August 3rd, 2005


I am in need of a moving truck!

And I was wondering if any of YOU fine people knew of:

1. The cheapest place to rent a truck.
2. Any deals that may be going on.
3. A good place to get boxes.

I live in Gladstone, and I only need to move what is essentially a 1 bedroom apartment - full living room, full dining room, 1/2 kitchen, full bed and bath.

I am sad - I have to leave my current residence that I like so much. :(

Any information is GREATLY appreciated! You guys rock!!!

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My fellow Portlanders, what do you call the highways?

So, I was looking at this Wikipedia article about American English. And in the section about California English it points out that in LA, people tend to insert the word "the" in front of their highway names. Hence, "take the 405 to the 101 to the 5." This would be in contrast to the non-LA no-"the" method: "take 101 down to San Jose."

What weird to me is that it also claims that this "the" terminology can be found in Porltand. I had thought we didn't say that here, but I'm not even sure anymore because I'm an LA transplant who picked up the "the" thing after four years of living there.

So I ask you, if you were to give someone directions from, say, Multnomah Village to the airport, would it be "take the 5 to the 84" or "take I-5 to I-84?" Or would it be something different? And is it the same for interstates and non interstates, or do you have different terminologies. And do any of you actually say Sunset Highway? 'cause I think that's goofy.

(And no, please don't give me different directions, I'm asking you about the "the" thing here.)
fuck it

Home needed for 2 teenage Cats

Before you say it, I have already tried Craigslist and a few local papers to no avail.

I am moving to Louisville, KY in the next few weeks and am unfortunately not able to take my cats with me. I have two, on male, one female. Kiku (the male), is fixed, with a black coarse medium coat and deep orange eyes. Ame (the female), has not yet been fixed, and is a turtle shell calico with extraordinarily soft fur of also medium length. Both cats have always been indoors, but are Very friendly, very loving and good with kids and can handle a high traffic house, should you be the type to have lots of friends coming over, etc. Kiku is 2 years old and ame is 1 1/2 years old. I am getting desperate to find them a good home and really would like them to go together since they've only known each other since i've had them. It would break my heart to have to take them to the humane society...who knows what would happen of them? I know i'm taking a risk here, but as I said I'm getting desperate and it's down to the wire. If you or anyone you know can take in my cats and give them a loving home, I would appreciate it. Please contact me @



Not this again...

Okay. I'm gonna be back in Portland in a September (I'm overseas now) ... And when I get back I want to get employed ASAP. It's gotta be punk-style-friendly and not involve driving, and ideally it would be full-time and a least a little above min-wage. I'm not too picky, but I would prefer to steer clear of telemarketing (though in-bound/survey is not such a big problem).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE warehouse/assembly work anything mind-numbing, and repetitive, but you're left alone and you can wear headphones is choice in my book. Though these jobs often have the problem of being way out of town... I don't drive, and having to ride the bus over an hour one-way makes me a little sad, but is not impossible (I plan to live in inner Portland, again).

So, Portlanders, I know there are a lot of places that fit these requirements hiding out there. Point em out? Put in a good word?

(I might be on the breaks with MSI and NW Staffing, I'm not sure.)

(Oh, and bonus points for seasonal positions! Like, say, through January, or so...)

Thanks thanks thanks!

(no subject)

My girlfriend and I are going to be coming up to PDX to move into our new apartment in about two weeks, and it would be really helpful if we could find a rental car company who doesn't have that silly "must be 25 years old" rule in their rental agreements. Anyone know of a place two twenty year old girls could procure a car for a few days?

And while we're at it, does anyone have any experience with semi-cheap moving companies that would be willing to pick up some items that are being stored in Eugene and drive them up to Portland for us? While not having a car isn't a problem in day to day life (especially in PDX) this whole moving furniture thing and being under 25 has us a bit stumped on where to begin.

Thanks so much!

And now presenting


august 5th thru 7th @ the Loveland

over 40 local bands, line up can be seen at

Viva Voce friday night
All Girl Summer Fun Band Saturday night
Point Juncture, WA Sunday night

and much, much more...
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i know, i know, this doesn't have to do with portland.

but what do you know about wilsonville?

no, i don't want to move there. i'm just curious what the general opinion is.

ok, so i think i'm more interested in knowing what the people are like and what the general feel of the place is. thanks for letting me know there's a fry's there, though :)

Now I'll tell you something YOU don't know!

Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday's game of TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW.

