August 25th, 2005

patsy stone thanxgiving

to the blonde waitress at berbati

Dear blonde waitress at Berbati's...
thank you for kindly ignoring my boyfriend, his best friend and myself tonight as we were sitting outside waiting for you to come by to order our drinks. Perhaps we were invisible to you, but to everyone else we were RIGHT FRICKIN THERE in front of your nose. You moved from one end to another (there were only 3 other occupied tables aside from ours) asking others if they would like to order any other drinks.
So, I'm SOOOO sorry for kicking a chair in front of your face (after about 15-20 minutes of waiting for your ass to notice us) and then getting up and leaving with the rest of the entourage.
Honestly, what we wanted to do was order about $100 worth of drinks/food and leave just moments before the order hit our tables. I think that would have given me more satisfaction.
Hope you didn't get any tips tonight!!!! :-D
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I saw a poor beagle mix running down the road around 3 or 4 p.m. today in on 202nd & Glisan. He had beagle markings, but a longer white tail. If anyone is missing a doggy, or knows anyone who is please let them know.

Public Service Announcement

I've noticed occasional complaining about landlords here on damnportlanders. I would like to mention an experience I had with my landlord that made things nice and easy.

Our garbage cans were overflowing. When I say overflowing I mean that the entire fenced-off garbage area was too stinky (and disgusting) to go near, let alone enter. There were bags of garbage just thrown in there because there was no room in the cans themselves. I tried to get ahold of the complex manager to no avail, so I called the police non-emergency number for advice. They told me I could contact the city and one of the offices would help me out. The city came out yesterday and left a notice that it needed to be cleaned up and inspected within two weeks or they would fine the complex $300 plus any fees associated with clean up. Plus 40% of all contractor fees. It was handled that day.

The funny part about this is that our landlord had come and cleaned the big mess between when I called and when the city came out. This was a normal amount of garbage he was being cited for. Maybe they'll finally get some more garbage cans now. I sure hope so.

Moral of the story: if you're having problems with your landlord, calling the city is always a viable (and apparently effective) option.

Experts: Bikes help Oregon check obesity

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) -- To shed the pounds that crept around her waistline, Linda Ginenthal began riding her bike to work -- an easy 3 1/2-mile trip.

It's not a marathon, nor is it a grueling hike. Yet diet experts say it's the kind of daily activity that could hold the secret to why Oregon is the only state in the nation where the obesity rate did not increase in the past year.

According to a study released Tuesday by the Washington, D.C.-based Trust for America's Health, the percentage of overweight Oregonians held steady at 21 percent last year, a sharp contrast to Alabama, where the rate of obesity increased 1.5 percentage points to 27.7 percent.

What makes Oregon different is its emphasis on urban design, which encourages outdoor activities like biking to work, the study's authors said.

Ten percent of Portland residents pedal to the office on a system of bike paths that crisscross the city like arteries, just as they do in Boulder, Colorado -- another bike-friendly metropolis, located in the leanest state in the nation. Only 16.4 percent of Coloradans are obese, according to the study.

Full story at:

I'm all for biking. It's very healthy...if you don't get killed. But 10% of Portlanders ride to work? Who told them that? It can't be that high, can it?
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Possibly Stolen 18 Speed Bike Found

To all DPers;

Three or four days ago, a 18 speed Huffy Stone Mountain bike with pink front fork with a steel saddle basket with a Black helmet was left at my apartment front door. I at first thought it was maybe my neighbour's bike. However,it has been not claimed by anyone at my apartment house.

If this sounds familiar, let me know or I will advise PD to pick it up. I live in the North Portland area on Killingsworth.

Editor's note: Officer Miller of North Precinct picked up the bike.It will be taken to S.W. 17th & Jefferson. You need to contact him for the bike to be released.

Gmail Invite My Fine DP'ers

UPDATE: Thank you Dawn & Amanda for the lightening fast invite! Pheeuuuw! I just got virtualized acceleration burns. Have a great day :)

Could someone send me an invite to Google Gmail? I'd be forever grateful and would write sonnetts day in and day out bespeaking your collective magnanimous natures.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day, thus far.

