July 31st, 2005

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Camera geeks, I need your help!

I have a Olympus Stylus 400 digital camera and I've never ever had a problem with it until a few days ago. It's auto connect, so normally all I have to do is plug the USB in and my pictures show up. But NOW for some reason, I plug everything in and the lights on my camera flash like normal and the USB light on my computer comes on so I know it's being recognized on both ends but for whatever reason the little box that asks me which action I'd like to take never pops up, nor does the icon in My Computer.

SO! Tell me how to fix this! I can't live without my pictures.

Luggage Repair

Call it a good vacation: my suitcase came back absolutely thrashed. So that it's repaired right, for the next adventure, who in PDX specializes in luggage repair?
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7th Annual Drunken Clown Parade - Pie Fight Stag Party!

Knotty Klown!  is in Need of performers, volunteers, dancers, piecrusts and so on for a largish adultish clown oriented benefit to be held in portland oregon on the last saturday of october.
(event will include clown dancers, giant pie fight, prizes and of course the disco dancing)

If you are interested or have anythign to contribute, please email benefit@clownlist.com

thanks in advance!

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i'd like to go to a farmers market this morning, ideally somewhere within the SE area, and acquire lots of gorgeous quality organic produce for not a whole lot of money. does this exist? thankyou and have a nice day.


My friend just moved up here from california, and we need to find a good dentist....needs to have a crown done, and doesn't want to skimp on the quality. Any recommendations on a good dentist, anywhere in Portland is ok that can do this?
patsy stone thanxgiving

beeer yay

yay for beer festival. I'm assuming this is post #157567685 that has mentioned the beer fest. I got "happy" after one beer (the watermelon "flavored" one.) does anyone remember the brewery or the name of that beer?? I'll love you forever.


I haven't been to therapy since I was living with my parents and had health insurance, and it's time to go back. I have no idea how to go about finding one. Do you need a recommendation from a doctor or do you just call every listing in the phone book and see who you like best?
Do you know any therapists in the Hillsboro/Beaverton/Aloha area?

What about sliding scale places?

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Hi all

Does anybody else here go charity shopping, buy adorable clothes that are totally adorable, but a bit too big, and then despair because they bought them anyway!?


Wow, me too!!

(aka - would anybody be able to make any suggestions for a good place in Portland to get clothes altered? Preferably somewhere not out in the middle of nowhere like Hillsboro!)

Thanks so much!


Sewing Machine!!!

Does anyone have a sewing machine that I can sew a pillow with? I have two squares of fabric and I don't feel like handstiching this thing. It is not a huge project but a machine would be nice. I will bring you food and or a beer or two or something like that.
Thanks so much