August 17th, 2005

Why Not?

My other cat is dying of cancer, and my boss dropped line about... shark cartilage? And how it can be used to treat a pet's illness and prolong their life for like, three years. I know it's probably blasphemy, but it's worth a shot- have any of you heard of this? Where would I get it, if such a product existed? Besides the obvious living shark, har har, yes we all know someone was going to say it.

Bass tech needed

I want to have my electric bass, Gina, worked on. She has not been adjusted in several years and needs the neck adjusted, action lowered and probably a good intonating would not hurt. It's a very nice instrument so I am looking for a professional to do this. I was referred to a shop on Hawthorne that deals only in basses but no one seems to know the name of it. Across from Staccato Gelato I'm told (?)

Anyone got any leads?
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(no subject)

Does anyone here know some contact info for the organisers of the Twilight Rummage Sale at the Eagles Lodge on Hawthorne? Do you think there is any hope I could actually get a table there sometime, or is it all sewn up forever? Thoughts? Ideas?
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Do you have a very large bird?

Damn, do I ever want this thing out of my garage. Does anybody here have a large bird in need of a home? Because I have a very large cage to put it in, and it's up on Craigslist:

You could probably put a big snake in there, instead. Or a small monkey. Or an undersized person who's been very, very bad.Hell, there's lots of things that couls go in there. Please help me get it out of my garage!
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(no subject)

Portlanders, I ask you, if a person has a broken leg and won't be walking right maybe even for a whole year, and needs a job, where do they go? Where do you start off finding an employer who doesn't mind your leg being all screwy? Is this a stupid question?
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A lo-fi fix

Hey there!
Lately I've been getting into some rather lo-fi, beautiful music such as Nick Drake, Iron and Wine, Alexi Murdoch, Elliott Smith, Damien Rice, etc.

Does anyone know of some other artists/groups that are similar to these? I'm looking to expand my library of this kind of music. And no, I don't want emo stuff!
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(no subject)

I need to find a judge, JOP, clerk, ordained minister, etc, basically ANYONE who can marry two people during the week of august 22-26. Last minute, I know.

I know that there are a thousand random people who have the power to do this. Any help would be soooo appreciated! I've called everyone.
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Hey Portlanders,

This question is directed at PSU students who have registered online before. I need to know how to find the classes that are available to take online, the only classes I see listed are ones on the actual campus.

public transportation frustrations

What is up with the public transportation system and crackhead females?
Yesterday on the bus line 12 some girl(that really needed to eat, i should of given her my orange in my backpack)threatened to beat me up cause i was sitting one seat away from her trashy boyfriend(not by choice, cause they both looked dirty)
and then today another girl called me a stupid bitch for walking in front of her(not on purpose, i was just getting off the max). Where is the respect and sanity in this town?

Im not the only one experiencing this am I?
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Worky Work!

(no subject)

My co-worker just sent this to me. She says "I don't care if it IS profiling, it NEEDS to be done!"

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I love how it then says "Our Country and our troops need our support"

And then the boss's wife sends me an email from her daughters fiance who is in Iraq right now. She says "See John, this is proof. Things are not good over there."

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I try to explain to her that my brother is in Iraq right now and paints me a very different picture of how it is....but that doesn't matter.

This is the shit I have to deal with everyday. Your thoughts?

friend for 12 yo boy?

My son (will be 12 in Sept actually) is lonely, all the kids in our neighborhood are 9 and younger. He is a good kid, kinda geeky, loves to read (sci fi, star wars, harry potter, stuff of that sort) and plays chess and likes role playing video games and the x-box. School doesn't start for several more weeks and I'd like to set up someone for him to play with. Anyone got a kid this age or know a place I could take him to hook up with other kids with similar interests?

I am in SE Portland.

sideways glance

red wine?

I'm in charge of the alcohol choice, which is totally out of my experience, so I need some help here, people. Anyone have a recommendation for a nice (not terribly expensive) red wine?
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(no subject)

Ok I'm looking for a good semi-naturopath/al.therapies Dr in Vancouver, also in the provider list for BlueCross BlueShield. I know I'm stretching. I'd jsut prefer not to call every damn doctor on the list in Vancouver to find one.

Please help!

(no subject)

my 16 year old sister and i are kinda bored. we would like to get out and do something relativly inexpensive. any one know of anything going on tonite or the next few days? or something that is always fun and reliable any day?
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(no subject)

Alright damnportlanders

Where can I get some real good Korean food? Veggie options a must, and a killer soondubu even more so. I used to work in a Korean place up until I moved here, and the lack of spice in my life is killing me.

I'm in the SE around Reed, if that helps (and I will travel far).