August 8th, 2005

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Okay. So I was downtown about an hour ago. I turned from SW Stark onto SW 3rd, and as I pulled up to the red light at 3rd and Washington, I saw 3 people running towards the river on Washington and heard 10-12 gunshots fired in the direction of the guys running away. It looked like one of the guys got shot, because he hit the sidewalk and stayed there. I then blew the red light and called 911.

Was anyone else in the area, or know anything else about what happened?
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More than likely most of the peeps here have seen it, and many may have even contributed to it, but I just read the Wikipedia article on Portland, OR. Wow. For some reason I'm all swelled up with pride. I love this city.

Some of the many things I noted:
- on the linked List of Portlanders, an entry about LJ founder Brad
- really thorough historical notes
- many pictures!

Happy Monday people! We live in the best city in the world. :)
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Hey guys – I was just wondering, where is your favorite place to go and have a picnic? Preferably somewhere somewhat quiet (I don’t like to hear children screaming in the background when I’m trying to enjoy my lunch..) .. somewhere we can take a blanky and some lunch and just have a romantic afternoon?

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I've been accepted to PSU for full-time transfer studentdom starting Winter quarter (classes begin January 9th, 2006).

I would like to move before the New Year into a house that:
* is in SE
* has fast internet, or is near a cafe with free WiFi
* will allow one very clean/quiet dog residency, even if the dog has to stay outside
* is close to public transportation
* has more than one bathroom
* houses mates that wouldn't mind a new friend in the form of a thoughtful tenant
* houses mates that are around my age group (20's) and do not have kids living with them. I would prefer other students or thereabouts, but obviously can't afford to be too picky.

if you have an apartment that meets the above, you might as well let me know!

Things I don't care about/want/need:
*Phone line
Having to pay for these unused amenities will make me less likely to consider renting. I also don't need a dishwasher/washing machine/dryer as I do prefer doing dishes by hand and going to the laundromat, but those are amenities I would use sometimes so I wouldn't mind paying for them.

I'm coming down this friday for advising and to look around, if you would like me to peruse/consider your habitat let me know.

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So, although I know there was another "what was that in the sky" post...I'll try anyway, mostly because I know at least one other group saw it.

During Flicks on the Bricks on Friday, toward the end of the movie, a very bright light zoomed across the sky to the east. Anyone else here see it? Any idea what it was? I thought it might be an earthgrazer , as the Perseids are coming up, but it seemed far too low for that.

Bring on the tinfoil hats!!
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Crafters, thrifters, collectors...

Would you be interested in a great new thrift-craft-mall space in bustling NoPo? Near the Max line, this building is charming, in a great area (walking distance to the Alibi and Fire on the Mountain) with neighborhood foot traffic.

Spaces rent from $50-125/month + a small percentage, depending on size, and you could sell anything from handmade crafts to garage sale finds to the stuff that was in your grandma's attic.

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Where to go if one has no healthcare and an unknown sickness

Since the damn portlanders seem to be the source of all portland knowledge, I appeal to the masses in hopes of a workable solution.

I have no health insurance AND
little money AND
some crazy sickness that I haven't run across before

What are my options? Are there free/low cost health clinics available somewhere? Has anyone had any luck with them?

me: 26y/o, normally extremely healthy, non-smoking, non drugging, social drinking gal.

1 week of...
low grade headache
hot/cold sweats
constant dizziness
constant nausea, sometimes puking
eating just about anything causes my stomach to bloat painfully and crazy big, assuming I can keep the small amounts of food I ate down.

No fatigue, Not food poisoning, no fever, not dehydrated, does not feel like stomach flu, no excess heat, no coughing, sneezing, etc.

Thank you for your help! The sooner I see a doctor, the sooner this nastiness can end!

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Hello Damnportlanders!

My boyfriend and I are looking for a place to have lunch. We are currently at my apartment near 23rd and Glisan st. I've been just about everywhere on NW 23rd and many places outside of the area.

Nothing too expensive please:


Thanks in advance.
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beep! beeeeeep!

what is up with people honking in the Sunset Highway tunnel all the freakin' time? I can understand tourists doing it once in a while, but sheesh, the tunnel has been there for a long time. why is it funny to honk in the tunnel Every Day?
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portland shootings

I remember reading someone's post way down somewhere about the shooting they heard early this morning.

here's the article on it from

apparently you have to be registered to view it if you click on that link so Collapse )

what the hell is going on in portland? i've lived and traveled all around and always talked about how proud i am that portland is virtually safe compared to many other US cities...

