August 2nd, 2005

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Me: Light skined geeky earth boy at the Space Room Longue.

You: Interstellar hottie with eight arms and bright green skin. You left in your saucer before I could get your digits.

Is your mixed connection in SPACE?
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Fall Hap

Support Groups...?

Short background:
I have a friend who was adopted as a young child. The father really wanted her, but her adoptive mom did not. The father later died. Pan ahead about 30 years later and imagine a terrible, manipulative relationship between the mom & daughter where the daughter still has that "I really want to please my mom" issue, while the mom constantly degrades her, controls her, and makes her feel worthless. She has tried to break off the relationship several times, with no success, so she needs a new approach.

* Can anyone recommend support groups for adult adopted children, adults who were abused as children, or adults who have psycho moms? She is anti-psychologist, but I got her to agree to join a group.
* Are there any books anyone would recommend to someone in this situation, or a really good one that deals with adopted children as adults?

Thank you!
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Street Cleaning

Ok, so I seem to have lost my brochure about street cleaning in NW Po, and can't find it anywhere. I know it's imminent! I don't want to get towed (again), so do any of you know when they are, or know where a brochure might be online somewheres? Thanks!
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I currently live in northeast ohio and am considering moving to portland in a few months. I am coming oregon for a visit in a few weeks and I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions on some cool places I should check out while I am there. I'm not really looking for tourist stuff, more like stuff that would give me an idea of what day to day life in the city is like. Like cheap restaurants, dive bars, bookstores (especially feminist bookstores), etc. Also, I know that Portland is open-minded and tattoo-friendly, but if there are any specific places where kids with body mods like to hang out, I would definitely like some info on that. Thanks guys!

portland related because.. it is!

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Here is where you come in..

anyone know of any funny sites, game sites that dont require me to download anything, creepy video sites, odd news feeds, anything.. ANYTHING that can keep me occupied while I tough it out the rest of the day, extending through the week (not allowed to work until thursday at the earliest)

I really wish I didnt live in the middle of nowhere, I'd kill for a pizza right about now.
Yeah, and my roommate is off working, and all my friends are either off working, or on vacation.
I've got to use a lotion applicator reach extender thing to put the burn cream and aloe on my back.

help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

my sanity thanks you for preserving it for even just a few precious... precious moments.
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yesterday i was heading north on se 12th ave towards hawthorne on my bike when i notice a black car veering in towards me. there is nothing i can do, to my right is nothing but an endless row of cars parked along the side of the street, and to my left is this nice black car that is slowly veering in. in a panic i quickly look to my left to see what the hell is going on when i see nothing but a left hand reaching up to the steering wheel, blindly driving. i looked down and saw that she had her head buried in the passenger seat floorboard, ruffling through a bunch of shit looking for something. i realized if i dont get her attention that i would be crushed against a line of parked cars. in a fit of total fucking rage at this point, i kicked her car as hard as i could, causing a huge dent in the passenger side door (i knew those heavy duty shoes would pay off). she bounced up with a startled look and i gave her the finger and mouthed "cunt" to her.

and jesus must really love me because by the time i got to hawthorne she was there at the red light. her passenger window was down and i said "are you off your fucking meds? you almost killed me" ... and what does she reply with? "WELL EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!"

yeah, like i was so out of line for not wanting to die. fucking dicks need to shut their dicks.

as someone who has biked around portland and seattle for some time, i can say about 85-90% of the drivers are intelligent beings who are capable of steering a vehicle. its the other 10-15% who seem to be so fucking stupid that they couldnt even muster up the braincells to mash on their keyboard until aol connects and puts them on livejournal, so none of you worry.

are there stupid bicyclists out there? yes. do stupid bicyclists generally kill drivers? no. do stupid drivers kill (or at least critically injure) bicyclists. load and see how many times its happened this week alone. if you drive a car, you have a greater responsibility. its the same reason you need a captains license to run a large vessel but you dont need shit to ride a skateboard.

driving a car is no joke, it is a HEAVY piece of metal and it can fuck shit up if you are a moron. i know some people feel its 100% necessary to change their limp bizkit cds midway through their car ride, and other people feel its CRITICAL that they apply more mascara and blush while driving with one hand, but honestly, your music still sucks, you're still an ugly bitch and you'll always be a fucking moron.
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How should I finish my BS degree?

I will start getting an education benefit in three months, and I want to spend the money to get my bachelor's degree.

I have three years of physics at U of O, very old credits (late 80's). I don't want to finish physics per se (I'd have to start over to do that, basically). I just want a general science degree.

I work full time, so after hours/online is a must.

