August 11th, 2005

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does anyone know the
"Osbourne Green" joke?
I remember the punch line
"Osbourne Green? well, Iah'z born red"

but that's all I've got.
1) tell me the rest of the joke
2) tell a stupid joke from when you were a kid

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hello kiddos.

i just moved to portland. i'm living on the PSU campus, and i'm wondering...what's the nearest place (within walking distance, preferrably) that i could find a pet store? i would like to purchase a goldfish so's i'm not as lonely in this big ol' place.

Lost Plush Lion


Okay around ten years ago or more my brother lost a plush lion. Recently he's went through brain surgery and it's taken a lot out of him. I want to do something really nice for him and this lion meant a lot to him. I want to try my hardest to find it so if any of you knows anything please let me know where I can find it or at least something similar. Here's a picture of it he drew back when he lost it:

It's pretty accurate. The tag is sort of a dog tag and it says PaQ or P&Q on it.
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hey guys! i'm from ohio and i'm coming to portland for a visit on monday. i have a question for you guys. how old do you have to be to get into bars in oregon? in ohio, you have to be 18, but they mark you with an X or something so you can't drink. but in pennsylvania (which is like ten minutes away from where i live), you have to be 21 to get in. the reason that i'm asking is that i'm bringing a friend who is only 19.
i should also mention that you guys will probably be subjected to a million more questions from me in the next few days. sorry to bug you with such ridiculous stuff, it's just that i have never been to portland and i want the trip to be as smooth/fun as possible. thanks guys!
Scaredy Cat

2 Tech questions to PC savvy ljers :P

Yesterday, I did the unthinkable and purchased a used laptop from amazon for just $300. The specs are listed at the bottom.

My question....

1. would it be possible to connect it to an external media like an external hard drive and other peripherals since it didnt say it got any USB port.

2. How about the possibility of going wireless?

I hope you guys can help me answer those questions.

It still have the disk drive but for the cheap price...I just grabbed it and yeah it could be slow but I am used to slow ones like my current desktop right now.

I will just upgrade when the right time comes and when I could afford facier toys :P

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Where in Portland can I get ahold of "funny" computer keys with stuff like "damn it" , "panic"...etc...on them?
I checked places on Hawthorne that used to have them back in the day and I had no luck...
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Dark sky question

Hey, I keep hearing stories about the Gorge being polluted. Is there a better, equally high point to head to away from the lights of the city to see the Perseids tonight that has less ambient smog?

Edit: I know there's a star party at Rooster Rock with telescopes and whatnot. I"m thinking more like, lying in a random field somewhere :)
Howard Jones

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Cooler summer weather.

2. The juicy and luscious soft peaches from Portland Farmers Market.

3. The delicious vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy breakfast menu item at the Cup and Saucer Cafe (I went to the one on NE Killingsworth).

4. Upcoming Bite of Oregon and Elephant Garlic Festival events.

5. The upcoming Providence Bridge Pedal event this Sunday (I'm doing the 24 mile loop).
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Volvo drivers I need your help!

You would think that with all of the Volvos out here I would be able to find a mechanic pretty easiy, however that is not the case. So I need you Damn Portlanders! I am trying to find a place that deals specifically with older Volvos, the kind of place that won't try to screw me around because I am a girl. I do know plenty about my car it is just that the work that needs to be done isn't that easy with my meager amount of tools out here.

So, yes, again - good specifically Volvo mechanic somewhere in this city? Thanks!

Job Opening

hey DPers,

I know some of you have been looking for a job.. so I got one for ya. I'm leaving tomorrow, so it's pretty much open immediately. I work at Pacific Gate Works, their website is here: they are located in sherwood, about 30 minutes drive from southwest portland. It's a pretty small company, they only have two employees (about to hire a third for office work), with two cofounders who help out as well. everyone's easy going.. you can take breaks, days off if you need to, etc. I'm leaving to college in arizona, so that's why I'm not going to be working there (for the school year at least).

The job itself is pretty much going to be a bit of everything, from packaging gates to shipping, to gluing together boards, to drilling holes. easy stuff, but it can get slightly boring and repetitive. if ya got an Ipod or something similar, should be easier to get through the slow stuff. It is a dirty job, you will probably come home with a few spots of sawdust on you from sawing pieces, or maybe occasional spots of woodglue. in other words, (after the interview of course) I wouldn't wear your good shirt to work. if you get hired, you'll probably start off parttime for a week or two until everyone gets used to you; if they like you you could then get switched to full time! The pay's pretty decent, it's above minimum wage, at least. (and I have very little prior woodworking experience, and am just 19 yrs old. your milage may vary accordingly).

just email or call the number to the website I posted above, and good luck! if ya got any more questions feel free to post a comment.

Another job posting!

Hey guys, I had to turn down a rather nice data entry job because of the weird hours and my scary neighborhood.... so my temp agency asked if I know anyone else who can type like I do and can work swing shift.... so I told them I'd post it online. :)

Anyway, the requirements are the ability to type 70wpm+, the shift is 3-11pm, the pay is $9.25 with a shift differential to bring you up to 35 hours per week. The company is great... located at 3rd and Washington.... the temp agency has also been really good to me. The job *is* long term, evaluate to hire.

So if anyone's interested, call Express Personnel at (503) 221-1336, and *please* tell them Elizabeth Peyton referred you. I think I get some kinda bonus for referring people.



i have a big bag of toiletries (motel shampoo, stuff people gave me that i didn't want, etc.) that i'd like to donate to a homeless shelter or somewhere like that where people who don't have access to stuff like that could use it. i'm moving in a few days so i need to get rid of it ASAP. where can i take it? i live in SW portland, so please don't suggest gresham or something, i don't have time to get out very far. thanks!

Doc in a box

can anybody tell me of a clinic in the tigard/beaveron area that accepts same day appointments that isn't as much as going to a hospital, I am paying out of pocket and probably need an xray or two and i don't want to owe my first born. thank you so much for any info =)