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hey dp'ers...

i just moved up here recently and would like to get back in to doing theater. does anyone know of a website listing casting calls in pdx? the names of various theaters/companies would be helpful too. i guess i'm looking for more traditional, broadway-type shows.

(also if anyone knows of a good place to get a digital camera fixed, please let me know that, too!)
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(no subject)

Hi all,

I am in search of a good tailor. I have a bridesmaid's dress that i need to get hemmed, and I need the dress to look as good as possible. Any recommendations? I'd prefer somewhere in SW. Awesome, thanks!

anyone watch KGW last night?

if you watched KGW you would have heard second hand stores and pawn shops were busted in a multi state FBI sting operation on stolen goods. this is NOT true. there was not a single pawn shop charged with stolen property.

its my understanding that KOIN made a point that pawn shops were not being charged and that there is a difference between the two, yet i can't vouch for other news stations.

here are some fun facts you might not know. pawn shops are completely different than second hand stores. pawn shops are based on collateral loans. second hand stores legally cannot give out loans. some second hand stores advertise a '30 day by back' but this is actually illegal and not at all regulated by the state. as part of the Oregon Pawnbrokers Association this is one of the issues we are fighting at this time. oregon's pawn shops are tightly regulated. we are all licensed by the state. there are about 4 pages of state statutes that we must follow, plus there are also city ordinances that are set that we all abide by. we are audited once a year to ensure that everyone is in compliance. second hand stores on the other hand are not regulated by the state, thus a huge outbreak of criminal activity in some of these second hand stores.

after repeated phone calls and emails KGW still rolled the same story even though they said they would pull pawn shops from their story. they have changed their story this morning on their website yet they still mention pawnbrokers from a quote from an FBI agent that didn't know what he was talking about.

"'Boosters' exploit a loop-hole in Oregon law that allows pawn brokers and second-hand stores to immediately sell new items in their orginal packaging brought to them by individuals, Nielsen said. Used items must be held for 30 days to allow time to determine if they are stolen."

first of all oregon law has nothing to do with how long items are held to verify they aren't stolen. its all done by the cities ordinances. in beaverton ALL items (new and used) must be held for 30 days. its my understanding that portland has the same ordinance, regardless of weather it was new or not. you can read the full article on KGW here:

the oregonian has put out their own article as well, and you will find that they reported correctly in not mentioning pawnbrokers or pawn shops on their own. however, they still quoted this moron of an FBI agent.

"Nielsen said the suspects exploited a loophole in local ordinances that require pawnbrokers to record sales transactions of used or secondhand items of higher value, such as electronics and jewelry, and report the information to police. The city rule is in place so police can determine whether any property that's been reported as stolen shows up at a pawnshop."

again, this Nielson guy from the FBI can't tell the difference between a pawn shop and a second hand store yet the media is still quoting him. at least this time he isn't calling it an oregon law. the full article can be found here:

a few months ago you may remember KGW's story on a girl that had to pay a 'pawn shop' to get her stolen bike back. this didn't happen in a pawn shop, it was a second hand store. we let them know the difference between a second hand store and a pawn shop then, and now we have to do it again. i've always thought that KGW had the most accurate news program but this is bordering slander.

please don't believe everything that you hear on the news. don't fear your local pawn shop. hollywood has already given us a black eye. now our local news has given us a bloody nose. don't let them ruin your views on your local businesses.

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Hey everyone...It's my roommates 22nd birthday today and we're looking to get a keg for the bbq/party tomorrow night. I've heard of distribution companies (the docks) where you can go and buy kegs and cases of beer for super cheap. I know there are a few up in NoPo, but can't figure out where. Anyone have any ideas?

