August 12th, 2005

kuromi is cranky

Bite of Oregon

Ok I've never been and neither have the people I know so bear with me.

What is the "Bite of Oregon"? Give me an explanation like I'm from Mars or whatever cause I really don't know. And the website doesn't answer very much in detail.

How much is it? I saw an ad saying $5. Is that just to get on the grounds then you pay for the munchables or does that cover the food inside too?

Is it any fun or just something made up to fill space in an Oregon travel brochure?

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So, I work on sw3rd ave. I work swing shift and just as I was about to leave, one of my supervisors said there was (another) shooting just outside our building. (The one on sunday was at the side entrance, this one was at the front door)

Normally, I wouldn't be nervous. I'm used to high crime areas. But I'm still kinda new to the city which makes a me a bit unsure. To add to it, I just signed a lease for an apartment on SW Park today, which is only a few blocks away from all this.

Should I keep the apartment? It's kinda all I can afford right now... or is there a damnportlander who's kind enough to walk me the few blocks home? Or any other suggestions?

I'd ask an employee, but their all wierd and when they found out, most burst into tears, paniced or something similar so walking with someone who's crying might not be the best idea.
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So I just found out about this place.  Sometimes i dont want to get up off my beautiful behind to get myself some food, so one day i found out about this service and have been forever changed.  No more settling on pizza just because they are the only people who deliver food. 

NOTE:  I am in no way shape or form affiliated with this company, just really satisfied with the service and wanted to share it wit all you kids.

Say Anything

gushy love stuff

Has anyone been in a relationship for a significant amount of time and still feel (more) passion, from the day you met one another?

Happily Married/Together?

What is the key to long-lasting LOVE & TRUE HONESTY in a relationship?

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Dear guy who stole my bike wheel,

Well, why did you do it? Are you some sort of jerk or something? It's *my* front wheel! What did you think, that I'd -- drive home and not notice it was stolen? What are you then? Some sort of *prick*? Some sort of idiot? Some sort of thief? What would you do with just my front wheel anyway? What good would just one wheel be? You human loser! Well, why didn't you buy your own wheel if you wanted one so badly. That's what I did. Well, don't you think I need that wheel? Well, well, what were you thinking? JERK!

Dear people who watched the guy steal my bike wheel,

Well, you knew it wasn't his wheel! What did you think? He was coming back for the rest of his bike later? Well, why didn't you do something? Why didn't you say something? You human piece of apathy! Why didn't you say, "Hey! That's not your wheel! That could be Bruce McCulloch's wheel! We love him! And he loved that wheel!" Just eatin' brunch. Well, didn't you think I needed it? I did! Well, look at that! Feast on that act of violence! Good work, Einstein! Pus!

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I just moved back to Portland and I am trying to get things together here. Anyway, I have 4 questions:

1. where is there a good tile shop?
2. is there anywhere I can get free wood chips for composting?
3. a cheap bead store ? (yea, I know that is an oxymoron)
and, 4. I am looking to rent out art studio space. does anyone have any building recommendations?

we're going streakin!

more less but hey...

doing a bite gathering...i'm dragging xbettybrownx, scud and possibly lazy ass clones w/ me. whose going to see the decemberists and violent femmes?! starts at 730pm. yayayayay! who wants to join?

ps: bring yer bikes and lights;)
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Tell your friends: Support Cindy Sheehan

MoveOn is taking out an ad in President Bush's local newspaper in support of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who is camped outside Bush's ranch in Texas asking for a meeting with the president. They'll publish the number of signers and the best comments in a full two-page spread in the newspaper nearest to Crawford (The Waco Tribune Herald) while Cindy holds her vigil. Can you sign and spread the word before the 3:00 PM Friday print deadline?

Everything must go! (18885 SW Lisa Drive, Beaverton)

Multiple Family moving Sale!!! Today and tomorrow only 9am-4pm (August 12th- 13th)

Clothing: sweaters, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, lots of name brand shoes
Nike, liz Claiborne, Gap, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, jewelry, costumes
Furniture: bed frame, chairs, kitchen table, IKEA computer desk, pots, pans, book shelves, gumball machine, full length mirror, bookshelves, lamps, pillows, drapes, baskets, fabric, rugs, pots, pans, canning containers

Lots of games: board games, cards, computer games, puzzles
Books: paperback, hardback
fish tank with filters
Kitchen appliances: crock pot, toaster, blender, etc

stuffed animals

From Highway 26: take 185th/PCC Rock Creek exit
Continue on 185th South, go over max tracks...
Turn Right on Baseline, 1st right after Kindercare "Willowcreek/Lisa Drive"

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Well I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped out with my last post. I really do appreciate it. I'd like to make it clear that I had already planned on doing this, thanking you, before someone left me a comment saying that I should. It's unfortunate that there are still some people out there who need to find something wrong with whatever a person does. So much to the point where they turn a nice gesture into something so negative or nitpick at things that are so trivial in comparison to what my brother has to go through. But to everyone else who looked on ebay and mentioned people who could recreate the lion, thanks.
I looked all over eBay, even google image search. I've also put a post up on craigslist lost and found. Hopefully I'll find something, but I already knew the chances are slim. And if I can't find anything that looks like the lion, me and his girlfriend and some of his friends have plans to make a quilt for him with the lion on it. It really means a lot to him. Anyways, thanks again for all your help.

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Help me Damn'd Portlanders...of the Jewish & Muslim're my only hope.

