August 14th, 2005


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Does anyone know if Food Not Bombs meets on Sunday? I have a bunch of clothes I want to take to the park to give away. Haven't been to a feeding downtown in over 6 months so I don't even know which ones are still going on when. Thanks in advance.
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so i just found out i've got two ten year old girls coming to visit me for a week or so, and stay here in my cozy 1 bedroom apartment. i need some ideas on how to keep kids entertained!


just to be difficult, i should mention i don't own a tv or a car, and i don't want to concentrate too heavily on traditionally 'girly' activities like makeup, shopping and drooling over boys (though it's all good in moderatoin :))

Location, Location, Location

I asked a question similar to this a while back, now I'll re-ask it a little differently.

What do you associate apartment-wise with the following areas of Portland?
North, Northwest, Northeast, West, East, Southeast, South, Southwest?

I.E. Cheap, but lots of meth-addicts, or expensive with a lot of yuppies.
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Bath Toys

Is there a place in Portland that sells children's bath toys, other than a regular place like Toys R Us? In other words, is there a place that has unique or different kinds of bath toys?

technical question

I am perhaps the least tech savvy person on the planet. I have noticed when I post comments or replies, there is a gray box with an "x" in it next to the word "links." Most others on here don't have this. Is this something I am supposed to get rid of somehow? Is there something I should do so this doesn't show? Yes, I am a computer idiot, I will accept any and all heckling.
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Dear Pillow Covered in Blood,

Your presence for the past few days in the bike lane on Terwilliger up to OHSU disturbs me. Please go away, I'm afraid of you.



does anyone know of a decent campground near washougal? or i guess anywhere near a good swimming spot that is less than 2 hours drive? by decent in this case, i mean: away from the main roads (not an RV park), private but not too private, and not too intimidating for a firsttime camper. thanks in advance!
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In loo of a recent break up with a long term boyfriend, I'm finding that coming home to an empty apartment isn't the what I want to do every day after a long day of work. So my question is where are some good places for happy hour downtown?
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Be Good

So, today at work this lady came up and gave me a good random comment. I work at a club downtown and don't normally get to hear good things straight to my face but it was very consdierate of this woman to say these things to me.
Don't forget that people are out there that do little things everyday to make life easier and you do the same for them. Don't forget to say thanks or if you just randomly appreciate someone or something let them know...

Peace out, have a good night and please don't hit me with your car tomorrow as I ride to work over the bridge :)
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Dirty laundry

My boyfriend and I have a huge pile of dirty laundry (about 2-3 feet tall, covering the floor of our walk-in closet) that we don't have the time or desire to do. Is there a place in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area that would wash, dry and fold it for us without breaking the bank? I've heard of laundries that charge a flat fee by the pound, but don't know if they exist out here.


Sorry if any of these have been covered in the last month - I've been away and don't have the hours it would take to go through all the posts.

- I am looking for a good karaoke place in or around Portland. I have some Korean friends moving to town and being relatively new to Portland myself I am at a loss. Citysearch wasn't much help either.

- I am having car/parking issues. I am subletting an apartment starting at the end of September up in NW. There is parking by permit, but it may be difficult to get one. Is there decent non-permit street parking up there (Burnside and 19th area)? Are there other options?

Thank you so much!

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Any idea where I can find out why police we're dispatched to a location..

or do any Portlanders have any idea about the altercation on 122nd near Ron Tonkin Chevrolet and Multnomah Sheriff's office in SE. We saw 3 guys in the turn lane yelling at one another. Police arrived and arrested one of them and the other two were being questioned on the sidewalk.

Seemed to be an odd happening for 5 in the evening.
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Ticket question

I want to buy two $25 tickets for a show at the Aladdin. On Ticketmaster, I get a $5.50 "convenience charge" per ticket, bringing my total to $61 instead of $50. I can also pay an extra $2.50 per order to get the tickets emailed to me (dumb).

Now, if I were to actually go to the Aladdin, I'm guessing there's still going to be some kind of ticketmaster fee at the box office (also dumb), but would the fee be as much as it is online? Is it worth the $1.40 in bus fare to get my tickets at the Aladdin?

Alternatively, I live near PSU and I know in Smith there's a Ticketmaster office and I believe they sell tickets to any Ticketmaster event in Portland. Same question about the surcharge - would I be stuck paying $11 there like I would on the website? Would an off-site Ticketmaster still be more expensive than going to the Aladdin?

I very rarely use Ticketmaster so any help you can offer would be great. Thanks!