August 18th, 2005

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need a job?

do you have medical experience?
do you wanna work crazy hours? get very little sleep at times?
don't mind being on-call 24/7 at first and then half the month?
do you like days off with pay? work part-time (on average) hours for full-time pay?
do you cross all of your t's and dot all of your i's?
can you understand the concept that while at work, work comes first?
are you a team player?
do you "enjoy" the sight of blood?
are you in awe of the human body and its amazing abilities and frailties?
do you live within 30" of Vancouver...specifically 30" from SW WA Med Ctr?
would you mind being trained by an incredibly cool person (Me), albeit anal-retentive as hell (lol)?

could you accomplish and accept all of the above?

ps...the pay isn't the greatest, but I believe the benefits and the chance to make a difference in someone's life make up for it hands down!

The job is for a PERFUSION ASSISTANT...assist the anesthesiologist in patient preparation...assist the perfusionist who runs the heart-lung machine during open-heart cases...perform blood gases...provide cellsaving (obtain shed blood from field, spin it, wash it, give it back to the patient) billing...receive products...ALL of this is done with incredible attention to detail. There are times if you were to make a mistake, you could literally kill the patient

I thought I would collect contact info of interested folks as my interim boss has been given approval to hire an additional assistant. I truly love my job!! Check out some of my lj and you will see.

Initially, things can be absolutely crazy and there is an adjustment period. Especially for your significant other.

If interested, or know someone who might be, leave name/phone/best time to call and a BRIEF description of applicable background. I will pass it along to my boss. It may take a bit of time to get the process rolling so please be patient.

I will be honest, we are looking for someone who can commit themselves to the job. No whiners, no lazy folks, no immature brats!


thanks and good luck!
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Another religion question

Are there any Jews here?

If so, do you know anything about getting into High Holiday services—that is, at which congregations a ticket is unnecessary, or alternatively easiest/least expensive?

I am planning to move to Portland either just before Rosh Hashanah or just before Yom Kippur. Yes, lovely timing.


If you wanted to learn a language, but you didn't want to take a class, how well do people do teaching themselves? I mean by using tapes, CDs, books, computer programs, whatever. How well to people fair off by self teaching?
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Fifty-three metropolitan areas representing 31% of the total U.S. housing market are considered extremely overvalued and confront a high risk of future price corrections, a study conducted by National City Corp. says. The study determines a market extremely overvalued if prices are 30% above where the study estimates they should be based on historic price data, area income, mortgage rates and population density.

Looky! Portland didn't make the list. Phew!
Um...although we're at #54, 29% valuation.

Chart: High-priced housing faces risks; 299 metro areas ranked

Article about the 53 cities with 'extremely overvalued' home prices is here.
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Anyone know where you can buy PMC (Precious Metal Clay) in PDX?

I have been looking up suppliers online, but I would love to be able to just walk into a store to buy it. I haven't had any luck so far.

Any help appreciated.
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any sitar players out there?

Do you play sitar in a classical Indian style, or know someone who does? Would you/they feel comfortable performing for about 1.5 hours in front of 150 at a social event? Bonus if you/they can put together some kind of a combo with a flutist or tabla player. If interested, please email me at myopicfriend at gmail.

Original Bitch

Silly question but...

Ok on Empire Records, where Corey is getting lunch ready for Rex and she's dancing around to that song...


It's driving me insane.

Edit: Found it. Snakeface by Throwing Muses.

Art For Sale

In an effort to A) clear out my portfolio; and B) increase the operating capital for my gallery, I’m here to unabashedly peddle my wares. It’s mostly prints from my last two shows this year, along with a few originals from my stint with the Vanguard. So, without further ado…
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If you’re interested in purchasing anything, leave me a comment or email me directly at I’m set up on PayPal, for those of you who do that kind of thing.

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Worky Work!

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Hell Yea Bitches!

I OWN DP now!


I bought two months paid time for the community.

Simply because DP was taking TOO much time to load at work. The simple version works much better on a computer that has 64MB RAM and running Win 98...

