August 7th, 2005

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I'll be in Portland in December, kiddies. Meanwhile, I'll throw out random questions/observations here (I've been lurking for some time, waiting for some mail I received recently(!)).

I want to have a dog, specifically, or if that's completely unfeasible (i.e. I can't find a SE house with mates that allows such a thing) then a cat. The question is, if I couldn't have a dog does the humane society in Portland have a program where you can walk the dogs they've got in the wings?
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deleted post

deleted my post about bike questions due to stupid tagger. prolly have to delete this too.

ps: is there any way to delete said tags off my entry? I tried twice and was unsuccessful.
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Tag trolls

Well, I don't normally do anything moddish in here, but frankly, this tagging issue is pissing me off too.

I haven't heard a word from any of the other mods, dunno if they're watching/aware/etc. I was hoping I could find a way to just temporarily turn tags off, but the only way I've found to do that is to just remove all the tags from the list of tags you guys can use (thus, of course, disabling them completely-- but they can be re-added later, but I think previously tagged entries will no longer be tagged...maybe).

But of course, I'm far too scared of you all smart to take any kind of decisive action in this comm without some kind of mandate either from other mods or you guys, soooooo: it's poll time!

Should I remove tag capabilities from the community (temporarily)?

I have another suggestion!

If you have another suggestion, tell me here and/or in comments.

i finally got to use my "don't fuck with me" icon. woot.
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yard sale-today

At SE 17th and Morrison there's a big old orange house and in front of it, my friend and her friend and her mom and me and my kids will be selling off stuff. Actually my kids are selling homemade lemonade, cookies and brownies to help pay for a trip to Bumbershootnext month, which is reason enough to come on over. But if you are looking for asian antiques, fabric, clothes, furniture, vintage patterns and myriad things, you know where to look first.
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two in one

1. Does anyone know what happened at like 83rd and foster last night? huge crime scene tons of cops, bike in a parkinglot. I think either someone got hit on a bike or someone got shot. Too many cops for someone getting hit though.

2. veggie friendly breakfast, we are going to breakfast in 30 min or so. We can come up with the cricket cafe and laurelthirst. Anyone have any good recommendations for a vegetarian friendly breakfast place. Somewhere in se or southern NE.

A note on laundromat etiquette

If you're going to do laundry on the busiest days of the week (Saturday and Sunday), please do us all a favor and stick around to monitor your load so it can be removed when done. Words can't even begin to describe how much I hate hauling a huge bag of laundry to the laundromat (on my bike, even) only to discover that while only half the machines are running, they're all full, and the asscracker whose shit is filling the silent half is nowhere to be found.

random sightings

Did anybody else see some weird little things moving through the sky yesterday around 5:30 pm?? They appeared to be quite high in the sky, very small (at that distance), round-ish and quite reflective. There was a whole swarm of them and they blew east. Some of them were bunched together into a bigger cluster.
We we're trying to figure out what they were. One person guessed balloons, but I didn't really think anyone released big bunched of balloons any more, and they seemed to be too high up. Anybody else see these? We weren't smoking anything, really!

Then this morning we saw a peregrine falcon in our backyard. It was having some sort of territorial pissing contest with a squirrel over another nest in between them. The squirrel kept trying to creep up, and every time the falcon would raise it's wings and fan out all of it's feathers and strut forward. The squirrel always backed off, but eventually the falcon took off too. It was so beautiful, and we could really see it's wing patterning because it kept opening them up so wide.

I guess there's lots of cool things to see without ever leaving my backyard.

win a necklace with best art.

Hi my name is josh I'm one of two CEOs for a web site thats having a contest for best logo. the winner gets to pick a free necklace from our catalog.
Since I live in portland I thought I would let you all now first. some of ya may have seen our stuff at mermade_baubles. anyways good luck to hew may care.


Ok, so I am going to be moving into a studio downtown in a week or so. There is no storage for bikes inside the building, and I don't really feel safe leaving it outside locked to a tree. And I don't want to have the bikes taking up floor space inside the studio, either. My question is: where is the best place to get ceiling bike holders? And do they make a style that you can have your bike lay parallel to the ceiling? I'm sure the answer will seem more obvious, once I have a response =)