August 22nd, 2005

My mom

moving on up

I am considering making a big move from my home in Richmond, VA to Portland. I would probably be looking at renting an apartment between October and November. Can anyone share their best rental experience in PDX, or their worst. I've never been to Oregon and since I'm so far away, I just want a regional opinion on where to look at and the places to stay away from. Thank you!
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Poll #556714 Streetcar

Have you EVER been ticketed on the streetcar?

No, but I know someone who has

My rents are freaking out that I ride the Streetcar with no ticket (yes, OUTSIDE the 3/4 of the track that is fareless), but I SWEAR I've never been ticketed and neither has anyone I know. I've bought one ONCE and the tickets are the size of fortune cookie messages (in bed), I showed it to a bus driver as a ticket and he just made a whatthefuck face and let me on.

So, DPers, have you EVER been ticketed on the streetcar?
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Soapbox 2005 - Update

It seems like those who were involved in serious accidents at the Soapbox Derby are going to be okay. While there were some crashes that were pretty nasty and in which some individuals were injured, it looks like everyone is going to be okay.

I am thankful that those racers (and non-racers) came out of those situations without life-threatening harm. May they live to race, or not race, another day. For those who show up to race next year, I'll see you in the pits. Everyone else, I'll blast you with water on the way down.

Another great Soapbox race...another great time. See ya next year.
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Worky Work!

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Ok DP -

This may have been posted on here before...I'm not sure, but I'll link it again.

PostSecret is a community/blog spot where people send in their secrets on postcards. Sounds pretty simple, but the artwork and honesty that is put into each and every one is amazing. It makes my eyes tear up, frequently makes me smile and really lets me sit back and realize that, even though we are all so different, we are all the same. And the people that write in and tell their story and release that pain are amazing.

And even if you don't believe every single secret that is posted on there and people are doing it for attention, that says something about the person too. That their lives are somewhat in turmoil...or they deal with shattered dreams and pain rules the day - there's something to be said for it.

Anyways...check it out. Updated every week. There's a book coming out in December as well.

Have a great one DP!

Possible Telemarketing Scam

Yesterday I recieved a phone call at my mom's house, asking for me, and it was a telemarketer of sorts- they weren't selling anything but were inviting me to participate in a study in which they send me an envelope each month and I enclose the credit card junk mail I recieve, and in return I get $20 a month for my participation. I was told I was welcome to omit/not send in a solicitation if I felt uncomfortable or I was welcome to black out any personal information. They said they were with "HTI" I believe, the Home Testing something or other. They sounded very official, but I didn't give out any really personal info. I said I'd participate but now that I think about it, it sounds a little fishy.

Did anyone else get a call like this, or hear about this? It's weird they asked for me at my mom's number, since my name wouldn't be listed there.


Before I post on craigslist I thought I'd see if anyone wanted this. I have a tall book case (probably about six feet tall I would guess) with I think five shelves. It's particle board made to look like dark wood and has some scratches and stuff but is in pretty good shape and its great for storing things.
I also have a dresser, four or five drawers that is white. It's just a generic wood dresser and does have some scratches as well. Both would be fun painting projects and look really good. If anyone wants them I'm trying to give them away before Friday the 26th. I can't work a digital camera for the life of me but if you really want pix maybe I can figure something out. I could probably deliver the dresser but the shelves are too big. Comment if interested!
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A Portlander Passed

I just found this out, very late, but I thought I might pass it along.

Dennis, of the Commodore and of local theater fame, passed away this April.

If you don't know who I'm talking about, ignore me, but I know there have to be some lives in this community that this man touched in some way.

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When the police find out who you are, you chicken-killing motherfucker - and they could, as you left things behind - you will find that animal abuse is dealt with fairly seriously.

How could you do that???? It was a pet! Now what am I going to tell my neighbors when they get home? Oh, hey, someone killed your chicken while you were gone.

You piece of shit.
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Any ideas on places to go in portland to get cheap furniture? I need a nice, modern looking cabinet to put all my martini, wine, and champagne glasses (plus liquor!) in that isnt too expensive. Thanks!

Gettin to Aloha

Hey, DPers, does anyone know the best route from downtown to Aloha on horseback? I know the bus routes, but I don't think that will work. I would like to get this mare home tonight by nightfall. Thanks in advance!

Monday afternoon parody--the top five damnportlanders themes

Ironically, I am almost certain there is no way that this is the first time someone has posted something like this. But, I was talking to someone else who is in this community at lunch and we cracked ourselves up thinking of these.

Most common:

5. "I am moving to Portland from (some wretched city in the midwest or California.) I don't have a job, friends, housing, transportation, or savings. I will be arriving by Greyhound in 24 hours...does anyone have a couch I could crash on, know of any jobs in environmental bagel-making, have an old car I could borrow, or know of a cool place where I could hang out and party with people 21 or under??? I prefer housing that costs less than $200 a month and is located in the Pearl district. I am moving because I heard Portland is TEH KEWL!!!!111!!!!1!!!1"

4. "Bicyclists annoy me! Stupid cyclists!" Tied with "Cars annoy me! Stupid drivers!"

3. "I'm renting a room in inner SE. Rent on your bedroom and shared bathroom and kitchen is $700 a month. You must be pagan, vegan, pansexual, polyamorous, green party, left-handed-friendly, cat loving, organic green tea only no coffee, no hard drugs, weed-friendly, tolerant of smokers, under the age of thirty, and OK with wild house parties that last until 4 am every Thursday."

2. "It's Saturday night and I am BORED...what should I do? Where should I go with my colorful entourage of friends?"

1. "It's Saturday night and I'm BORED plus I am underaged...what is there to do in Portland after 12 am for me and my colorful entourage of friends?"

Most unusual:

"How do I get from downtown to Aloha on horseback??"

Add your own.
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i hope one of you can tell me the name of the relatively new (i think it opened last november) art store on SE hawthorne...its a ways down...across the street from the vicinity of zack's shack. enjoy your night, portlanders.
new, stephen h

jewelry-selling help?

i have a friend looking to sell off a high-quality platinum engagement ring, and wants to know where to get top dollar for it. apparently the retail value on it is around $4500, and, realizing she may not get quite that much for it, where should she go to get the most money for it?

anyone here have any advice? experiences bad or good they can share?