August 13th, 2005

Kristen Bell

DIY: Bed Canopy

I know there's a lot of people in this community into making jewelry and clothes and other DIY items. After searching the internet on how to make a bed canopy, I've failed. My searches have turned up many results, but none in the style I want.

I want a bed canopy that looks like this one: or even this (they're similar):

Does anyone know where I can find a pattern/instructions for one of these styles? I can't afford to buy a ready-made one or I would. Plus making it sounds fun. Please help me?
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(no subject)

My job screwed me.

I didn't fill out my W2 and my job never took copies of my ID or SS card that is required upon the hiring process.
They also didn't give me the worksheet to do my taxes and I got insanely taxed and some weird deductions which I have no idea what they mean that made my check a morsel fit for an ant.

Something tells me this ain't right.... Do I take this to BOLI?
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Help me find the book bed and breakfast!

Awhile back a reeeeeeallly long time ago, someone posted a query about Bed and Breakfasts on the coast. Someone posted a link to a site about one that was 'Book' themed, with a library for reading and rooms named after famous authors...I forget which part of the coast it was on, so that makes it a bit hard. I was wondering if anyone knew of anything like this on the oregon coast? Im looking for a really cool spot to spend a three day weekend one of these times as a speccial treat and I love reading and books.

the book nerd

Playboy, Anyone? ;P

k, this is a weird comment, but the other day there was a thread regarding Maxim magazines up for grab. One of the responding comments was someone who had years of Playboy they were willing to give away. Was that a true statement, and if so are they still available?

Where is the cemetery?

I'm wrecking my head to remember the unremembered place that I went that was a cemetery, possibly near Hawthorne but I could be wrong. It was a decent size cemetery with lots of neat old stones. In the far back there's a place where three large trees make a circle you can sit in, and not far from them a grave with a headstone that could be a door with a small statue imbedded in it of a woman and a man (husband and wife).

Do you know where this is?
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otter laugh!!

(no subject)

dear damn portlanders,

i just got into town last night, and i'd like to find something to do tonight. trick is, i'm a sly nineteen years old, and can't really go bar it up. i know about the bite, but what else is going down? could someone re-tell me about the knitting thing at clinton or whatever?

anyone want to hang out, like, ever?


ps. i'm in se area, near reed college. out about 37 blocks from the river. but i bike, and i will go anywhere.
Rainy Day

Board Game Night

As I'm sitting here with my three year old, I remember back to playing marbles, and fun board games with my friends and family. As I just got rid of my tv, I'm sure I'll have plenty more opportunities to do so, although playing Monopoly with a three year old just isn't going to happen!

So I thought maybe a board game night would be fun, with beverages and snackies. If you're interested in being part of a small group at my home on a weeknight or weekend evening, please let me know! I'd like to be able to host one before school starts up in September.

Have a great sunny Saturday!!

Board Game Night Ideas:

*Everyone brings a favorite game and snack to share, or we can BBQ outside first if weather permits.
*Bring your own beverage.
*Adults only at this point until I can find a good sitter to come share our space!
*Location so far, my apartment in NE Portland


I was having a conversation with a friend and I was arguing that I think PDXers think issues of faith and spirituality are highly important, even if they don't subscribe to an organized religion...

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(no subject)

I've never done a poll here before. I'm bored and curious. The subject amuses me so I'll share. This is for all the guys out there. If the females feel slighted then someone create the same poll for the gals and slap it up here.

Poll #551514 Males: Grooming your pubic hair: Trim it or let it grow?

Men: Do you trim your gear?

Yes, regularly
Yes, infrequently
Yes, once
Yes, for medical reasons
No, why bother?
No, are you kidding me?
No, never thought about it.
I plead the fifth

Job Hunting

so I recently moved here. 2 Weeks to be exact.

I've done mostly Tele-surveying. I'm 18 with facial piercings and pink hair. Also I will be attending PSU in the fall.

Does anyone know of any good jobs that I might have a chance at getting??

Or a place to start looking?

(no subject)

Hey everyone. I wrote a post a few days ago because I am trying to sell my photographs due to being about $300 short of being able to pay the bills. One of you asked how much I would charge to do pictures and I can't find the post so I am just going to post here. I guess I would just charge like a $15 session fee and then whatever you want to buy for the pictures. I am still looking for people because we still haven't been able to make up the money. Anyone who is interested please let me know. I have experience working in a studio.
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Harvey's Comedy Club Tuesday Night

Hi, I'm looking for some chill people who might be interested in going to Harvey's comedy club on Tuesday night. I have a few free tickets left if people would like to join us.

Reply to this post by Monday at 9pm, because I have to do a head count and call...

You'll need to be there at 6:30pm and the show usually lasts until 9 or 10pm...

Gay, Religious, & Racial Friendly
Me and Kermit


So due to various factors, I can't get away from the city this weekend to see the meteor shower. Has anyone been able to see anything from within Portland? I'm thinking like dark high places like forest park, outer Skyline Drive or Gabriel Park by my house. Tonight is allegedly supposed to be good, before clouds move back in. Anybody seen anything up there?

Need Your Links

I had an issue with Mozilla and now I've lost ALL of my bookmarks. I'm PISSED.

I closed it down to get up and do stuff, when I came back and opened it up, it asked me to choose a "user." It's never done that before so I clicked "default" and it told me that the "default" user was already IN use ... but nothing was open so I was utterly confused. So, I had to make a NEW user, and EVERYTHING is gone. I close Mozilla down, reopened it, and it defaulted to opening to the NEW user ... and everything is gone. I'm really angry because all of my links were bookmarked, organized and easily accesible.

Now I have to find my links all over again.

What are your favorite links?? Share so I can rebuild MY favorite links! *growls*

I had a bunch of fun LiveJournal things bookmarked as well, and I'm really going to miss them, so please, DamnPortlanders, SHARE!
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mohawk skull

A birthday in our midst

I know it is nearly over but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY cheekyassmonkey

looks like you had fun last night and sooooo wish we would have been there. More on that later. If it puts us back in your good have BDAY PRESENTS for YOU.

Hugs to the sneaky one who got you that great looking HK Jacket!

GG and T
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Erotic bakeries?

I'm trying to find an erotic bakery type of place like the ones in Seattle for someone's birthday. A Google search didn't bring up anything specific to PDX. Any ideas?

(I'm not into baking so please don't suggest that a DIY project, thanks.)

EDITED TO ADD: Here's the one in Seattle for those not familar to see what the heck I'm taking about:
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