August 1st, 2005


mosaic glass

I need your help DamnPortlanders!

My mother is coming to visit on Tuesday, and I am on a mission to find this particular shop for her. She makes stepping stones and uses pieces of broken glass. There was this store that she remembered going to.

This is what I know (or what she remembers of it):
- She had gone to it almost 5 years ago.
- It was right on the river.
- In the back, you can buy every kind and color of glass out of buckets(?). It was a wholesale type of thing. It may have been outdoors.

Thats it. Do you know the place? Where could we start looking?
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I received an iPOD for my birthday today (I'm spoiled rotten and I know it, please refrain yourselves from reminding me), and when I uploaded it all onto my ipod, I noticed that it only converted some of my music to .mpeg (or whatever iPOD requires) and left most in .wma, which is how I usually have had it. The strange part is the stuff that did convert looks like all the stuff I DLed three years ago (when I did that kinda thing) and none of my favourite albums, ya know the things I actually paid money for, converted. I tried manually making Itunes import it, but it just refuses to see the music that exists outside of its file format. Do you guys know how I can get itunes to recognize it, or do I need some sort of converter? If I do need a converter, do you recommend a free one to DL?

Thanks in advance, x-posted to my own journal.
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Worky Work!

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Happy Monday! I only have to work today, tomorrow and a half day on Wednesday - and then vacation! Woot! Going to Trillium (sp?) Lake. I don't know where it is...I just go where the girlfriend tells me to. She lets me think I have a say in it...but I don't. ;) =)

Hey, what cool thing does your boss do for you? I hear all the time about how people hate their jobs. Let's hear some good things. Bosses aren't all bad!

Me? During the summer, he lets each employee (there's a total of 6 people) take one half day off each week - with pay. Christmas bonuses are at least a months pay. Usually during holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc) he will walk around and give everyone in the office a 100 dollar bill. The day before a holiday, or on a holiday he will either purchase food for us to eat in the office, or barbecue on the grill. Unlimited sick days with pay (as long as you don't abuse them). Two weeks vacation your first year. Matching 401k contributions. He pays for health insurance and dental insurance.

=) You?

And just because...

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a picture calls

Long Hair

I want to get a haircut! Can anyone recommend style's/pictures/salons that work with semi-curly (usually straightened) long hair w/ bangs. I want to keep it long. I was thinking about going to Kalista...but I don't have a clue what to ask them to do.
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Need *something* for kids to do...

My summer plans for the kids have fallen through.

I need somewhere for my 9 year old boy, 11 year old girl and 15 year old girl to go for summer activities for most of the day while I work. All the day camps at the nearest Community Center aren't going to work. We live out near 122nd and NE Fremont and I have to be at work at 7am so somewhere close to us would be best. (I mean I can't be waking them up at 5am so I can drive them to Tualitin or something.)

Does anybody have any ideas? Anyone need a 15 year-old volunteer to help them out? (Preferablly a business or non-profit organization)

I REALLY should have had a back-up plan....

I need a better job.

I'm looking for work that pays $8.50 or more an hour and offers a guaranteed at least 25 hours a week. $9 or $10 an hour would be ideal. I just cannot survive on minimum wage at 16-20 hours a week. Obviously I am aware of websites like Craigslist and I'm utilizing these in my search but it's worth asking the community in general if anyone is aware of a position to apply for that will help me with my objective. Any advice is appreciated.
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Where can I buy a BUNCH of tiny bottles of bubbles in Portland? You know, the kind you get at weddings. I've been to a few party stores already that don't carry them.

Thanks. :)

I know its monday....

but.. did anyone else see the weinermobile on stark st. on friday morning? (just got back from camping last night, so, this is the first chance I've had to post about it)

haha.. I wanted to get a picture of it, my boyfriend wanted to hunt it down and see if they give free stuff... but.. it was getting on the freeway. hehe..

I wonder what other sorts of strange food product "mobile"s there are out there.

I know I saw the goldfish cracker mobile once. it was parked at the gas station by my parents house last summer. hehe..