Is it something in the water????
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microbrew advice, please...

hey lovely dps...

it seems like lately i just keep reaching for my same old microbrew choices. but i'd really like to branch out more, and i had a feeling you guys would be a good place to ask for recommendations. i need to pick up bottled brews for my fridge--i've got some gatherings that i'll be needing a decent amount of beer for, not to mention that i like to keep a good variety on hand. so, no on-tap beers, please.

also, for your benefit, here are some of my "usuals" to help you ascertain what my tastes are and what i'm already drinking.

- fat tire--probably my fave, but i'm getting tired of it now and need a break
- mcmenamins terminator
- while not bottled, i really have enjoyed mcmenamins "firefly kolch" if you caught it while it's been in season at any of their pubs
- i like widmer hefe alright
- rogue dead guy is alright too
- i love-love-love the occasional lindeman's lambic in either currant or raspberry

that's about all i can think of right now. i was quite unimpressed with their newer oktoberfest festival's just an ok amber. i tend to buy one of widmer's four-variety cubes that have their blonde, drop-top, hefe & some other seasonal ale, but i haven't tried their recent inclusion of the IPA they're offering in the current seasonal favorite. i enjoy some bitterness, and don't mind a darker beer either. reds are ok, as long as they aren't too sharp/bitter. i like rogues all-american red, for example.

sweeter beers are ok, as long as they don't taste too fake/artificial. for example, i enjoy an occasional mcmenamin's ruby, but most often cut with some terminator.

ok, ideas people! what are you drinking these days that i need to try? thanks in advance for the suggestions!
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I am getting excited...I'm moving from Texas to Portland in a little over a week! I've never even been there before. My boyfriend and I are renting an apartment in southwest Portland at a complex called Garden Home West.

Seeing as how I've never been to Portland before...I don't know anyone there. I am looking for ways to get involved and make friends. I am into vegetarian/veganism, riding bikes, feminism, zines, and mostly indie music. Are there any groups around I could maybe get into that focus on any of these things??

My AIM is novellasconclude if you'd like to give me ideas there.

Thanks so much in advance!
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views of the city

i want to take my boy somewhere outdoors where we can sit around and enjoy a gorgeous nighttime view of the city for our anniversary. we've been to mount tabor a bunch of times, so that's out. any suggestions that don't involve stealthily annexing random people's backyards up in the west hills? (although that could be fun too, come to think of it...)

extra points if it's not too far away/easy to bike there, although that's not a necessity.
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What Would a Damnportlander Do?

On my bus commute back from downtown, I felt sort of uncomfortable and helpless in a situation that unfolded in front of my eyes. Hopefully, this dilemma is all in my head, and that this is a non-event. Nonetheless, I am wondering what would fellow damnportlanders do if they came across this situation.

About an hour ago, I boarded the Bus 15 (Belmont) downtown, along with many other passengers. I took a seat in the far back of the bus. A mother with four young children also boarded the bus at the stop--she carried a stroller with a baby, and was accompanied by three other children who looked like they were between 2 and 5 years old. Her three pedestrian kids ran to the back of the bus (next to where I was sitting), and started playing with the handrail handles, as if they were in a jungle gym set. Meanwhile the mother and her infant (in the stroller) settled down near front of the bus, oblivious to what the other children were doing. As more people boarded the bus at the stop, the ride got very crowded.

As the bus started moving from the stop, the thought of the safety of these kids crossed my mind--here I was, sitting at the back of the bus, with energetic young children swinging from the overhead handles, as if they were in a playground. Having commuted on this particular bus line for over 8 years and having experienced many sudden stops, I felt extremely concerned about what would happen if a bus made a sudden stop. But the mother of these unsupervised children were at the very front of the bus, seemingly oblivious to what her children were doing (or maybe having enough trust in her children to ride safely). Since the bus was crowded at the time, I could not even make direct eye contact at the mother of these children, let alone the bus driver.

I was torn between wanting to tell the children and/or their mother that swinging from the handrails were dangerous, and minding my own business and letting them enjoy themselves. On one hand, I don't really like to think about a possible injury happening right in front of my eyes (since one of the children was swinging right next to me), but on other hand, it would be better to mind my own business. I'm not even going to get into my thoughts about children being unsupervised on a very crowded bus, with parents being 30 feet away--without a direct line of sight; the morality about the safety of someone's child is not for me to decide.

I guess I am afraid that I might stumble on the news tonight about some child getting hurt on public transit, or worse, news about a child getting abducted on the bus (maybe I've watched too many episodes of Without A Trace over the past few years). While I was on the bus ride home, I felt very uncomfortable about the situation--the most that I tried was to try to make eye contact with these children while they were swinging and trying to shake my head, but I didn't even succeed in that. I thought about alerting the bus driver as I got off my stop on SE Belmont and 14th, but the bus was way too crowded and I couldn't make my way up to the front.

What would other Damnportlanders do?
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