If no one knows, then can anyone recommend a place to get just get a keg (regular price)...preferably good beer...nothing too stout/dark...we drink a lot of amber beers, mirror pond, fat tire, dead guy ale, a lot of green bottles (when we're cheap), and a lot of imports...

And should we not be able to get a keg for the party, what beer do you guys favor? we have a toyota tacoma and if we can't get a keg, we plan to fill the entire bed of the truck with we need suggestions! Come on portland...the number of breweries in this town, the number of bars in this town, the number of beer gardens at all of the events in this town...its obvious that portlanders love their beer! so help a girl out and give me your best suggestions!

p.s...if it makes any difference, we loooooooooove 22 ozs!


Hey Damnportlanders,

I'm kind of new to the area and seeings as how not quite 21 it seems to be hard to find a lot of interesting things to do in town as far as live music and shows. What are some interesting and not so expensive places I could go during the day and evening where you aren't required to be 21!? (As far as going out with friends and hot dates.) I'd apprecaite any ideas!

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I am going to a show tonight at the Wonder Ballroom in NE and have yet to get my tickets. Does anyone know if they usually sell tickets at the door there, or am I going to have to give Ticketmaster my first born in service charges?

You are cordially invited...

september second
9pm ish until i get evicted
located in NW pdx

my twenty third birthday slash bicycle extravaganza
at my apt then to the roof !
byob X 2; bikes and booze, food/drinks provided as well

if anyone's interested, many DP/LJers making appearances including:

superflycapone ?
machmed <-- bring raygunzero!
penguinbeatz ?!
ghotighued <--i want you there mister!

bring yer spandex, helmets, sweat bands, short shorts, reflectors and WD 40.

**for directions:
leave msg or

x posted on my page
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Once again, I need to shamelessly whore out my services to you all (I am not talking erotic so forget it :) ) We are still in a financial bind and I wouldn't even be able to make enough to pay for my own childcare if I went to work. I am currently a stay at home mom and I don't have enough experience to make anything much over minimum wage. Collapse )


slow day at work

things are going pretty slow at work today (i pack zines and today's orders are already filled and metered)...and work is the only place i have interbot access...but all my far away friends aren't on or, i'm looking to see if i can find any amusement, distraction, etc through here...feel free to send me a story, IM, or what have you...
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My sister and her boyfriend are in town for a hippy blue grass festival. After driving 700 miles here they found out the show was canceled.

What is there to do in Portland that Blue Grassy people would like?

Thanks in advance.

coast rental in winter

does anyone have any advice on how to find a one bedroom house rental for a weekend in november somewhere right on the coast of oregon? i'm thinking that the back door leads to stairs to the sand.

just don't really know how to start looking for such a thing.

(no subject)

so, grand central bakery is adequate, but...

is there a better bakery around? you know,
like one that sells a kalamata olive loaf with more than th4ree olives in it?
or a rosemary roll that tastes like they hadn't forgotten the rosemary?

something like that

ya know

thank you in advance
i love you
kuromi is cranky

(no subject)

Does anyone know why the power went out in SE today? Did someone run into a transformer or dig up a cord? Cause it was down for a couple of hours from atleast 45th to 39th and holgate to woodstock. Maybe further.
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buffy is sleepy
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Rideshare to the Beach?

I am volunteering at Hood2Coast this weekend, so I'm planning to drive out to Seaside early Saturday morning (8am-ish), returning to Portland late Sunday morning (noon-ish or whenever). Anyone going that direction? Want to split gas and save Mom Nature a few hydrocarbons?

wanting portable dishwasher for cheap or free

I was wondering if any of you out there have or know of someone who has a portable dishwasher, in good working condition that they want to get rid of for free or for cheap. It would be ideal for us to get a countertop one because our apartment is tiny and I am not sure where we could put a normal size portable one(we live in a tiny basement apartment). I have looked on Craigslist and made an offer but no one e-mailed me back yet. I have a very high needs baby who screams when not held and it makes it impossible for me to stand there and do dishes. It would be a life saver to have a dishwasher. Any info would be helpful.