I have looked into Univ. Of Phoenix (not very good accreditation), AIU (expensive as hell) and Marylhurst (expensive, but will take old credits I'm told).

Anyone out there done this? How did you do it? Are you happy with the program?
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Hey there Portlanders - I'm in need of some help over here... I have a list of maybe 30 addresses all in the Portland area (including suburbs) and would like to compile them all together on a map. I'd like to go the easy route and just plug the addresses into a website/software program and have them map it out and put a little dot/placemarker on the spot. I've tried Google maps, Yahoo, Mapquest but they all seem to only allow for one or two addresses only.

Do any of you know any mapping website online or a software program I can download (free! I'm pretty broke) to do this sort of thing? I'd appreciate any leads! Thanks!
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iTunes wizards!

The recent question about iPods and iTunes reminded me of a question that I cameup with recently. I'm running iTunes on a Mac, of course, and I like to make mp3 cds for my car. I've made 5 or so now, but there have been some issues. Sometimes when I burn the cd it will put all the songs into one master folder, leaving me to push the track skip button like and epileptic to find the right songs. Other times, seemingly at random, it will actually put each individual album of songs into its own folder, which is ideal. I just can't seem to figure out how to make it go one way or the other. Does it depend on how the playlist is organized (i.e. by Artist, Album, etc.) or is it something else?

While we're at it, is there a way to get the file info (title, artist, album) to display on my Pioneer mp3 CD deck? I can read the actual file names, but not the rest of the information (for example, instead of saying "Scissor Sisters" for the folder name, it's just blank). Does this have anything to do with and ID3 tag? If so, how do I get the iTunes song info converted to ID3 files?


just curious...

Poll #544604 weekends

When do you have your weekend?

Saturday and Sunday
Sometime during the week- for example: Tuesday and Wednesday
Halfway- Friday and Saturday; or Sunday and Monday
I only have one day off a week; or my days off are not together
weekends? everyday is a weekend! I don't have a job.
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for those in the long ago past who requested to be updated on my work status ... here it is:

this girl here? employed. starting tomorrow.
the earth shall be spared. thank you, you blessed employer.

as for hopefullyemployedsoon job seekers still out there, i saw in the nw part of town;
tully's coffee, three monkeys, urban outfitters, and a li'l market on west burnside/19thish were hiring.

now i can relax and just work. job hunting is not fun. godspeed to the unemployed.

Beader's meetup/gathering

Tonight @ Cafe Suena, I am going to make a necklace and perhaps help some other people with necklaces/beading. Should be pretty fun.
When: 8:30
Where: Suena Cafe is at 3930 N.E. Hancock St. in NE Portland Hollywood district
Bring: BEADS + tools, if you want me to give you a little help with wire work go here for supply information.

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Poll #544685 car stereo/CD player poll

which car stereo option/configuration has worked better for you?

portable CD player plugged into casstte driver device
stand-alone fully-installed CD player
other (please explain/describe)

what brand/make/model of car stereo/CD player has worked for you?

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I am moving to Portland soon. I am in need of an apartment downtown on the PSU side of the river but I have poor credit so I need an apartment complex or building that can deal with this. Any suggestionz are appreciated. thanxs
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I heard there was a coffee shop in wilsonville where kids were welcome and there were toys to play on....does anyone have any idea what the name of it is? location? I'm looking on citysearch and I'm not having much luck.
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Looking for a housecleaner

I've got a small apartment (the basement of a house), but I'm a messy person and can't keep it clean myself.

Does anyone know of someone who would be willing come clean for a few hours every few weeks for about $15/hour?

I'd really like someone with a personal touch, and someone who likes cats (and has cleaned places with cats).

Any suggestions?
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Work sucks today. Everyone keeps talking to me like I'm a little kid. So, to cheer myself up, I've made up a game. It's called, "Tell me something I don't know" To begin, press Collapse )

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Car Stereos

Inspired by the cd player poll post that was just made, I've decided to ask you wise Portlanders for advice, since my friends are NOT helpful. I have a 1984 Volvo 240 Stationwagon with the original stereo/cassette player in it. The cassette player is broken, so I can't plug a cd adaptor into it. The sound quality and reception is AWFUL. Two of the apparent six original speakers work(it might be just four but I remember counting six once). Both speakers are on the left side, as well, so I don't even have any balance. My friends have called the sound "tinny" among other things. I've owned the car for six months and am just sick of it. I want to be able to play my own cd's, have the sound be at least normal(if not great), and have a good radio reception. Looking at Best Buy and similar stores it's going to cost me about $300 to get a cd player and two speakers, after the installation costs etc. I personally am completely ignorant about car stereos and the like, and so far haven't found anyone who has the time to help me. Here's my question: Where do I go to buy these things for cheap, and get them installed for cheap? I dont necessarily need a cd player even, just a cassette player would work but at the places I've been looking they cost just as much as the cd players! Help?
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bubble tea

Where can I find Bubble tea downtown?