I (read: my boss) made the mistake of scheduling something with required travel and attendance during Rosh Hashana. The event dates are 10/2 - 10/6. I know very little about Judaism and would like to be able to reassure my guests that I will be fine if they can't arrive on time, or need to attend Temple rather than evening events - but I know don't know when they can travel, when they need to go to services, etc.

Oh, and, looking at my calendar, Ramadan starts that week as well. I know even less about Islam. What arrangements might I need to make there?

Enlighten me, please?
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amazing Power Vinyasa yoga class

if anyone out there is interested in taking an intense intermediate/advanced power vinyasa yoga class, there is one held at the Yoga Space on 26th and SE Ankeny, Fridays from 10-11:30. the teacher is Nick Manci and he really holds an amazing class. not for the faint of heart. $5 minimum donation

i am in no way associated with Nick or Yoga Space, but was really impressed with the session and thought i'd throw it out there for anyone interested...... it is a new class and today there were only two students, and i know this is a great networking community.
hat-tip petzi
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Want some trout! markets in the greater Portland area?

The only place I know of with decent fish selection is that little place on 28th and Powell in SE.
Oh, and I could drive to Cascade Locks and get some fresh stuff from the guys by the docks right next to the hatchery.

Surely a gal can find some trout elsewhere around these parts without having to get a fishing pole to do it herself?
Help me out?
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Ok, so I have this beef with certain cyclists. I like to bike as well, so I'm not just a biased driver. I know that cycling around town is difficult, and that a lot of car drivers are assholes, but some things need to be said here.

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looking for a beach umbrella

a friend and i are going to go to the river tomorrow and i'd like to find a beach umbrella like this:
because a) i have fair skin and b) i got burned like this
from being out in the sun two weekends ago.

normally i wouldn't mind running around town like a chicken with my head cut off looking for one but seeing as how i'm in the middle of writing a paper which is due tomorrow i don't have several hours to spend looking this evening. could anyone point me in a good direction as to where they found theirs or where they've seen them for sale?

much thanks in advance!
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my friend is trying to get rid of a really nice huge bookshelf and some linoleum

if anyone is interested, contact him here.......he can leave it on the sidewalk for anyone to pick up.
must go this weekend, preferably by the end of the day saturday.

he's moving and can't take it with him.
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To whom it may concern:

Are you the ball licker who broke into my sister's car? Are you the emo hipster fuck who wanted her one of a kind messenger bag so much you had to do a B and E? Is it like a desire of yours to have my foot wedged deep inside your ass?

If I see any motherfucker with a bag matching the following description, he or she will be sorry. Also, speak up if you see it.

The bag is a large black messenger bag. On the flap is a picture of a pulp novel cover that says "Wild Sister." It's a one of a kind thing that I got her for Christmas. You see, we don't have a mommy, so I try to do something extra special for her at Christmas so she doesn't get too depressed. That was her special Xmas present, all the way from Korea.

She's really fucking upset and I hope you are happy. I also hope you get syphillis and your dick and/or vagina rots and falls off. What a shitty fucking thing to do. Why don't you spend your own goddamn money if you want a cool bag so badly? Why do you have to dirty, dirty shitbag?

I will find you, you filthy douche.


Pilar Cruz
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Dinner, Outside and Cheap

Hey guys, it's my birthday on Sunday but I am having dinner with my friends tonight... I just found out the place I wanted to go (Stone Cliff Inn in Carver) now takes reservations (last year they didn't) so I am SOL and don't have a place to take everyone ;/ I KNOW there are great places here in Portland that have a cool atmosphere (I was really hoping to sit outdoors and have a pretty view) and don't cost a lot. Oh, and only one of us is 21 (I am only turning 20) so it has to be a place where they let minors sit outside... a lot of places have outdoor sections only for 21 and up. Any ideas? I just can't think right now. We're already going to Pied Cow for dessert later on... otherwise that would be my choice :)
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New Community

pdx_eavesdrops is a new community. Read and post those bizarre overheard conversations from the train, work, the mall, the street, restaurants, people on cellphones, etc. Leave info about where you heard it. Please do not include any identifying information about the people involved.

Before someone calls me on it, this community was inspired by

I figured a Portland specific one would be fun. That is all.

(no subject)

so there's something wrong with my digital camera, and i need a decently-priced repair shop. any recommendations? i live in NE so preferably in NE, N or SE.

thanks in advance!

(no subject)

My dad needs a new vaccuum and he didnt like the one that my mother chose for him, because it was too complex with the built in headlight, air filters, magic wands, etc. He wants one that is light and small enough that he can easily drag up and down stairs that will do the job.

Can anyone reccomend a good place to go to purchase a decent not too expensive vaccuum? I dont know anything about vaccuums, so any helpful tips on choosing one will also be appreciated.

I also have another question that I dont know if any of you could answer.

Do you think that someone that is a 3D Artist will have a better chance getting a job here or in Eugene?


Moving to the East Coast for school,
everything must go!

Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm

710 SE 47th Ave
Off Belmont or Stark

Clothes, furniture, books, etc + fun times!!!

See you there!
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Random Questions about Flying

Okay, so on tuesday, I'm going to be going across the country for the first time. Alone. By plane. First time flying, first time going that far. I'm getting lots and lots of mixed information about what to expect, so I'd like to know from the lovely members of damnportlanders -- what's travelling from PDX to other parts of the country like?

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Arrrrgh. So nervous. :( Help me out, DP'ers!
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