August 19th, 2005

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Has anyone gone to see a "movie" at the Omnimax (at Omsi) .. More specifically, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory?

Is it any better in IMAX? Is it worth the extra couple bucks? I really want to see the movie, and the only place it's playing late enough is Lloyd Center, so I figure if it's worth it, I'll just go to OMSI..

The only thing I've seen at Omsi is the Everest thing years ago, and that made me nauseous, so I don't want that happening again!
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Meeting space

I am looking for place that 10-20 people can gather and socialize. The group is fairly quiet and civil. In the past we have rented Grange Halls, banquet rooms, and other such things. Slowly but surely, places like that have become unavailable due to various reasons. Our budget is about $50. We need to rent a place for about 4 or 5 hours in the evening time.
Any suggestions or ideas?

You read it in the Mercury

Mornin' y'all...


Think of the last thing you thought of.

If my psychic powers are correct all of you who were thinking the same thing:

"I wish there was a way that I could spend Saturday drinking beer and watching morons careen down a hill in homemade cars hucking water balloons, expletives and empty beer cans at each other"

Brothers and Sisters, have I got a treat for you!!

Me, Nate Turpentine and 3 of my best friends are Megulon 6 and we'll be racing our soapbox car down Mt Tabor TOMORROW!!

Races start at 10am drinking starts at 7:30-ish so we'll be all limber for the crashes

Info is available here:
and a team profile is available here:

hope to see two of each you there.

gardening communities?

forgive me for the lack of portland relevance, but i know you guys cut a pretty wide swath across the lj world, and i need your advice.

what are the best gardening communities? there are so many i just can't pick through them. basically i'm looking for the food_porn of plants.

So Gay

I'm on a Roll

Anyone remember that magic number for polls that acts as the minimum for accurately representing a cross-section of society?

Seems to me like it was 931 or something around there. Or maybe it was 370. I can’t remember.
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Saturday at 9pm Masquerade Gala Event

Masquerade Gala Event:

The Morlocks cordially invite you and your surface-dwelling friends to
a masquerade ball and feast this Saturday (8.20.05)at 9pm in the eve in The Pit.

Invitees are asked to bring a mask and a beverage. Masks will be
removed not before the stroke of midnight.

No mimes allowed.

Everett Street Lofts
625 NW Everett #112.

BYOB and maybe some snacks. Masks required... costumes preferred. If people are drunk enough, clothes may come off at midnight. If not, it'll just be masks.

If anyone asks, i claim total ignorance!!!

Either way, i think i'll be getting the fuck out of there about that time :)
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need a recipe

Okay I am supposed to be making this punch for a party saturday night. All I remember of the punch is that it had vodka, champagne and some type of juice(s) in it. The woman with the recipe is in the hospital and I can't find it anywhere from googling. Any ideas? Even a champagne punch that isn't time consuming would be fine
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Payday - What to do?

Ok, so I just moved downtown on Sunday. And today is that wonderful day that Everyone loves! Payday! There's only two problems. I work till 11:15pm, and I have -no- idea of places to go!

So Damnportlanders, suggestions? Or, better yet, does someone want to show a Portland transplant (from the east coast) what y'all do for fun in this city? Can't be toooo spendy, still gotta save some money.

Hurry and reply, I'm at the library with 43 minutes and counting left on the computer!
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Chinese Mary Jane-style slippers?

I'd like to pick up a pair of these shoes today or tomorrow, but I'm not sure where to look. Could any of you point me to a store (or several) somewhere downtown (I don't really have time to bus all over the place)? Pretty much any color is fine, and $10 or under would be nice. Thanks!

Just to clarify, this is what I'm looking for: Collapse )

Best book store in Portland?

I imagine this has been raised before in many different places, including this community, but does anyone want to make a nomination for best bookstore in Portland?
The problem of course, is that there is a very obvious answer (Powell's), but even without the Big P, there are lots of other great bookstores.
Personally, The Tidal Title Wave is my current favorite.


What are the best apartment complexes for a college student in Portland? In this case, disregard the cost and just focus on quality of apartments and atmospheric factors, like areas where students tend to live & etc.

I'm 98% sure I'll be moving to Portland at the end of the summer, and due to the vast amount of tuition money saved by my choice to leave an out-of-state school for PSU, I don't have to get the cheapest, smallest apartment available. So I'm just looking for what's "prime," I suppose.

I'll be on my own, so I want a spacious studio or smaller 1-bedroom. I'm assuming a downtown location would be best, but I also love the Belmont/Hawthorne district.

I've been looking online and checking craigslist, but I'm really just looking for personal opinions now.

Also, how are job opportunities these days? I've heard mixed things, but hopefully I can find something decent.

cheap mental health

I recently moved here and need to find a new psychiatrist. I am rather poor at the moment (an always really) as I am waiting for my student loans to come in from PSU. I imagine I can go to the school then, and if anyone has opinions on school counseling and/or other low-income care, please let me know.

anyone have some linoleum?

Hi Portlanders!

My girlfriend and I just moved into town this morning and we're in need of a smallish piece of linoleum to line the floor of our bunny pen. We're looking for something around 5' by 4' and haven't been able to find any stores in the area that could cut us a size like that at a reasonable cost. Do any of you have spare linoleum lying around that we could take off your hands/pay you for? Or, has anyone had luck finding cheapish scraps in a store somewhere?

Thanks so much!!! (The bunnies thank you too).
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iPod mini for sale

So I'm primarily a lurker, although I do come out of the scenery occasionally. I am also a flatter-than-flat-broke college-bound student.

Therefore I have a desperate need to sell this iPod mini that I have.

Silver iPod mini, brand new, outer box has been opened but inside seal not broken. Retails for $199, $179 with a student discount. I'm selling it for $150, and it has never been touched. 25% off is a pretty good deal, right?

If you're interested, or know anyone who may be interested, please let me know, I've got student loans up the wazoo and it doesn't even begin to cover. Spiritualicide on AIM or power DOT played AT gmail DOT com.

And that's my spiel.
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(no subject)

anyone know of any pdx clinics open on the weekend?

my husband has a horrible earache he's worried about.

no insurance, of course, so a trip to the emergency room isn't a possibility. financially, at least.

any earache remedies?
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(no subject)

Hmm. I was curious if anyone would be interested in having an odd-Portland/Oregon-"street preachers" community or somesuch, the sort wherein one would report incidents with the likes of Grant Mercy and the guy in the last post...funny stories, photos, who they are in the community, interesting experiences, etc.

It seems as if a lot of us get kicks out of encounters with these people, and yeah. We should make one if there's enough interest. =)

disclaimer: Do take note though that this would not necessarily be to make fun of them. Everyone deserves respect, even if they can be a pain in the rear sometimes. I do respect them and their opinions, even if I do not at all agree, and I do think that they should be able to voice those opinions so long as they don't harm anyone or support harm towards anyone.
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