August 5th, 2005

patsy stone thanxgiving


Girls and boys..... due to some stupid reason (blame it on a friend's wedding) I didn't buy tickets for Gipsy Kings concert when I should when I tried to get them few days ago they were sold out of course.
Anyone have any extra tickets they would be willing to sell??? Or know of ways to sneak into the Oregon Zoo Amphitheater?? :-X

Few of us (who didn't get the tix) are quite desperate you see...



First thursday Everett Station Lofts

Did anyone make it?

I wish they'd told me there'd be music, i'd have shown up sooner! Also, food wasn't free at this event. Stupid budgety type people who realize that they'd be broke if they charged!!!

It was pretty funny.. art didn't get people upstairs, but telling them there was alcohol, and large crowds would swarm up. go figure!

Pretty cool. It was awesome seeing the courtyard finally finished!
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Han and Leia

(no subject)

Note to anyone wandering around Atkinson Park in front of Franklin High School. If you find a Fossil watch, silver, with half of the band in links and the other half solid, please call Michelle at 503-347-0021. If I dropped it there, it should be between the two baseball diamonds in front of the big hill. Its got some sentimental value, and I would love to have it back before I go to college in 2 weeks. Thanks in advance if anyone finds it!
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  • betzle

Live with me in Ladd's Addition NOW! Long term or possible August only sublet.

I need a new fantastic roommate ASAP. I am looking for someone who would be willing to stay for long-term but would also consider subletting for the month of August for the right person.

The duplex is located near 12th and Hawthorne at the edge of Ladd's Addition. Depending on the room you inhabit, rent is either 375 or 425/month + electricity, phone, and DSL. Hardwood floors, washer and dryer, fun neighbors. The landlord lives next door. Close to the 10, 14, and 70 lines, as well as walking distance to the 4 division and the 15 belmont.

Me: 24 year old female student, activist, community development major. I will be going to school full time in the Fall at PSU, but over the summer I'll be working full time. I'm generally responsible, laid-back, drama-free, and content in my surroundings. I ride my bike and public transit wherever I go. One cat, Otis. Pretty tolerant of other cats. I'm interested in creating a space which is intentionally clear, with open communication, creation, and little drama. Currently I'm stage managing a original play here in Portland, and working at a global non-profit organization. I'm not home a lot, but prefer a space in which I can do homework and focus on the other myriad of projects I'm working on, as well as one in which the occasional potluck and community building activity is welcomed. I'm not really so much into partying at home anymore, but do so occasionally.

You: Responsible and financially stable. Environmentally and socially conscious, as well as tolerant. Interested in people and communication. Driven, positive and grounded.

e-mail me at betsynolan @

(no subject)

Hey peoples.

Just thought I'd let you all know I'm having a patio sale (yeah, I know, you don't need a patio) tomorrow. Lots and lots of books, mostly sci-fi / fantasy but a fair mix of other things too. Come on by. I'm just trying to get rid of everything before I move, so it's all cheap!

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Carmen San Diego

furniture help!

Does anyone have a small sushi table or just a low to the ground table they want to sell me for cheap? Or can someone tell me where to find one retail? I'm trying out a zen theme in my apartment and I want simple furniture. I was thinking a sushi table and pillows instead of a couch. Anyway, if anyone has thoughts...
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the Vast World of Techno

Okay, I'll say it: most techno music SUCKS. I grew up listening to punk rock and generally stay clear of electronic music. BUTT! I'm trying to expand my horizons and experiment.

That said, there is some I really like. For example, I like the Run Lola Run soundtrack, and I have an old CD called Rabbit on the Moon, that's really good. I also like the slower, trippy stuff like Peace Orchestra and Air. it has soul, good beats, and doesn't grate my brain with loud sirens and crap like that.

First of all, I'm confused by all the house/trance/jungle terminology. How do I make sense of all the sub-genres?
Secondly, I know there's lots of good electronic music out there, can anyone give me some suggestions? There's so much out there it's hard to sift through and find the good stuff.
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so i'm living in northern california right now and am moving up to portland with my boyfriend in october.

we're looking for a house/apt. im a 20yr old, vegetarian-animal loving, "hippie"ish, i love indie or folk music. i'm into unique cute places to live (hardwood floors, painted walls, etc) and i have no idea what areas i should look in portland. any ideas?

i'm coming up at the end of august to look. any direction is appericated.

ps: if this isnt allowed here, take down the post. sorry!

(no subject)

Ok, I need help.
In the last year, the Denny's corporation has closed all of the locations in Vancouver save one, making the Mill Plain Denny's the only place that you can sit and drink coffee and smoke after 2 on the I-5 corridor for miles.
Now the Holland company is trying to bribe them to break the lease on the last Denny's standing, so they can bulldoze it and build a new Holland with a built in Burgerville drivethru... all non-smoking and perky.

I have met almost everyone I know at this Denny's. It has been a staple of my daily life for the last 7 years. I work swing shift, so switching to a bar isn't really an option, and I don't care for the atmosphere at Shari's.

Ok, here's the point. Last night I was given a number to call to leave messages for the Denny's Bigwigs, to convince them not to go through with this. They were planning on remodeling the building, but they are blinded by the money that the Holland is offering...

Help me call and try to save my Denny's. If you have ever been there, if you ever want to go there, if you just have 5 minutes to waste and want to do a nice thing... or if some sort of activism turns you on...

call 1-800-733-6697 and tell them that closing the last Dennys would be the end of the world.



Keller Auditorium?

Okay, stupid question since I am deprived and have never been there.

