August 16th, 2005

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le friggin hair

I need to get my hair done. Color/highlights/cut. Place I go to usually costs me $60 for the job but the girl refuses to do anything "funky" to my hair. (?????) she does a good job at making my hair look nice and "tame" and not dramatic... but anywho, let's not get into that.

I was thinking of Dosha's but heard it's very spendy. Anyone have any recommendations of a good place that does a fabulous job and doesn't cost me a firstborn plus a golden donkey?? (i'm thinking up to $100-120 for the hair color/highlight/cut)
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Oh, plant-saavy Portlanders, is there a health-friendly way to get rid of the hundreds of little aphids on my basil plant? The spray my mother had was for houseplants only.... not safe for ingestion later on.
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Good places to look for tech jobs?

I'm planning to move to PDX from Western MA in the next few months, and am trying to find a computer-related job before I move. Aside from craigslist, which I have been scanning voraciously for the last couple weeks, are there any other recommended sites for tech jobs in the area? I thought I saw a post to that effect, but I can't find it now.
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Attn: Political Portlanders

I am interviewing with Grassroots in Portland off
of Sandy tomorrow and I am curious if anyone works
for the organization, knows anyone who does, or at
the very least knows anything good or bad about
them? I've only heard good things about them, but I
only heard good things about Made In Oregon and
then found out Sam Naito is a penny pinching asshole
after working there. Any help you can offer would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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The last few nights I've been having a hard time getting to sleep, and on top of tonight being one of those nights..I have a headache that WONT GO AWAY!!! My guess is that I have this headache because it's been awhile since I've had coffee, and I had a venti starbucks coffee drink ($4.25! seriously.) tonight.

So can anyone offer some help on how the hell I can get some sleep tonight? I don't take pills so tylenol etc. is pretty out of the question.


Decemberists - Doug fir - sooo good!

For those of you who didn't see them last night... you missed OUT! Did anyone in here actually go?

SMAAAAAALLLL venue.. i was literally three feet from the stage. I let the short people stand in the row in front of me :) I swear.. i felt i was in the land of the midgets or something. I'm tall at 6'2", but i'm used to being around other tall people. Not so last night.

Anyway! They were a BLAST! First band sounded like they were being torn apart by wolves, the second gal was good.. and the decemberists... i love those guys more and more the more i hear them! Plus they really had a good time on stage. It ended up turning into a jam session at times where they're looking at each other, laughing, and going "what the fuck?"

Good times!

Oh yeah.. and i got the tambourine! MWAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Seriously though, you guys should check them out if you missed them at the bite and at the doug fir.. you can still catch the lead singer at the crystal before they go on national tour.

Excuse me while my head hits my desk and i sleep at work. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz
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Discount Car Rental Codes.

Damnportlanders, if you rent cars, here are some codes to use. Play around with using different codes, they can save different amounts of money depending on the length of your rental and if it is a weekend or not. The car rental places usually don't hassle you about proving you are a member of any of the clubs below. At least I haven't had any problems. Enjoy. So far I have found the AAA ones to give me the best deal for short period rentals. You can use these codes to rent cars out of Portland or anywhere in the world.

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Ok, I have been unable to log into Gmail for over a day now, I keep getting a message telling me the the server is having problems and to cross my fingers and try again soon! What the hell? I can't find any sort of customer service link to ask them why my mail hasn't worked...

Anyone else having issues getting into Gmail? I'd certainly like to read my email...
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Trying to remember...

What's the name of the anime rental place next to Backspace near Burnside? The one with the art gallery upstairs? I'm trying to figure out if they sell gift certificates, but I can't remember their name...
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Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair

Hello everyone!

As some of you know, I'm involved with the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair, which is happening in Esther Short Park on September 24th. I have volunteered to chair the silent auction, and am looking for donations. Each item donated will have your name (or your business name) clearly advertised on the auction bid lists. All proceeds go to benefit the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair.

So far, the donations consist of an hand-crocheted afghan, a handmade doily, and a pasta dinner gift basket. I am accepting new items only. They can be handcrafted goods, gift certificates for items or services, etc. I encourage in-kind donations!

You all know I'm an avid volunteer. This is something I really believe in, and I'm asking for your help with this! If you or someone you know could donate for this cause, I'd really appreciate it.

If you wish to donate, please email me at for a donation form. Thanks!

Please visit the website at:

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How can you tell if your neighbor is peddling drugs from his house?

My neighbor has had a lot of visitors at her place in the past week or so. Right now there is a pit bull adult and a puppy playing in our shared yard. Today's visitors have been a couple, kinda black clad punks with holes and rips in clothes and the chick wearing a do-rag, and earlier this morning, different guy with similar punk get-up, just hanging around outside her door. She didn't invite him in, either.

Yesterday, a very angry punkish looking guy all in black. Very pissed off about something and itching for a fight. He had a couple of ordinary looking friends with him. Hung out in our shared yard; didn't go inside neighbor's place.

Another guy rolling a joint in the front yard yesterday. Hipster looking with a retro Hawaiian shirt.

What's strange is she's been here nearly a year and her friends are usually invited in, and they are usually more boring looking.

So, am I just paranoid or might I have reason for concern? S'ppse it's petty drugs or meth?
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I can't find anything about it, but I was just informed to disconnet from the net because of some worldwide worm or virus or called from home, Breaking News on CNN, etc, etc.

