August 4th, 2005

Applying for the Oregon Health Plan

Soooo, I wrecked my bike last week and broke my clavical. I don't have health insurance, and I think OHSU signed me up to get a packet for applying for the OHP. The problem is, I work under the table and barely scrape by. There are sections of the application that ask about assets and checking accounts and income to be claimed. Do I fess up and fill out the Self Employment Income forms? I don't want to take unfair advantage of this thing, but I don't want it to bite me in the ass either. Advice on this would be gratefully accepted.

just came here

so i just moved to portland from los angeles and its a change but heres my deal im a painter or graff writer and wanna know if porland has any legal spots and if any one can hit me up on the low low about some yards and what not that would be dope

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so my boyfriend and i are thinking it might be time to look into getting a smaller sized dog. probably under 25 lbs.

what's a good dog for apartment living? any breeds you swear by? are you moving to europe and have to give away your small well-behaved cat-friendly dog sometime soon?

let me know.

Ra Ra Ra?

Are there any retired cheerleaders out there who would be willing to give/let me borrow their pom poms? I've got some friends on a kickball team and I've volunteered to be the cheerleader, I desperatly need some pom poms. I'm willing to make them and I'll probably have to do so but if someone has some that I can use that'd be rad.

And yes I've checked craigslist and am hunting the thrift stores.

Go Team!


For those of you familiar with Buddhism or Japanese Culture, you've heard of Obon, the festival of the dead. Oregon Buddhist Temple is having an Obon festival this Saturday from 2:30-9p. I'm planning on going since I haven't danced the Bon dance since I lived in Japan. Spread the word to those you think might be interested.

Additionally, there's a practice going on tonight at 7p.

Oregon Buddhist Temple is located at:
3720 SE 34th Ave & Powell
Portland, Oregon 97202

If you have questions, call Oregon Buddhist Temple at (503)234.9456 or visit them online at

And yes, this is the festival that is depicted in Karate Kid Part II. But with no fighting at the end.

So Gay

I love you guys

Can I just say how much I love the total lack of tolerance for and level of snarky-ness toward grammar-deficient, slang-dropping, tag-arting Cali-transplants?


I love you damn Portlanders!
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Burning Man Ticket for sale

I have an extra Burning Man ticket...
If you're planning on going and don't have a ticket yet, save yourself some cash and buy mine!

I'm selling it for $200, which saves you $50 + shipping.
I can meet up anywhere in PDX metro area.

** burn burn burn **
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wine and cheese

i was curious if anyone was interested in accompanying me to First Thursday around the lower portion of NW later tonight. i live on 4th and enjoy the galleries around there. i also need to pick up my paintings from backspace and perhaps check out that roof top exhibit at the Everett Station Lofts. if this sounds remotely interesting let me know.


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Beerchan 2 - from Iconhell

Looking for a

Coffee shop that is smoker-friendly. No, really, I have a friend coming to visit and I'd like to take her somewhere where we can beat the heat - inside. I have lots of places I could take her that she can smoke outside...but inside? I know of no such animal.

Downtown is great, westside is ok...

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(no subject)

I need to get some small frisbees and a few water guns on my lunch break this afternoon. Does anyone know of a place downtown (the closer to PSU the better as I only have an hour) that would have those things? Thanks!
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Best Thrifting?

I have a friend who's coming to visit from NYC. she's a crafty/thrifty type, and has been salivating over thrifting in Portland. I tried to tell her that thrift stores here are picked over because of our high ratio of youngsters/hipsters to other demographic, but her salivating is unswayed. I haven't been thrifting very much in the last few years, so ... Best places for her to find great deals?
I think Value Village and Goodwill tend to be overpriced.

I also heard a rumor taht the Bins moved. Is it still in the same spot (across 99 from the Acropolis)??
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room with two cool girls!

My housemate and I are looking for a third roommate. Rent would be $300 plus 1/3 utilities. Unless you want the garage, then we might shuffle things around a bit.

Our house is three blocks south of Alberta, so obviously a cool neighborhood. The house is really cute--the previous occupant was an old lady who lived there for 60 years, and took care of it well. There are lots of cute fixtures and built-ins.

Your room is pretty small, but the rest of the house is huge. It's two stories plus a basement finished enough to store a lot of your extra stuff.

housemate and i are friends from high school. two cool girls making it on their own. we'd love for the right person to join our world-domination plottings.

no smoking or pets, please.

questions? email me or comment.

hello, neighbors.

hello. im joining this community, as i am a portlander and ive noticed a few of my friends post to this community. well, i dont know what to say really...ive lived in surrounding areas of portland for 20 years (my whole life) and going downtown is one of my favorite occasions. i mostly like hawthorne and burnside, but anywhere is cool. when i was 15-17 i used to go to shows all the time at places like the paris theater, the b-complex, and the meow meow (now the loveland?!). i buy all my musical instruments in portland at trade-up music, mostly because i like the people there and they always have unique things in stock. recently i have purchased an electric guitar (ibanez roadstar) and a banjo from there. for the past two years ive been commuting between here and st paul, MN, where i go to school. i think i like portland the best, haha. anyway, no one wants to know all this stuff, but im bad at introductions, and if you want to talk, just leave a comment :)

ps my icon is me smoking chamomile tea whilst listening to bo hansson's "lord of the rings," hahah....
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Willamette Writers Conference?

