


I was curious about how wealth gets generated in this city at a small or individual level. So:

Have you ever started a business venture of your own (or a self-employment profession) that was your primary source of income?

Have you ever started a business venture of your own that was the primary source of income for you and others?

How did it do? How long did it last? Are you happy with it? Tell me your story!


So I want some opinions. I go to a coffee shop by my office to order the greatest cappuccino EVAR! I've recently encountered a problem: a new girl has started and always serves me the world's WORST latte (she can't even make a cappuccino). She's really sweet so I don't want to hurt her feelings. Is it completely rude to ask the other guy to make my drink, or should I just suck it up and drink an ass latte?

portland is K-R4D mang

I'm a recent invader of Portland. I'm constantly surprised by how cool this place is. Here's a new example:

During my commute this morning on Broadway Bridge there was a big group of people. I thought they were just a bunch of
jerks taking up space or something bad had just happened. It turned out to be a bunch of people giving away breakfast for bike commuters. I would have stopped if I wasn't running late!

"Suicide bridge"?

How do I get to the so-called "suicide bridge" in SW? I think it's the one going over Canyon Rd.?

No, I don't want to off myself. Just want to snap some pix for a friend.

*Explicit* directions, please. Thanks!
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Great Rock Performance Tomorrow! (08/27/05)

Hello fellow DP'ers... my roommate is the guitarist in a kick-ass hard-rock/heavy metal band called Divider 39. You may have seen the advertisement in the most recent Willamette Week. They're an up and coming group and pretty incredible if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a no-cover performance at the Twilight Cafe.

1420 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202-2348
(503) 236-7668

Saturday, 08/27/05, 10:30PM (be early!)

Free! Buy lots of yummy drinks :)

Come check 'em out! I hope to have video online soon from their performances.
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The city of Portland is going to implement "Sharrows", road markings that indicate shared road between bicyclists and cars. Unlike traditional 'bike lanes,' they do not set aside a separate lane for bikes, rather indicate that there's only one lane, which is to be shared as is proper according to circumstances.

Commish Sam Adams writes more about it in his blog, see link above. STudies indicate they decrease aggressive biker vs. car interactions, bicyclists riding closely to parked cars and getting "doored," wrong-way riding by bikers, and improve amount of space cars give to bikers.

So in case you see that bicycle mark with two arrows soon, that's what it means: "Share the Road."
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Prince George

Pastafarians unite!

FSMism seems to really be taking off. SOOOooo, out of curiousity, would anyone be interested in having a Flying Spaghetti Monster Rally sometime later this year?

The dress code is al dente, so you'd have to be in either pirate regalia or tributing the creator itself (or both).

Marinarans need not apply.
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Puppy advice?

Well more like....Min Pin advice....

Anyone of you good with dogs? My min pin hates other dogs. He just tries to dominate everything! I want to take him to a puppy park (like you helped me find :D) but I don't want him to bite another dog or freak out another owner.

Any advice? Anyone with a calm dog that would want to show me what to do? We can have puppy time :D


EDIT: He's a year and a half old....I just call him a puppy :D

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Seeing as how the topic of Vitamin Water has come up in this community recently, I figured I would pose a question about it to all you chemistry buffs out there:

I recall my high school chemistry teacher telling us that it was bad to drink distilled water because it sucks electrolytes and sodium from your body. I know you have to drink at least three liters of it to kill you, but Vitamin Water lists it as it's first ingredient. They also have three different kinds of electrolytes, but the sodium is still missing. Do you think that drinking it on a semi-regular basis would have any adverse effects on your health?

Snarky comments welcome, as I know damnportlanders LOVE the sass.

<3 Thanks.

Mechanic? Nissan Mechanic? Cheap Mechanic?

I need a mechanic in a baaaad way. My car is leaking oil, up to 4 quarts a day, and makes a really bad putt-putt noise. Someone told me it may be the crankshaft seal.

It's an 1989 Nissan Sentra with about 200,000 miles on it (the odometer doesn't work, so I don't know for sure).

I need to find a cheap mechanic, preferably one that specializes in Nissan's, that could get me in today or tomorrow.

Any suggestions?

P.S. I have already called the Nissan shop on Glisan.

Downtown, tonight, free tunes

We're about to start a bar hopping night. I figure it would be better to start at a place downtown that has some music. Anyone know anything going on between 7 and 9:30ish?

I'd search myself except the computer at work is being cranky and i'm seriously considering giving this laptop the boot and just buying my own to give to work and to use at work.

Besides, you guys know everything.
Animated Kitty :)

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I made it! Actually, we made it back here on Monday night, but I've been somewhat busy and haven't been able to properly post here about actually being in the city.

So yea, 2.5 LONG days of driving from Michigan (Ypsilanti) to Portland was fun, but I'm glad I'm here. Now all I need to do is find a job and I can afford to do all the fun things Portland has to offer.

Also, I'll be looking for a place to live that allows a cat and is cheap in about a month.

Man, this city is awesome :)
mirror mirror on the wall....

roomate, anyone?

(i hope this is ok to post, if not, go ahead and delete)


just out of curiosity, is anyone in need of a roomate in the beaverton/tanasbourne area?

i can afford up to $400 a month (i know it's not much, but i don't make much at my job)

it wouldn't be a forever and ever type situation, just something for 6 months-year time span.

i don't want to make the commute to portland everyday from mcminnville.... it's getting quite costly.

oh, and if you want more info, just email me...

poisonedkisses @

thanks in advance!

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I live in Barrington Heights, West Linn. Wednesday night (My Birthday), my new stereo (Birthday present), was stolen out of my car, in my garage. $1100 stereo.

So, I'm in need of purchasing a car alarm and power locks for a '97 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Where in Portland would I go for quick, efficient, and solid workmanship in this area? Anyone have experience with this particular installation, and care to shed some light on some possible places that would do it for me?
Rainy Day

Board Game Night A Success!

Much thanks to:


for making it a success! :)

Festivities got off to a rockin good start at 6:30pm at Pynk_Gyrl's apt with Veggie Chili, muffins, pumpkin cake, fruit salad, chips, Jenionfire's FABULOUS salsa, and other contributions to the eatings!

Games played included: Worst Case Scenario, Catch Phrase, and PopUp Video "The 90s" with Catch Phrase being an all around favorite!

Plans for future game nights include Kids Game Night (think Chutes and Ladders and Candyland), Card Game Night, and Bunco Night.

If anyone is interested in being on the mailing list - post your email address or email! "Charter Members" will be voting on the next month's night soon.
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