August 9th, 2005

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i need a good physical therapist.

i have aetna insurance, but can't find a one that accepts my insurance. anyone else have aetna or know of a physical therapist that takes them? or anyone just have a physical therapist they highly recommend?

since i can't exactly walk very well, i'd prefer something very easily accessible by public transportation. downtown or ne would be the easiest. thanks so much for you help!
Oct 2010

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pdxbookclub is about to vote on the book to read for our September meeting.  We are still accepting new members, if anyone is interested.  We have one book of the month, and one optional read each month.  We meet on the first Thursday of each month to chat about books and life in general over food and drinks at the McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.  Come on over and join if it sounds like something that is up your alley!
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In Search Of...

I'm looking for a puppy. Specifically, I'm looking for a St. Bernard puppy. However, I don't have hundreds of dollars to buy one.

Do you know someone who has, or is expecting to have, St. Bernard puppies and is looking for a home for one?

(I checked Craig's List, and thanks for Pet Finder, but it didn't really help, either.)

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my boyfriend and i are about to lease a 3bdrm, 1ba home. it's really cool! only problem is we can't seem to find any roommates (and we can't afford 1400/mo by ourselves!). it's got a rad basement to be loud and make messes in, and a nice backyard that could use some work. hardwood floors downstairs (and we call dibs on the downstairs bedroom), two goodsized bedrooms upstairs that are carpeted. small closets, though.

anyways, this is what we're looking for, though we're flexible on a lot of these:

--we would love to find vegan roommates. we realize that's a bit of a niche, so vegetarian/omnivore is OK too. just don't be spilling your meat-juice on my stuff in the fridge.
--no drama queens. we just can't stomache that.
--it would be nice if you're not uptight about being (semi-)naked around the house.
--no hard drugs. we're both nearly teetotallers but we're cool with alcohol, pot doesn't bother us either. as long as none of it controls your life, ok?
--don't be someone who uses 'gay' as an epithet. ignorance much?

i don't know what else...

about us: early 20s, vegan, we love our bikes, we like music and art a lot (and do a lot of it), we're social but not party animals, we love to cook food for groups of people (both large and small), we're clean but sometimes cluttered. i want to start a garden! etc etc. anyways. if this is sounding cool to you, email me!

it'd be about $400 for a single person, more like $500 for a couple. but take it easy, we've only got one bathroom to work with.

move in date ASAP!

se belmont st at 20th st
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Tuesday afternoon enlightenment

Today as I was walking through the park blocks, I heard the faint cry of one of the many downtown prophets. This one has a sign in which he calls himself ‘the poet’ of some sort. I didn’t get close enough to read it but I did sit at a nearby bench to hear what wisdom he had to impart on passerby’s.

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Hi Damnportlanders!

Do you know of anyone who would like to adopt a beautiful young cat? She is about 4 months old, and she is very fun! We have a small apartment, and we thought we could handle her, but we think that she needs more room to enjoy, then what we have to offer. Truth is, we aren't even supposed to have pets! ;)

She is completely grey, with yellow eyes. Very beautiful, and has a fun temperment. She is free to a good home. We care a lot about her, and we want her to be loved. We have litter box, litter, food, and dish. She is completely box trained.

If you are interested, please let us know!


Jason and Dave
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I'd like to take a moment. Even though I know most of you will already agree to avoid call centers, I'd like to empart some wisdom.

I worked for two years at a local Fred Meyer and left for higher wages at Encompass Teleservices, Inc, only to be sexually and verbally harassed there and essentially forced to quit.

After a long battle with the employment department, job searching, and finally an Administrative Law Judge, they found that I quit without just cause. I'm guessing it was the documents they'd submitted stating I quit after finding another job, which didn't happen, and the vast amounts of lying under oath that their representative did.

I'd like to take this time to share with you, that even though Encompass is still hiring, for your own sake don't apply. Yes, they'll hire you. Yes, they'll pay to train you, but the heaping mounds of bullshit isn't worth $9 an hour.

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Can anyone reccomend a good place to skate(board) for someone who isn't ready to hit burnside yet? Maybe somewhere with just some smallish ramps or a little halfpipe to practice on or something? I don't really care if it's indoor or outdoor, free or not. Thanks.
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Where to get my CD player fixed?

Okay, so it doesn't recognizes discs anymore, I think the little turtable thing is broken.

So I don't know if it's possible to fix my portable CD player, but I was wondering if it is possible and/or if you know where I could take it to get it fixed.

That'd be sooo great, because otherwise it'd be too much of a pain for me to try and get a new music player. Thanks.

A Knights Quest...

Hi Portlanders
I'm not from Portland but I am moving there within the next year or so. I am looking into prospects for playing RPG's (role-playing games). I play alot of table top games like Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars or Vampire. So if anyone can tell me, where the good gaming shoppes are, where gamers go to hang out in Portland and if there's a Portland gamers LJ community. I'd appreciate any information.
Thanks much!!
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damnportlanders, i need your help once again.

with a recent job change, i've found myself going from relaxed-office-casual (t-shirts ok, shorts not) to office-casual (collared shirts only). the clothing is no problem, but our washer and dryer are.

in trying to save myself some sanity, i'm considering having my shirts pressed, as opposed to killing myself trying to iron everything myself.

that said, i need more information. how much does getting a shirt pressed cost? at what point am i getting ripped off? do you know of any good cleaners downtown? who can you recommed? who should i avoid?

once again, i await your collective wisdom.
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More of my random questions...

I want to make home made cookie dough ice cream for my boyfriend's birthday... but how should I go about adding cookie dough? It doesn't seem like adding raw cookie dough would be very safe due to the raw egg.. Should I just make dough sans egg? Ideas? Bueller?
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Since my journey to Stumptown coffee lastweekend, I am in the mood to search out other great coffee shops of Portland. Can you all tell me some of your favorite spots to get a good coffee?

Since I am a wanderer and lover of the Max it would be nice if they were in the areas within walking distance of the max...

please and thankyou!

Really Weird Question / Tacked on Job Posting

I work at a screenprinting company and was given this sheet of paper as something to go off of for the design. We can't find the font!

Image Hosted by

I've seen it a million times before, but it's not on my PC and it's not on the one at work. Any of you have ANY idea what the name of the font is?

I need to know before tomorrow, that's when this client's shirts are printing, and as you can tell we're desperate for answers, this is an LJ community for crissake. I have posted it on other forums, but I need to sleep and, well, these are just T-shirts so I'm not THAT devoted to getting answers.

Hell, I'm not even the art-guy and I was put on this assignment. LAME.

P.S. Job opening at my company. Starting pay is eigh bucks an hour. You'd work full-time from 8-4:30, all you need to know is how to count, fluent in English, fun to work with, and know your color names (iris, caribbean blue, heather grey); and if you hang in there you get a raise fairly quickly. And if I get through to the boss, you might wind up rotating through the other jobs in the facility. Very close to MAX line. No benefits. Free water. Free T-shirts provided they have a million fucking logos printed on all sides of them, as they are test printed shirts. E-Mail me if interested.
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