Stupid Boss....*grumbles*

Oh, and because I'm such a whore, I will pimp my community. If you need help or know someone who does, come on over.

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Attention frequent Mac users! My boyfriend needs your help, he is having problems with his iBook. The CD-rom wont boot his OS 9 install cd. If you think you can help us, please reply soon. If possible, we can meet at Powells sometime tonight, we live downtown. So, reply if you are a Mac genius! Thanks =)
Howard Jones

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The Globe Trekker episode rerun, featuring Portland, last weekend (the show gave props to Voodoo Doughnuts, Zoobombers, et al.).

2. Delicious cheese from vendors at Portland Farmers Market.

3. Lemon Sorbet Iced Tea drinks at Moonstruck Chocolates Cafe.

4. The delicious blueberry galettes at Blue Gardenia on North Mississippi Avenue.

5. Random nifty used CD discoveries at Everyday Music (on NE Sandy)--yay for Martha and the Muffins' Far Away In Time anthology!
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Rainy Day

for bikers...

being new to bike commuting/riding and such I thought I'd turn to the lovely bikers of our community!:)

I need to buy some basic equipment (ie: tool kit, lights, bike lock, car rack, bike rack (to put bags on - can't remember the actual name) and also get the tires looked at ( I think I may need new inner tubes).

What stores in Portland have you been impressed with (service/helpfulness/stock) and where in your opinion should I avoid shopping? I don't have much money, but also want to invest in good stuff that will last.

Thanks so much for your help!:)
Girl, Dance!, Dance

Hair Model Needed

I'm in search for someone in need of a new haircolor.
At this point in time, it would be just one solid color.

We can go lighter or we can go darker or we can
even do two colors (shadowbox-esque)
The possibilities are limitless.

Unfortunately, this hair model turn can not be a weave.
Sorry, soon enough I'm sure I'll need one of those.

Reply to this posting, if time allows you to spend some
time with a cute purple haired hairstylist..

On.. Sat Aug 20th @ 9am.
It'll be gorgeous and it'll be dirt cheap.
Professional Redkin color for $10.00

I've been doing hair color for 5 years.. my
own and friends and such.. so, I need a hair model
for my official schooling.. but if you like, I'm
up to doing hair from my home.. I adore doing hair.
so.. even if we can't set it up this sat.. add me..
or.. let me know if you'd like me to do your hair
for cash or trade. I'm happy to do it.

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k.. so I have a question for you, dpers!

What exactly is in a Long Island Iced Tea?

and after we establish this.. what's your favorite variation on it?
When I was working at Crater Lake last year there was one they called Tokyo Tea that had Midori in it.. and Black Opal that had Chambord.. both delicious. Tell me your favs and where to find them!
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So Gay

Whaddya use?

I'm just curious here.

Poll #554838 Mac or Windows PC?

What is your primary home computer?

Windows-based system
Linux-based system
I'm a technopeasant. I get on livejournal from work.

What is your work computer?

Windows-based system
Linux-based system
I'm not important enough to have a work computer.
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Worky Work!

(no subject)

Poll #554862 *sigh* Breakups

Whenever I've broken up with someone I...

Do and read stupid things that make me sad
Question everything...I mean everything
Get over it pretty quickly
Turn to the republican party for their moral values
I refuse to be a part of your liberal agenda

Easiest way to get over a breakup is...

Time (cause everyone says that)
Sex (cause we all need that)
Someone else (Same as the previous)

Slim, you really need to...

Stop annoying us
shut the fuck up!
Get over it ya damn wimp
meet this girl, see she's BALLIN' and I know...
Meet this guy, see he's BALLIN' and I know...
Buy EVERYONE paid time!
I love you Slim...seriously...let's meet up for drinks
stop doing annoying polls...I hate this shit. If I wanted you to know something, I'd tell ya!
Rainy Day


Must sleep...

too lazy to troll websites...

isn't ANYONE awake out there...


oh yeah...message me or something at rosyrunner_03 (yahoo)

or at least post something flameworthy!!!!