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Hey you all!

I am applying for some Americorps' positions, and might have to make a choice between some stuff.

Anyone have any experience working for Portland's city bureaucracy, specifically the Bureau of Environmental Services?

How about the I Have a Dream foundation?

Conversely, anyone heard anything second hand about either?
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UK music tomorrow at Tonic Lounge- $2

A friend playing tomorrow night at Tonic Lounge (

Portland has a vibrant DJ scene; but for grime, sub-low, and mash-up, there is one man – Craig Morton, aka MonkeyTek. MT moved to Portland from Sacramento a little over a year ago. Music collection is a big part of his life, and occasionally he comes out to put on a show, and for many of us - an educational experience.

MonkeyTek History:

MonkeyTek began DJing in 1996, although he has been collecting this music for over two decades. He began playing in Santa Cruz, then moved to Sacramento, and finally here in Portland. He plays occasionally at the Alberta Street pub, but keeps the grime and electronic music to a minimum to stay with the low-key feel of the bar. On August 2, at the Tonic Lounge, he will turn up all the levels.

more info:

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I'm sitting in a full day meeting. This sucks. Fortunately, I brought in my wireless network, plugged it into my office ethernet jack, and I can surf the web and stuff from the meeting room.

That doesn't make it any less b o r i n g.

How are all of you?
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Computer parts for salvage

My laptop is dying, slowly. If anyone wants any parts of it that are still usable, let me know.
More specifically:
- the wireless card is new. I could sell it for 50% of its price, or trade it for an equivalent usb-device that will work for a desktop computer.
- I need the desktop wireless card now. I could buy it from you, or trade it.
- I can give away the external keyboard, mouse, floppy drive, dvd-rom, power cord and maybe even the hard drive (but that's probably the part that died), all from a Dell inspiron laptop... for a small amount of money, favors, or desktop-compatible parts.
- I can throw in an old epson color printer (for free). And a system block for a pentium-2 desktop (for $40). And a pentium-2 compaq laptop (for $40).
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This won't be suitable for everyone but there is a job opening at 3 Monkeys ("Rockstar Apparel and Vintage Accouterments") on nw 23rd. Here's what they're looking for:

~minimum 1 year's (successful) retail experience; to work in women's fashion store.
~flexibility/availability Monday through Friday, which will be a requirement through Christmas.
~a friendly, positive and professional attitude and appearance; plays well with others.

You must apply in person with a resume, Tuesday through Friday, and ask to see the manager, "Chris". They will only consider the applicants with whom they can match a resume with a face, so be sure you get to the right person.

Good Luck!

A Poem

Ode to my Blue Shoptowel

You wring and you twist, so no job is too huge
You slide over my fridge and soak up the food spooge
I rinse you and wring you and wring you again
How could one paper towel be such a good friend?

Your cohorts and boasters of Brawny and Scott--
They shed next to you; you are what they are not!
You're more super-absorbent than Simpson's Stringettes
And you're dry by tomorrow's brand new cat-sick mess.

No flowers or teddies, nor kitsch scooby-doo
You're beautiful just as you are, baby blue.
Just one roll lasts for forever or three!
Though you're just woven paper, you're sexy to me.

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Dear Damnportlanders,

I am a honky with moderatly wavy hair. I generally wear it straight.

I am looking for a salon that can give me a temporary set. Not a perm.

I want a Marcell or a fingerwave.

I would like to know if any of you can recomend a good salon to me that can do this?
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one last request

Okay, this is a blast from the past, but where can I get glowsticks, ye people of the damned portland? I need 20 of them or so and I have no clue whatsoever where to look. Please and thank you :-)
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My aching back!

I'd like to find a yoga center or other facility in close-in SE Portland that offers yoga classes specifically for people with back problems. I've found that The Movement Center on NE 33rd has a class at times (not currently, apparently), but I'd like to know my options and see if there's something else near me. Yoga Union is nearby, but it looks like it specializes in heated yoga. Suggestions?