Here are the results:

Everyone recieves 58 points, as this is the number of messages in my junk mail folder this morning.

Everyone who has two or more vowels in their username gets 116 points; this is the number of comments I had this morning when I checked on the status of my little game.

Also, I have divided each person's score by 3, as this is the number of actual interesting facts I was given.

I then multiplied everything by the number of toenails my mom has (which, by the way, is eight).

Then I added 4 points to my score because...well, it's my game and I can do whatever I want!

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WANTED: New Friends without Gender Hang-ups or Mad Drama

My roommate, luciangrey, and I just dumped our batch of dramatic friends, and are looking for interesting new people to hang out with.

We'd like to meet intelligent, creative, passionate, respectful, gay/trans-friendly folks who like good conversation, the occasional drink or three, who don't mind children (we have a two year-old), aren't heavily into drugs and can appreciate warped senses of humor.

About us:

We're very social creatures, and thrive on coversation. We love hearing new points of view and perspectives. We're respectful of differing opinions and open-minded. We've both recently gotten out of traumatizing long term relationships, and are just looking for some good company and limited drama. We're laid back and hella fun. (That's what the kids say these days, right?)

He is a 22 year old ftm transexual with a two year-old daughter. I'm a 20 year old queer (in all senses of the word) female with an 11 year old black cat.

We're greatly looking forward to meeting new people, so leave a comment, and let's talk good times and even better company.
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(no subject)

Hey guys.. random question I know but there was a person that posted here about moving from Phoenix and I had a few questions for them since I'm moving down there in February.

Or if ANY of you have lived there.. I'd like some info. Thanks again.

And um.. just to be Portland related.. woo I love this hot weather :D
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I'm totally lost =(

Hey, um....just moved here and I'm completely lost. The large amount of reading and inquiring about the city I did ahead of time has gotten me positively nowhere. I realize a post like this pops up every few days but if anyone has any ideas for fun things to do around town please feel free to throw them this way. Mostly just looking for decent bands to see or nice smoker-friendly cafe's/pubs. Not that it really applies to me anymore but decent Ind/goth club nights are also helpfull. Thanks guys

Calling all mid-90s HC kids

OK, there has to be someone on damn portlanders who still has a copy of CHOKEHOLD's cd. right? right, guys?

i'm going through a fond of yesteryear period and there are several items of my musical past that are gone forever. i'm hoping those good ol' canadians aren't one of them.

anyone have it?

(i already have a copy of the instilled 7"... i'm looking for the CD they released on Bloodlink with the big X on it)

good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

(no subject)

Does anyone have any information on rental assistance for Washington County?

I've already called:

Community Action
neigborhood house (none)
william temple house (none)
portland impact (none)

My fiance's unemployment got cut and they made him do an additional waiting week so we are running especially low on money this time around. If anyone knows of a good resource please let me know!!! :) Thanks so much!


(no subject)

Hey everyone...quick question:

A friend of mine is in town from Eugene and is looking for a good pet shop to purchase a pair of ferrets. Where would you suggest that she go? I know PetCo has them, but...well, PetCo is kind of skank. If you know the general location or the phone number or something, that would be awesome too. Thanks!

sale and re-sale

Moving up to Seattle soon and have a few things to lighten the load.

King size bed frame.
We paid $250 for it new. We WERE asking $125 for it, but our buyer fell through. Now we are willing to lower the price to $100 OBO since we really need to get rid of this thing before we move in two weeks.

It is still in great condition. Please buy this from me!

Feel free to contact me through email, regarding these items only.

pictures of item at
x-posted to craigslist (obviously)

(no subject)

i've been quite broke, and of the morally deficient sort that sometimes steals music. so i've been horribly remiss in getting acquainted with portland's record stores. i have a good idea of places i should check out, but i want to know specifically:

where should i start if i want to pick up some quality indie hiphop? rhymesayers, quannum, def jux, anticon...

oregon is my home, and is superior to minnesota in a lot of ways, but damn do i miss having the rhymesayers store right. over. there.
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To the person(s) randomly adding tags to posts (especially ones that don't make sense), you're an ASS.

First, no one else (but the mods, I presume) can remove the false tag.
Second, when someone goes to search for something via the tags, they're gonna get a lot of random crap.

Thanks for helping me remember why I hate people.