Anybody going to the Willamette Writers Conference this Fri/Sat/Sunday? There's always eight workshops happening at once, and I can only be in one at a time. I'm looking to swap notes/handouts on sessions I miss, particularly in the Fiction, Film, and Business tracks, in exchange for notes from the ones I attend. Anybody else want to divide and conquer?
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(no subject)

Is anyone doing this

I'm just curious, really. I'm considering it but not sure if I want to stay up all night doing this, not to mention the organization I would have supported pissed me off so I don't know who else I'd really like to support. I'm more interested in organizations that help working families that can't make ends meet, you know, like people who are working and can't make rent or utilities, yet only make $5.00 too much to qualify for welfare assistance.

Anyway, I'm not sure I have the energy to pull this off, I'm mostly curious if anyone else is planning on it, and if so, what organization are you supporting?
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Got a show tonight!

Hey kids, if you're 21 or over and want to see some free music tonight, come down to the Doug Fir Lounge and see The Turn-Ons, The High Violets, and The Charm Particles.

We're all kind of in that space-dream rock thing. It's free, it's air conditioned, and well, it's always nice to meet people from LJ.

See you later!

Attn DP women: Please sign this petition, Guys welcomed also

There's a bill called the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act which will require insurance companies to cover a minimum 48-hour hospital stay for patients undergoing a mastectomy. It's about eliminating the "drive-through mastectomy" where women are forced to go home hours after surgery against the wishes of their doctor, still groggy from anesthesia and sometimes with drainage tubes still attached.

PLEASE!! Sign the petition via the web site below. You need not give more than your name and zip code number.

This takes about 2 seconds. PLEASE PASS THIS ON to your friends.

Think healthcare coverage is equal? Are your birth control pills covered? No, with 99% of the insurance companies, they are not.... BUT, without so much as a second's debate, Viagra IS.
kurt che


When you finally put in your appearance at Multnomah County Traffic Court, TRY TO WEAR SOME NICE FUCKIN' THREADS.

Going to court to defend your speeding ticket whilst clad in a Blazers jersey & camo shorts doesn't really help your case, son. Nor does wearing jeans and a top low enough to let them titties show.

i swear ta God, HALF the friggin' court was rocking the sub-casual look.

(no subject)

Sun tea...the balcony gets a lot of morning sun and I've only really opted for Lipton bags. Anyone have choice suggestions in tea that could stand to steep a bit in the summer shine?

edit 8/4/2005: hey all thanks for the suggestions ; ) I still haven't put together a batch but know I've got some options to play with.
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In need of meeting/confrence room to rent

I need to find a confrence or meeting room in the Portland/Tigard/Wilsonville area. It needs to be able to hold atleast 100 people, doesn't need catering but ok if it's offered. It does need to be somewhat on the nice side, not some room in the corner of a basement :)
I would like (preffer) this place to have a bar in the same building, or offer bartending services. I might also hire my own bartender if this is allowed. I've called the Holliday Inn but they are a bit pricy. Thanks for the help in advance!

mutant fest

Just got an invite out of the blue to go spend the weekend at Mutant Fest.

Is anyone going? Has anyone been before? I've been to my share of Rainbow gatherings and Earth First rendezvous and such, so I'm OK with living like a hippy in the woods. But I can't possibly assemble all the tools and gear I need to be self-sufficient by tomorrow afternoon. Should I really expect to provide my own food, dig my own shitter, and be prepared to fight fires at the drop of a hat?

It sounds like fun, but I don't want to go if I'm a drain on other people.
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(no subject)

Poll #546141 Dating Again

How long should a person wait to date after a terrible break up?

Just stay away from the opposite sex from now on
1 year or more
6 months to 1 year
3 months to 6 months
1 month to 3 months
No set time, whenever you feel ready

What are the signs that show a person is ready to date again after a heartbreak?

How often should a person date someone to keep things at a casual level?

1 time monthly
2 times monthly
3 or 4 times monthly
A few times a week
Every day if you want

Is it ok to date more than one person at a time?

Yes, as long as you are upfront about it.
Yes, as long as they never find out about each other.
Sure, but don't expect any of them to stick around long.

Where do you typically meet people to date?

Bars/ Clubs
Grocery Stores
Online (chat rooms)
Dating services (online or otherwise)

If other, where?

Have you ever found lasting love through the internet?

Never tried

How long does it take you to fall in love?

What are some good ideas for a first, second or 3rd date?

What is the best dating advice you can give someone?

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printed history

does any one recall the service/site that will create a bound verison of your livejournal? i've been keeping a journal for a friend that's traveling (collecting emails, phone messages) etc. and want to present it to her when she returns.