August 6th, 2005


JULY 27th ::::: ADIOS MUTHER FUCKER :P******(

horrid horrid drinks to have at the end of an evening full of liquor. AMF. I don't even remember all that happened because of that damned drink. Red Cap Garage some pool a dead nazi and a couple pitchers--- Embers a red headed slut a pitcher and loud music on the "goth" night(wednesday), a few more bars i cant remember and a few more shots and pitchers, back to embers to get tossed on stage, outed as turning 21 that day. The woman on the stage asks, " straight, bi, gay, unspecified?"
I answer slurring noticeably... "I'm gay as fuck"

Then to Kelley's to be finished off by an appropriately named drink.


I don't remember much after that, I remember the window of my friend's car being child-safe and me having to open the door to expell some of what I've taken in, hopes of gaining some semblance of sobriety fading with my coherency. Apparently I was trying to open the door even on the freeway at speeds of 65+, I ooooooooze out of the car when we get home and onto a road grate in the parking lot, and after that what i know is what i'm told. I spit and cursed and flipped the bird, passed out on the toilet whilst pissing, stood up and proclaimed "fuckit" while wiping with some poor roommate's towel. I also apparently was groped by my girlfriend.... I don't know.... She must've thought it was the only way to touch me... being passed out probably seeming preferable to my incoherent spitting and cursing whilst conscious.

since then... i've eased back on the drinking

we have to keep some balance here.
Let's moon 'em!

Owls, Anyone?

Please, is someone else up at this hour?

I suppose taking a pint of cream soda at 1am was a bad idea. (I normally don't have caffeine...)

I've been wasting my time and trying to do something productive with no luck.

Anyone else?
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(no subject)

People disappoint me most times.
In response to my plea for help yesterday, in a situation where only the voices of many would have any possibility of influencing the situation, I got a quit smoking campaign, a discussion of Shari's superior quality, and a discussion on activism.

I hope somebody bothered to make a phone call and try to help.

If not, I am scared for us as a species.

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portland zine symposium

Come down to Smith Hall and check out the Zine Symposium. Last year it was great. I'm sure this year will be even better.

I'll be there selling some of my comic crap (I have a new book and t-shirt). There is an amazing variety of people selling stuff. Last year I bought x-mas presents for half my family... weird stuff.
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Napa Valley

Anyone been to Napa? I'm heading there in a few days and was wondering what are your favorite vineyards to go to?? Tell me who has the best wine, who has the best tour, and who has the best tasting rooms!! Thanks, Portland!
TheTwilight Zone

Theatre Seats?

My friends (the J.W. couple), told me that their church is renovating and they have some theatre seats. So I (Curious George), went to see their work and lo and behold, they are busy as bees! They have over 50 or more old style theatre seats they would like to get rid of. As for a donation, you would have to visit them to find out. The church is located at 3333 N. Willamette Blvd.

My reason for this plug for them is that they were nice in giving me information on Bipolar for my Girlfriend no questions asked and they did not hassle me for any donations.What was interesting was that I did try giving them a donation for the literature as previously stated. However, the J.W. couple would not accept any.

The Goodwill Bins?!

Hi there
I once read somewhere that somewhere in SE Pdx, there is a huge Goodwill shop, that incorporates something called "bins" into it, where you can buy clothes per pound in weight! This sounds amazing, but does anybody know which Goodwill it is, and where it's located?
Many thanks :-)
good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

(no subject)

I know this is a dumb question, but I know you guys will have the answer.

My car is running HORRIBLY, and I don't have the money to fix it just yet but I would like to know what kind of repairs I'm facing. I didn't pay much for the car and am even considering just dumping it and getting a new one if the repairs are too expensive.

If I take the car to a mechanic just to get an estimate and find out what's wrong, do I have to pay for that, or do they do this for free? I used to be someone who would just drop my car off and pay for whatever needed to be fixed, but I'm too broke to do much of any repairs at this point, I'd just like to know what kind of money I may have to pay to get things fixed. :(
hooray for boobies!

(no subject)

Does anyone have a favorite place to sell books besides Powells? Also, should Powells always be the first place I go (as in, do they generally give the most money for used books?) Thanks.
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You know why I love DP? When I have a random question, I know I can ask you folks...

And SOMEONE will know the answer!

So, here's the deal. I work for a local political non-prof. We're working on expanding our online presence and building an online progressive community. Part of how we're doing that is by having our brightest, wittiest members "blog" for us - (by the way, I f*ing hate the word "blog"). So, I'm going to be in charge of collecting the people and getting them set up with ideas (that part I'm taking care of) and I'm cooridinating with my own crew of techies on what it should look like and how it should work. I had thought already of work flow and assignment scheduling and all that - and then realized I needed to figure out a look and feel. (This is taking longer than it should to ask my darned question) I started looking around at random blogs to figure out how they did it to try and help my creativity and I hated all of them and discovered many bloggers are morons (example: Now, I know, technically all of us here are bloggers, but what I'm looking for was direction towards the more news-like blogs that y'all like or particularly admire. Extra points if it's a blog community with a dozen or more posters but not super infinite like lj.

Hope you can help ;)
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Now I'm looking for a roommate for September (filled my August sublet to find the perfect person)

I am looking for someone who would be willing to stay for long-term.

The duplex is located near 12th and Hawthorne at the edge of Ladd's Addition. Depending on the room you inhabit, rent is either 375 or 425/month + electricity, phone, and DSL. Hardwood floors, washer and dryer, fun neighbors. The landlord lives next door. Close to the 10, 14, and 70 lines, as well as walking distance to the 4 division and the 15 belmont.

Me: 24 year old female student, activist, community development major. I will be going to school full time in the Fall at PSU, but over the summer I'll be working full time. I'm generally responsible, laid-back, drama-free, and content in my surroundings. I ride my bike and public transit wherever I go. One cat, Otis. Pretty tolerant of other cats. I'm interested in creating a space which is intentionally clear, with open communication, creation, and little drama. Currently I'm stage managing a original play here in Portland, and working at a global non-profit organization. I'm not home a lot, but prefer a space in which I can do homework and focus on the other myriad of projects I'm working on, as well as one in which the occasional potluck and community building activity is welcomed. I'm not really so much into partying at home anymore, but do so occasionally.

You: Responsible and financially stable. Environmentally and socially conscious, as well as tolerant. Interested in people and communication. Driven, positive and grounded.