You've been warned!...

I guess....

Edit - So apparently it's only Windows 2000. And those who hadn't updated with certain security patches. So = morons. My boss is cheap and we run Windows 98! Awww yea! That worm is TOO good for us! Woot!

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I'm trying to find textbooks for PCC cheaper than the Bookstore, because well, as every student knows, it's highway robbery.

I called the Bookstore to find out what edition I need, and the guy said it all came packaged together (with a study guide, etc) and when I asked for the edition, he got all pissy.

So I figured I'd turn to some (potentially) more helpful people.

Anyway...the book I need is for the Anatomy and Physiology (231-233) Series
They are currently in the 7th edition of Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology, but if you have any earlier editions (say the 5th or 6th) I would be willing to take one of those off your hands as well. It would be great if you had the study guide/lab manual or whatever other crap comes all packaged together. I would like to try to find it and one of the text book selling sites online, but I need to find out the name and edition of the lab manual as well - so extra points if you have taken the class recently and could help me out!

Thanks so much! :)


I'm trying to plan a 'budget' and I'm curious: How much money to you typically allow yourself for living expenses in any given week? By living expenses I mean gas, food, vices, etc.

EDIT: Or proportion of your weekly income, if that's easier
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I am going out of town at the end of September for a week leaving two kitties at home. Can anyone recommend a good pet sitter? They don't need to pay any attention to the cats, I doubt they will even see them(they're pretty skittish) but they do need to be fed and watered. Any suggestions? I'd like a professional.
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Portland Vigils for Cindy Sheehan's Cause

Not doing anything tomorrow night at 7:30pm? There are at least a dozen candlelight vigils being planned around here to show support for Cindy Sheehan's cause and to acknowledge the sacrifices of the 1,800+ lost so far.

enter your zip code here to find a local one.

As the website itself says, "These vigils aren't rallies or places to give long-winded speeches. They are moments to solemnly come together and mark the sacrifice of Cindy and other families."

In Portland, they'll be at the Alberta Food Co-op(in NE), NW 23rd & Hoyt, SE 58th & Division, and several more.

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does anyone know a good place to get felted merino wool in close-in portland? i'm heading off to burning man pretty soon and want some to make a nice scarf for the nights. any places you might know of especially in SE or NW would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Temple Ballroom

I'm trying to track down information on the Temple Ballroom - located at the corner of Foster & Holgate in SE.

I've looked in citysearch, google, yellowpages online and the best I found was a disconnected number. So now I'm turning to the powers of DP's to see if anyone out there has contact information.


Phone unlocking in portland

I'm looking to get my ATT branded Sony-Ericsson T637 unlocked. I would be happy to trade computer service for this too, though money exchange is fine by me too.

Does anyone know someone who might know someone with the facilities to do this?
Rainy Day

who knew?

threading a sewing machine is so difficult!!!!!!!!!

why oh why can I not remember ANYTHING from high school economics...


where is my mommy when I need her????

*stares at curtain fabric and wills it to sew itself.

EDIT: Thanks to those who helped jog my memory. Turns out the blind person (me) didn't notice the helpful little arrows on the machine. One crooked hem down and a few more to go!

All good things must come to an end.

And by this statement, I am referring to the string of awesome luck and happiness I've been experiencing. And that whole lack of worrying. No comments from the peanut gallery about starting my sentences with a conjunction, please.

Anyway, I don't even have enough to pay HALF my rent, which is due the day after tomorrow.

I didn't work a single day last week and the temp agency apparently doesn't have anything for me as of yet... I don't really know what to do at this point. I'm going to talk to Ken and see if he'll let me get two weeks out of the money I have, and I'll move out at the first of the month if I don't get the rest of my rent together. If he accepts that, I'll have a little time to fret before being put out.... but I have no idea where to go. If he doesn't accept it, I have no idea where to go.

I just moved here two months ago and don't have a huge support base, so I'm crossposting this to damnportlanders just on the off chance that someone has a room they can rent by the week or something?

Anyone have any ideas?


Update: I should be ok 'til the end of the month, I think. Still need to find somewhere to go after that, but I'll figure something out. Always do. :) Thanks for your advice.
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Dear Guy who complimented my shoes

While I was walking home today, you drove past me in your older blue VW Vanwagon on 39th, a few blocks up from Division. You yelled out your window that you liked my cool shoes (Red chinese patterned platform sandals). I was in a bit of a post-work daze, and it took me a few seconds to register that anything had been said, much less comprehended it. I yelled "Thanks" and gave you a thumbs up sign (and am now desperately hoping it was mistaken for an offensive hand gesture). I don't know if you heard me over the traffic, but sincerely thank you.

You were the first person to compliment my shoes today. I love those shoes. I thought I had given them away during my last move, and was so overjoyed at finding them last night that I absolutely had to wear them today. I was also walking home to my new home for the first time today and was a little nervous about maybe getting lost or something silly like that. Much thanks to you for making my day brighter.

I really hope you didn't mistake my thumbs up sign.

Yours Truly,

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I feel like crying. I have no idea why. I have felt kind of sick lately but with no explanation as to why. I am not really nauseaus or coughing or anything. I just get this horrible worn down weird feeling. Can anyone reccomend a good nondenominational Christian church in the SE area? I am trying to get back into going but I have no idea where to go.
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