August 15th, 2005


Dog House

I am in serious need of a pen/cage/kennel for my weiner dog. She has to be home a lot by herself and I want to litter train her, but she has learned to get out of her cardboard box. I need it to be big so she can have a sleeping area and a bathroom. I have looked at Petco and the chain stores but they are VERY expensive. Does anybody have any ideas for another place to try (other than craigslist) that might have something that would work for less money? I'm very open to something creative.

And just so u feel pity- here's come photos of her.

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thanks in advance for anything helpful.

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Snarky Post-It Icons

I thought a few of these icons would be perfect for this community, so I hope no one minds me pimping out a small batch of icons. If so...oh, well! Anyway...

According to a recent blind item in the Daily Mirror, a sweet TV actress has to remind herself to be nice. The new mother leaves Post-It notes around her house which read: "Remember to be nice to people!"

Remind people how YOU feel with a Post-It note icon. More to come later!

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Comment, Credit, No HOTLINKING! Ect...Play like a big kid now, mmmkay?
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My parents and I went to Typhoon! on 2310 NW Everett St (at 23rd) for dinner Saturday night and it was excellent. My parents have been to Thailand for a family wedding, and my father said he thought this was the best Thai food he's had in the U.S.

We got the Miang Burma appetizer, which consisted of spinach leaves containing a mixture of peanuts, coconut, and lemon grass. Then we had the Five-Spice Crispy Duck, Crab Pad Thai, and Summer Curry (there was more to that name, but I can't find it on the online menu), which consisted of spinach and chicken with red curry.

Everything was delicious and the service was prompt and friendly. My only complaint was that it was so dark that it was hard to read the small print on the menu.

PS. We went to Dan and Louis Oyster Bar on Friday night and enjoyed the stew (we each ordered a different kind), and on Saturday morning we went to the Original Pancake House and had a great breakfast after a long wait.

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movin' on up

Good morning Portland!

I'd like to pay some people to move a small apartment's worth of stuff to my new house.

Here are a few details, if necessary: the distance is about 5 miles, and there's only two rooms' worth of furniture, plus kitchen and bathroom. Everything but the furniture would already be boxed up, and I wouldn't need any disassembly or reassembly. I'd like the move to be done on Sunday, Aug. 21.

Can you recommend a local moving service, with whom you've had a good experience?


(Please note: I would, of course, much rather hire a few young, strong, and broke damnportlanders, but I've decided to go with a moving service just so there's accountability in case anything goes awry.)

Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends

You guys are musically the most savvy SOB's that ever was, right?


You guys are tech-y-er than a Fry's fullah 1's and 0's, right?


You guys know everyone that I don't, right!


 Here's the deal my band, The Altarboys, have decided we'd like to add an electronics person into our mix. Drum machines, samples, percussion that sort of thing. We want more noise.

Here's the criteria:

1) be fun to be around

2) know your equipment

that's it.

Go to the website ** ** listen to a couple songs and email me (jackbastard at geemail) The songs on the site probably aren't the most electronica friendly but we'll work it out.

milka and lulu

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I'm new in town (as I've said before on posts) but I'm going to be hanging out at the coffeeshop around Gladstone and 37th, if anyone's around and wants to say hi, I'm the girl with the black shirt, brown skirt, and red shoes. Cool!
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health centers

I am in desperate need of medical attention (not life threatening but debilitating and could lose my job if I don't get it resolved soon) without health insurance. planned parenthood is packed until the end of august and i just waited for a walkin and they said they had no nurse available to check me out (what else would i be there for?)

does anyone know where I can go to get this checked out for under 100 dollars or free? i would be eternally grateful.

Old question, new twist

I'm turning 21 next Monday (yay, finally!). My family (including my 16 year old sister) is coming to Portland to celebrate and eat dinner with me. My question to you, damnportlanders, is what restaurant downtown has good food, will give me a free drink, and allows minors?

I was thinking the Rock Bottom Brewery, but I'm not sure if they would give me a free birthday drink.

Property tax abatements

So I was reading earlier today about one of the South Waterfront developments, the Alexan, and its application for a property tax abatement based on its plans to include "affordable" units in the building.

From what I gathered from the article in the Trib and elsewhere, there will be 48, small studios available for no more than $850/mo, vs around $2.2k for the penthouse units roughly twice that size. In return, the city will exempt the building itself, with a value of around $60 million, from any property tax for the next 10 years.

Now, even assuming the owners of the building will be losing $1k/mo by offering these affordable units (which is probably a generous estimate), you're looking at ($1k/mo * 12 months * 48 units =) $576,000 per year in potentially lost revenue. I'm not sure what the property tax rate in the area is like, but assuming it's around 1% (which is probably a conservative estimate) the tax break they receive in return will come to ($60,000,000 * .01 =) $600,000. Assuming maybe more-realistic per-month losses of only $500 and a property tax rate of 2% and you're looking at $288,000 in lost revenue vs. a $1.2 million tax break.

