August 23rd, 2005

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Any American Idol fans out there?

The son of one of my co-workers won tickets to American Idols Live, but he's 14 and isn't really into music yet (he's into soccer and... that's about it). Anyway, I thought that someone here might want them, and might be willing to give him something for the tickets. He's been asking for considerably less than they're worth, which is a few hundred dollars, but any offer would be great. Think of it this way: your generosity would help him pursue his dreams, since he goes through about three pairs of soccer shoes a year!

If you're interested, just respond.

Update: a generous sould has made arrangements to purchase the tickets. Thanks for the interest, and the compelling dialogue!

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Dear Portlanders of the Damned,

Who is going to Kumoricon? I've got registration information if you missed the pre-registration, straight from the horse's mouth:

"The registration fee is a catch-all admission. In order to enter or participate, the full registration price must be paid. Since pre-registration is now closed, at-the-door registration is $40 for the entire convention, or $20 for a single-day pass ($15 on Monday)."

For those of you who don't know, Kumoricon is Portland's anime convention, at the Doubletree near Lloyd Center. September 3-5, 2005!

More information HERE.

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My car is having issues. It makes what would be called a 'chirping' noise, if it hadn't evolved into a full out constant screech. On mentioning the 'chirping', all of the people I have spoken with assume it's a break pad issue, and ask if the noise happens when I apply the breaks- but actually, it stops when I apply the breaks, and occurs when the car is in motion without breaks applied. This had made people question my calipers, my poor poor calipers.

At this point I only drive the car when necessary, which is once every few days, and I have heard that the real issue with calipers 'sticking' is that you don't want to be driving if they lock up altogether.

I need this fixed! Anyone know anything about mechanics in Portland? I am really poor, and have already had the radiator replaced (with economical help). I have no idea how much caliper-related maintenance goes for, and have heard that I'd need to have the car taken somewhere to be looked at before any estimates could be made. But being poor, I'd prefer not to pay out the butt for an estimate, when I am not sure that I could afford the repair at present. Also- I don't feel comfortable driving it very far not knowing if it would be safe, and don't have AAA, so I am looking at trying to find an integritous mechanic, that doesn't charge a huge amount to look at a car, somewhere near NW Portland, and one where I don't have to get on a highway to go see them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Meetup ride?

So here's the sitch-

My boyfriend is anti-social and doesn't want to go to the meetup, but is having a wonderful "i want to do nice things for you" phase and so he made me this deal. If I can't find a ride to the meetup, he'll take me.

So now I'm torn, dpers. Do I be nice to my boyfriend and get a ride from one of you? (if any of you are willing) Or do I make him go to the meetup and be bored because he doesn't know how to talk to people....

If any of you want to give me a ride, give me a comment here, or on AIM- princessbunny99

I live out by the Lloyd Center :D


EDIT: I got the boy to take me :D See you all there!

Job listing

Fun and exciting "Virtual Receptionist" company is looking for an experienced receptionist. We are located in the heart of the Pearl District near downtown Portland. Candidate must have at least 3 years office experience that includes managing a multi-lined phone system. Must have professional and friendly phone etiquette, comprehensive computer skills with an emphasis on Microsoft office programs and the Internet. Responsibilities will also include business correspondence and administrative tasks.

Successful candidate must possess excellent organizational and communication skills, be an independent worker who learns quickly and has the ability to provide excellent customer service.

Part time #1
Monday - Thursday
2:00pm - 7:00pm = 20 hours/week

Part time #2
Tuesday, Thursday
1:30 - 7:00pm
9:30am - 6:00pm = 19 hours/week

Full time
Monday - Friday
6:30am - 3:00pm = 40 hours/week

Please email resume to:
Visit our website at:
Prince George

In the state where the munchies may be most prevalent...

All the other states got fatter this past year; Oregon maintained the same waistline.

CNN - The percentage of Americans with bulging waistlines is growing in just about every state, with residents of Alabama joining the obesity ranks the fastest. Only Oregon failed to fatten, according to a report released Tuesday.

Well, it's a start. We've got a 21% obesity rate here, and the government goal is 15% by 2010. Not gonna happen unless a lot more people stop drinking their sodas & lattes and start walking to the store.

Body work

A few months ago some moron pinged my car in the parking lot and now I want to get the dent out. I was wondering if anyone here had suggestions fora body shop that was reasonably priced and does good work.

annoying html tags

Anyone know a few? I know how to marquee, but I -- er, a friend -- wanted to know some other tricks to make HTML text really look annoying. Like flashing, or blinking, or sparkling, or some other effect (besides horrific spelling and indecipherable acronym use) to make something look as if it was written by a 13 year old. ;)


EDIT: proceed with caution; some of the helpful and explanatory comments include visually annoying content. :P
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Your whole family is made out of meat -

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This is sort of an odd question. I was scheduled for jury duty this Friday which I was fine with except, my work is still short on staff (I expected this problem to be resolved) which means I'm working 4:00pm Friday through 8:00 am Saturday morning. If I went to jury duty I'd be awake for 24+ hours. Not to mention Washington County's courthouse is clear out in BFE Hillsboro and I live in NW Portland. I submitted a request online today to have my jury duty deferred to the first half of September... but I'm not sure they'll get the request in time. Is there any way I can get out of this jury duty?

PS. Even though I have a Portland addy I'm still in Washington County, right on the fricken border.

[edit] Does anyone know what happens if you don't show up for jury duty? Is there a fine or is jury duty just reassigned?
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patsy stone thanxgiving


I'm doing a survey and I need your help DP.

If you want to participate you can reply annonimously if you want (hope that option is working correctly on this post...)

Here are the questions:

1. How old are you?
2. How many sexual partners have you had?
3. By age 21, how many (sexual) partners have you been with?

your help is appreciated!




I have a new dilemma. The back door to my apartment is ugly. It is the entrance that is used most often, so lately I have been making attempts to beautify it.

At the bottom of the stairs is a 5 sq foot space with nothing but ugly dirt. It is facing the parking lot, so it probably gets all the vehicle fumes and whatnot. My cats also like to roll around in the dirt there.

I need to plant something there that will stand up to the environment. It is right against the building, so any type of climbing plant is out. Something that would cover the ground, put up with cats, grow fast in bad soil, and be alright with direct sunlight part of the day.

Essentially a weed. But a nice looking weed.

Any suggestions?
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for all the puter geeks

my printer decided it no longer wants to print...I have unplugged the cable, the power cord and still nothing. We have some pretty important things to be printed and this couldn't have happened at a worse time.

what up?

EDIT: Situation Normal...All Fixed Up!
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Ok you guys, I need to know what there is to do in Portland besides go to a bar. I am new to town and I don't really know all of the places. I also don't really have much money so I need to know fun, low cost, and possibly kid/family friendly things to do. Thanks :)
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Found kitty...of sorts

I live on Cornell Road by Winco in Hillsboro and there's a cat that was hit by a car on the side of the road. He (she? can't tell) is pretty big, gray on top with black tabby markings and a white belly, looks to be pretty well-fed and healthy (besides being dead). No collar or any identifying marks. I've searched the lost ads on the Oregonian and at Dove Lewis and Animal Aid PDX to try and find anything but haven't been successful. I just want to find the owner so I can let them know what happened to their kitty. Maybe pass this on if you know anyone who's lost their cat in the Hillsboro area? I'd want to know if something like this happened to one of my kitties :(
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