July 30th, 2005



Has anyone taken the Basic Motorcycle Training at PCC? I'm wanting to get my Motorcycle license, and was wondering how one does this in the state. I got the manual, does that class qualify to help with that?



I have been wanting to organize some type of wire working/beaders gathering. I was hoping to do it at "Suena" in NE. There are plenty of comfy couches there. I would be happy to show any crafty people out there what I do. This would take place next Tuesday night @ 8:30. You would have to bring your own supplies*. Would you be interested?

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I didn't really write a unified essay today. But, fuck it, I mentioned Portland a few times. Forgive me if this is too much like a cross-posted personal journal entry. Well, it IS one. So, read if you wanna. Your mileage may vary. :)

I was going to write something about how I have a long post in me, and then I realized that sounded kinda like something that Dirk Digler's girlfriend would say during sex. Suffice it to say that I have not written enough lately, and there are things to be said. Things.

It's easy for a Portlander to get knocked off of one's groove in the summertime. For the first month of summer, we're not really sure whether it really is summer, mostly because it usually isn't. And, if it is, we don't trust it. We peer suspiciously at the sky, awaiting portents of coming rain. We bitch if we get rained on. We bitch if we don't. If it's hot, it's too hot. If it's cool, when the fuck is it going to get hot? We're either moldy or peeling from sunburn.
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Does anyone know anything about The Bluffs apartment complex in Milwaukie? It's on River Rd. I know Milwaukie can be kind of iffy... is it in a decent area? Anyone ever lived there/know anyone who does? I wanna know if I should plunk down $150 to hold the place. Just trying to get some extra opinions.


Back 2 Back Cafe Grand Re-opening

It's the " We were never really gone!" Re-Opening!

Music & Festivities start at 1pm and go all night.

1-3 pm: Singer/Songwriter Showcase
Open Mic
3-8 pm: Live Music with-
Alan Singley
Maria's Arcade
Cozeth & the Ilwacos
St. Abby & the Neverending Cockroachs of Doom
8 pm: Raffle of our fabulous wonderous mysterious
prizes. Tickets are only one hot dollar.
9-11 pm: Dance Party w/ DJ Shedd

Come check out the sexiest collective in town & our sexy
new paint job & enjoy our sexy new hours. Woot!

It's all happening at the (sexy) Back 2 Back Cafe,
located at 614 E Burnside. (SE 6th & Burnside)
503-233-1929 www.back2backcafe.org

Also featuring yummy veggie food and local microbrews.
We love you to love us. xo

shu mai, anyone?

Heya, does anyone know where I can get some good dim sum in Portland? The family's coming up and I'd like to take them to lunch. Preferrably somewhere nearish downtown, or easy to drive to. Bonus points if actual chinese people frequent the restaurant, as my family's made of food snob eurasians. (yay!) Thanks!
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Brew Fest!!

The beer festival rocked, although it made me realize that I've been of drinking age for 25 years. Shouldn't someone buy me a drink or something?

Any damnportlanders that I missed there? I was looking for y'all. Promise.