This isn't an area where I've much expertise, so I'm probably missing something. Anyone care to explain why the abatement is a good deal for the city?
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Coldplay tickets for sale

The concert is Wednesday at 7:30pm, Clark Co. Amphitheater

2 available- section 201 row N

I just want the price I paid for them - $117.15 I accept cash or non-credit card paypal.

If you're interested, please email me and we can work out a time to deliver tickets :) marvinmartian79 at hotmail dot com


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This may sound a little odd, but does anybody know any place around portland where you can ride an ostrich?

Edit: Small children and such can ride an ostrich without hurting them. I guess I should change it to "Does anybody know where there are ostriches near portland?
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Not sure what to think....

My parents were visiting from out of state this weekend, and yesterday we took the opportunity to visit Laurelhurst park...I've lived here for over three years and still hadn't been there. It was lovely!!!

But here's the weird thing that happened. My Dad took my two year old son for a walk around the park, and they weren't taking the trails, just walking through the grass and around the trees to look at flowers and plants. Some older man started following them around wherever they went.

My parents immediately thought this was too creepy and we packed up and left.

I kept trying to think of a reasonable explanation for an old guy following my son and his grandpa around the park, but I couldn't really think of anything terribly logical.

Do you think my parents were right to panic?

It really bothers me to think that anyone might be out to hurt my son. Maybe I'm just in denial, or maybe my parents WERE overreacting.
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good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

(no subject)

When people come to your door trying to get you to buy magazine subscriptions for charity, do you buy any? Some guy just came to my door to get me to buy magazine subscriptions. I felt really bad because I really can't afford any right now, but I swear if I got subscriptions every time someone asked me to, I'd probably have a subscription to every magazine in the country...but I AM a pushover.

What do you do when someone comes to your door and tries to get you to buy magazine subscriptions?
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this is why i hate children.....

last night a handful of young children (grade school age) were out in front of my apartment making all sorts of racket until almost midnight. they not only screamed at each other right next to my open window all night, they zoomed their bikes down the driveway and doing skids, and even pulling one of those loud metal wagons around the building. keep in mind i didn't see or hear any adults all night long, so they were completely unattended. i was already be awake filling out paperwork but my roommate was in the other room sleeping. i can only imagine most everyone else in the complex was trying to catch a bit of sleep before work on monday. quiet hour in my complex starts at 10pm. so you could say i was just a little aggravated from all the noise.

i would go to the apartment manager to complain but i'm not sure who's kids were out playing. the kids were speaking another language so i'm not sure if its the hispanic family next door or the middle-eastern family above me. i've never heard the family next door after 10pm before and i'm constantly annoyed by the children above me as they don't walk, they jump from room to room. i haven't made a complaint yet but i'm at the end of my limits when there is noise after quiet hour. if i can tone it down after 10, so can everyone else. should i go talk with my neighbors to figure out who's kids is was? or just file a complaint to the manager even though i don't know who it was?
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(no subject)

So, I have had it with Bank of America, and I'm going to close out my accounts and go somewhere else. What do you guys recommend? Wells Fargo? Washington Mutual? A credit union?

I'd just like a place that won't screw me over and actually seems to want me as a customer.
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(no subject)

SO in preparation for my return to school I have been vacating my room of unwanted possessions and came across a bunch of old cds that are pretty lame. I am ashamed to have had such horrible taste. But seeing as some are in decent condition, I figured I could sell them for... money? And for this question, i turn to you:

Where can i get the most money for my used CDs?
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Clothing donation..

So, I'm going through my closet tonight.. and getting rid of a lot of my clothes (I have too many, and need to make room for the boy's stuff when he moves in..)

So my question is, where is the best place to take clothes? I don't like taking stuff to Goodwill, because honestly, I don't like how they run things.. Are there special shelter type places that take women's clothes? Is there anyone out there in DP-Land that could use some rarely worn clothes size 10-14'ish?

If you're interested, let me know.. and I'll make a list of what's going.. Or if you just know of a great place to take the clothes, I'd greatly appreciate any info!


Edit: under the cut is a list...

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Tonight at the Tonic Lounge

Tonight, August 15, Underground Styles presents Bacon & Egg hailing from Mazula Montana. Along with Homewrecker, a kick ass all female heavy hard rock band out of Seattle.

The Tonic Lounge 3100 NE Sandy
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License Plate

My parents and I saw this license plate in Portland tonight: LST TAG

Any idea what it means? My mother says the driver is old and this is going to be the last car he ever owns before he dies, thus this is the last license plate, or "tag," he will ever need.

Any other guesses?
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Jake's Famous Crawfish

My parents and I went to Jake's Famous Crawfish tonight, because it was listed in East Your Way Across the USA, which is a great travel resource. The book recommended not getting the crawfish, so we didn't. We sat outside because that meant we didn't have to wait for a table. My parents both got salmon baked on cedar (that's not the name, but I don't remember what it is), and I got the Dungeoness Crab and Bay Shrimp Cakes with Jalepeno-Ginger Sauce. Everything was delicious (though the service was kind of slow).