(only tags that *should* be on this post are: "blogging, community, complaint, opinion, tags, vent")
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Genderfly Fashion Faux

So, I know every awesome event EVER (Zine Symposium, PDX POP) is happening this weekend, but if you're bored this Friday you should check out this absolutly radtastic benefit show at the Bossanova. There's going to be DJ's (DJ Spike, DJ Eric) and dancin and bands (T-Rexxa, The Del Toros, Cathole) and a performance by Sissyboy and 25 gorgeous folk modeling clothes from Naked City. The show runs from 8-12 and it's $7 at the door, all of which goes to Basic Rights Oregon. Oh, and there's going to be a dance party after the show! Really now, how could you not come?
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(no subject)

Where can I find black latex gloves? I used my friends last one, and apparently they're some hot commodity that she stole from her ex, so I promised I'd get her more. Now, where do I go to get them, any ideas?
i dance like david b

Hellooo Portland!

Yes, I just moved here, too! From the sweltering heat of hell, er...Indiana. So, I thought I'd say hello to you all.
Indiana is 100 degrees with 99 percent humidity right now. So, I don't think I'm going to miss the midwest. Ever. (who said it was hot here?)
You all should know something I have noticed from this community: You Are Awesome (even when you're grumpy), what's up with that?
Anyway, Hello!
I don't know too many people around here, so if you promise not to be creepy, it would be cool to hang out with more than the five people I know.
Happy Wednesday!
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health insurance is too damn expensive, but i feel more at ease when i have it

uh i was a dip several months ago and cancelled my health insurance because i didn't see the point in paying the premium ($120/mo with a $1,000 deductible) when i rarely go to a doctor outside of school or the planned parenthood clinic and could put it to better use. well, i've changed my mind and would like to get insurance again just to be on the safe side (and because i'd like to go to the doc again and have some tests run and also see if i can get a freakin assessment of why i get migraines as often as i do considering my life isn't too stressful). i used to go with regence blue cross blue shield of oregon and i'll go back to them if it's my last resort, but i'd like to know what you fine people have for coverage, how much ya pay for it and who ya go through before i make up my mind. ideally it'd be nice to get some dental insurance coverage though that's really a bonus but more importantly i'm hoping to find something which covers mental health as well (i've got some things i need to work through and feel it'd be best to have the help of a professional in my endeavors). thanks so much in advance to all of you!
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Damaged 1988 VW Fox for parts or to fix up: $250

Howdy all. I'm selling my 1988 VW Fox wagon, which has recently been in an accident, for anyone who would be interested in a fixer or for parts. The car has some front-end damage, as well as a radiator fluid leak. It still runs & drives; however, due to the radiator leak, the engine will overheat quickly, so the car would have to be towed. The mileage on the car is about 218,600 (although I can't guarantee the accuracy, since last driven, the tachometer & speedometer showed greater-than-actual mileage & speed).

Misc. facts:

  • Damage to front end: Hood, grille, left headlight, and left fender
  • Engine still runs well
  • The clutch is still good, although it is getting old and may need replacement soon
  • Oil leak recently fixed
  • * Techtonics cat-back exhaust system installed December '04 (these are designed for higher performance)
  • * New catalytic converter installed December '04
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • The original restrictive "donut" exhaust gasket was replaced with the equivalent non-restrictive version (August '04)
  • Blaupunkt AM/FM/Cassette stereo included (but not installed) - I believe this is the original stereo that VW provided with these cars.
  • Owner's manaual included
  • Oil changed regularly, every 3 months, since I've had it

I've also kept a record of service since I've owned the car. I'm selling it to anyone who would want to part it out and sell it or maybe fix it up to be driven. Asking $250. For pictures, see this link. The damage is seen in the pictures.

PSA: Listen up, you cretins.

Dear Portland Drivers,

That solid white line on your right designates a bike lane, not a turn lane. I don't even ride a bike, but if one more fool zooms up the bike lane to make a right turn, I may spontaneously combust.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

P.S. I find it hilarious that the background music on the Bite ads is "Blister in the Sun."
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Hoping I can get some help from some damnportlanders... I have a friend that was living with her guy and had put pretty much all the trust in him. He ended up hitting her and she did the right thing and got out.

Now she has nearly no money, 2 cats and no where to live. I used to be able to help people in this situation when I was living in a house but now it's just not a possiblity. Does anyone know of any places that could take her, and her cats in and help her find a job and get back on her feet? I'm at a loss I know she's looking for a couch to sleep on but I know thats an unreasonable request to ask of a stranger. I feel bad because I really am helpless... I'm hoping some of you might have a good suggestion.


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