I am looking at tickets for a show over the next few months, and am wondering which seats are worth it? They have the orchestra, then first and second balcony? Is it small enough and designed so that even the furthest seats are still pretty good and worth it?

Or how far back is it worth going before they are just nose bleed and not able to see anything? I don't want to spend an astronomical amount, but I want to make sure I am not wasting my money on tickets and seats that will not be good.

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!!:)

Please stop with the tagging!

The fuck is up with this person and their tags? It's amazing to think that there are people who intentionally do stupid shit like this, just to annoy strangers. I’ll admit, at first I didn’t care but now I’ve had enough.


Maybe this is the "Tagger" who wants to move here from California getting his revenge on us.
Tank Girl

I missed something somewhere...

So, I have been trying to attach files and photos to my LJ posts and whatnot but can't seem to finger out how. I have read through all the help tools on LJ that I could find and must be missing something. I'm sure it's simple. I'm in tech support for fug sake. Anyone want to fill me in with out back handing me? Heh.
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Tank Girl

Oh yeah...

Anyone know the search name for a community like this one, but for Nashville TN? Or is there even one out there? I live here but have my reasons. Anyone?
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  • aideen

Thank you Portlanders!

Thank you so much everyone for your advice! I've found an apartment! And pending a background check (it'll be fine, just takes time) I'll be the proud new owner of a studio in downtown Portland.

To make my Friday even better, when I got home from talking with the apartment lady, I got a phone call and I have a new job that I start on monday that's literally Blocks from the apartment I'm hopfully getting!

Don't things usualy happen in 3's?

Maybe I'll get laid tonight....

A girl can hope!

Anyway, THANK YOU DAMNPORTLANDERS! You all provided me with the hope and resources to get past a really rough spot in my life. Once I get paid, I say let's go get drinks!
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This is an entry just posted so the tagger can tag it with every tag we've got. Have fun!

Edit: someone else put the vent tag on this. And all the tags are going away. Are the mods cracking down or something?
Rainy Day

old wives tale

anyone interested in coming with us to Old Wives Tale? For those not familiar with it - I hear it's tres family friendly (read: playroom for kids) and yummy food in a cheap to moderate price range. My three year old and I were thinking about checking it out tonight around 7ish?

lemme know:)
ophelia by nivi, 2012

tags and ghosts

alright. there is a mod for tags. that should work. as for the tag problem itself, contact lj authorities. i don't write codes with poor loopholes. i don't write codes! i used to have a decoder ring, but that just made me get secret messages from teevee.

anyway. who's going to see ghostbusters tonight at the square?
  • drjeff

In search of good thoughts...

I debated about whether to cross post this out of my journal, as it's pretty off-topic. But, it's important to me that thse people get as much good healing energy/good thoughts as you've got, so here goes.
Those of you who have been around here for a while are familiar with the ongoing saga of my best buddy John. He's the guy who took in his wife's Alzheimer's-affected mother for years, worked his ass off to make her life comfortable until she died, and then soon afterward found out that his wife, Connie, had very serious cancer. Connie had major surgery and appeared to have miraculously come out okay.

Well, I talked to him a while ago, and her cancer is back. With a vengeance, it seems. They will attempt chemo and all the other modern wonderfulness of cancer treatment, but I could hear a resigned tone in his voice. He had just learned four days ago that his father's cancer had returned, they had adjusted to that, and then the big C-bomb was dropped on his head again yesterday.

I'm a big boy, and probably more pragmatic than most when it comes to stuff like this. I so clearly remember holding him in the waiting room as he sobbed after Connie's surgery, telling him that it was going to be okay. I understand that there are actuarial certainties in the world, and that a certain percentage of us are going to vanish before our time, whatever that is.

That point was driven home clearly when I lost my friend Greg. He wasn't even forty. Connie's in her mid-40's, about MY age. Others have gone before. More will go somewhere on down the road.

Today, though, it just feels shitty to hear that kind of news over a little cellphone earbud and not have any idea what the fuck to do. As if there was something I *could* do. We make all these little sentimental offerings over in the corner while the cold presence of death fills the rest of the room. Then we retreat into our own room, filled with light and warmth. I guess part of the deal is that we just need to leave our door open and let some of that light and some of that warmth spill out, and in the process warm up that room that someone has just left vacant.

They will tolerate whatever it is that they have to. They always do. I'm so very unsure whether Connie's going to make it out the other side this time, though. Everyone is unsure. And I offer whatever I can to them, in full knowledge that my little gifts sustain life on some level, in some little way. They always do.

Maybe it's traditional to end a grim soliloquy with a prayer request. I'm here to tell you that I don't believe in that. If you do, please feel free. But, whatever you do, take a minute to tell someone that it matters to you that they exist. That's my offering for today. Let them know that it matters.

Everyone moves on. But, don't let them pass you by on their way elsewhere without a nod to their presence. Sometimes that's all it takes.
best friends

hey ladies!

where can a poor college student go to get her waxing needs taken care of? like a bikini and maybe throw in some legs and some pits? i'm tired of being hot, sweaty and stubly. gross. help me out please!


I don't know if I posted this already or not, bad memory. Anyhow, does anyone know if they are selling Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy live action figures. If so, I will reward you with much geekiness.


The tagging epidemic continues...

Why is everyone so concerned about people tagging other people's entries anyway (I'm genuinely curious, as I don't know much about tags)? Scrolling through the past 5 or so entries, it seems the tags that have been given to all the entries are, for the most part, appropriate based on the content of them. Is there something I'm missing here?

Oh, and please tag this. kthx.