August 20th, 2005

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More from the automotive world...

I decided that I missed Saturday essays. Read if you wanna!

That was fun writing about my old cars last night. I actually had another post in mind when I sat down at the keyboard, but vodou_chile captured my imagination, as he often does.

The other post was going to be car-related, too. I think it was going to go something like this:

I find myself in the car, in the dark, on a liquid-warm summer night. Everyone's asleep. I'm pulling cars into the garage after moving Griffin's skateboard ramp out of the way. Pedestrian tasks in automobiles. Should just take a second.

But... I unlock my car, which is parked along the curb in front of my house. The interior light comes on. I insert the key into its home on the steering column and give it that well-practice casual flip of my wrist. My car purrs to life. The stereo, which I've left on by custom, begins to play. The scrawling orange LED display on the Sirius receiver catches my eye. The lights on the dash glow seductively. My car wants to go somewhere.
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What is the best gym around??
I used to go to 24 hour fitness (24 hour fatness), but have been out of town for a while and am now back and looking for a gym.
I know you damnportlanders know the scoop!

Where to go, where to avoid...
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say hello at the races

Ok kids, my Hunny and I are heading out to the Soapbox Derby this fine Saturday morning. We’re new up here (2 months) and don’t really know anyone. So if you see us and want to make a couple new friends, come say hello! If not then just flip us off or something.
I have shoulder length red hair, will be in all black, black tattoo outline to my wrist, with a tall dark haired guy who’s wearing all black and a Knitters t-shirt. I'll answer to Phynix.

Saturday Night boogie?

Hey guys,
just curious if ya'll have any suggestions for great clubs to go dancing.

no cover (wishful thinking, i know)
good dance music (techno/top 40ish)
good dance floor (not the walking spaces between tables)
not a sausagefest (heehee, it happens...upside is lots of free drinks!)

I appreciate your help, Ive tried citysearch, but the descriptions were kinda vague to me.
<3 Melody
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soap box derby

Are other people excited about the soap box derby? Today will be my first. How many others are going? How's parking? Do they bust people for drinking? Is it easy to get a good spot to watch the antics or should I show up waaay early?

thanks ahead of time. I can't wait to check this out.

A friend of a friend is entering the Ice Penguin (or penguin ice, or something) - cheer loud.
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puppy park?

i have heard tales of a dog park in p-town. with fences and everything! i'd love to let the pup outside without his lead, but he's a min-pin, and that doesn't work out well. he needs fences :D

portrait thing

first sat in portland

Okay, where is some action on a Saturday night? Downtown? Somewhere else? Tell me where the cool kids hang out. Like, I'm not looking for clubbing or dancing or getting laid, just a dive punk rock bar with a good juke box or something.

Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, I live in Lair Hill, so if there's anything around that area, that'd be great, but I also don't mind a hike...
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(no subject)

Okay, so I got approved for FHIAP, and they are going to pay 95% of my insurance premium. However, they gave me a list of insurance plans, and I have NO CLUE which one to pick. Can I get some opinions on any of these plans? Collapse )

(no subject)

not really portland related except its for a event in portland...

im having a shindig at my place tonight and want to have some tunes going. i want it to be some dancey, fun, random stuff thats fun....

any suggestions?

(no subject)

I'm looking for a video game part, specifically the connector from a snes to a tv. Where would I find such a thing? And/or were would I find snes games. I live close to the Reed campus (in SE).

Also, I'm looking for small compact laptop speakers. Anyone know where I could find these and listen to them before I buy them? This request is a little more futile, but its worth a shot.

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What happened to the guy at the Soapbox Derby?

Like many of you, my bf and I were at the Soapbox Derby. great fun, and we got to see the crazy road rash on the guy who fell off one car and was rolled over by another one and caught under the wheel. (except for the inch thick scab he'll have all up his arm, leg and hip he'll be OK)
More concerned, though, about the guy who missed the curve and went off the steep cliff. LIke many other spectators we saw him lying on the cement at the pavement as the ambulence rolled up and EMTs cut off his shirt ... he didn't seem to be moving, but at least he had been wearing a helmet! (unlike some derby-ers I saw) Does anyone know what hapepned, is he gonna be OK???
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