ETA: Thanks for all the recommendations. My friend and I went to Javaman and had mango bubble tea. It was only my second bubble tea ever, and my friend's first. We both really liked it.

Because I'm evil.....

My three bedroom apartment has a room opining up in mid-Sept if anyone's interested. 265$/month + appx. 70$ in utilities. We want someone who will stay to the end of the least which is February!! You'll need to beo n the lease which just means having proof of funds to pay the rent.

I have a small dog which is a dominant breed, so unless yours is submissive, no go on pets :D

The apartment is 8 blocks or so from the Lloyd center and on 3 bus lines (77, 9, 10) give me an email at princessbunny99 at gmail dot com if you're interested

lovesloves dp
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Hey Portlanders

I need your help. Is there housing that's close to downtown and/or by the max/bus and cheap! I mean Really cheap. It can be a month to month place, or a lease place, dosen't matter. I need to find an apartment in 3 weeks from today (deadline is the 21st).

Please! I need your help to find a place to live!

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Oh Fuck

Speaker Karen Minnis rewrites rules of democracy

(This is reposted from an e-mail from Basic Rights Oregon)

In a second Mid-Day Massacre on fairness for all Oregonians, Speaker of
the House Karen Minnis rewrote the rules of Democracy in Oregon,
cementing her supreme rule over the Oregon House of Representatives and
blocking a potential House
vote on civil unions and anti-discrimination legislation.

This move comes just one day before the Speaker is required to assign
HB 3508, the newest effort at enacting civil unions and
antidiscrimination laws, to a House Committee. Once in committee, under
the standard House rules, legislators
could have --by majority vote -- extracted the bill from committee
(bypassing the need for committee approval or the approval of the
Speaker) and allow an up or down vote on the bill on the House floor.

As a result of the Speaker's outrageous move, such options are banned
for the remainder of the legislative session. The rule of the Speaker
now outweighs even a majority of lawmakers.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle decried the maneuver as an abuse of power:

"This move flies in the face of the will of the majority and standard
parlimentary rule," said Representative Steve March (D-Portland). "This
is a tyranny move and I oppose such a move. It is not appropriate to do

"I want to note my concern about this rule change. I am very sorry that
it had to come to this," Representative Billy Dalto (R-Salem)

Represenative Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland): "This is an absolute outrage and a pure affront to the rule of the majority and the minority. As it stands now, the leadership of the House has absolute ability to stop any bill or any
vote from happening."

The rewriting of the rules is a done deal,

but don't let this brazen disregard

for democratic principles go unnoticed!

First, tell your lawmakers to take a stand against Minnis's political ploys!
Click here
to find your legislator and call now!

Next, send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. For
letter-writing tips and contact information for your local paper,
click here!

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In Need Of Perm Model

Looking in the mirror and pondering the desire for something new?
Just about sick with straight hair?

Let me play with your hair!
I'm a future hairstylist in need of a head to perm
on Sat Aug 6th around 10ish.

You'll look cute.
It'll be fun.
And, it's dirt cheap ($10)

Any takers? -sweet smile-

feral cats

okay, so as time goes by I get a little more anxious over this. no-kill shelters have been called, but no luck: my family is going through some rough times and the house is being sold. we have three cats. the place my mother might be moving in to will take cats, but one of the cats cannot move with her. she's a 9 year old, more than likely feral cat. we adopted her as a kitten from the Humane Society. she's been given nothing but love and is an adorable cat. problem is, she's scared of everyone, she's tiny and is prone to losing fur if she is put under too much stress. if we moved her, she wouldn't even be able to settle in the new place.

I'd desperately love to take her with me. problem is, I won't be anywhere where I could for at least 9 months.

so, the questions would be:

1) does anyone know of no-kill shelters that know a lot about feral cats? ones that are currently taking cats?
2) does anyone know someone who fosters feral cats or could adopt one? 3) anyone with knowledge of feral cats and such stressful situations that could possibly help us make it so she could be moved?

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I know that everyone probably has these, but I got a bunch of free passes to see a screening of Red Eye (Shitty looking Wes Craven flick) tomorrow night at Lloyd Center. I have enough for five people. Anyone want to join me? It starts at 7

Engagement pictures.

My fianceé and I are looking for places to get engagement pictures at. We're both trying to save money so something very affordable while still offering great quality is what we're looking for. We live in Hillsboro so the closer it is to there, the better. Anyone got some good places they want to share?