July 29th, 2005

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If you needed a new BASE level computer for school and really didn't want to pay much over lets say $400, where would you go to find such a thing?

She(myfriend) has already looked on Dell and likes this $299 one and blah but you have to order it off the website[I think] and she doesn't like the idea.

Give me ideas!

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does anybody know the web address to the greek cuisina? I cannot find it anywhere online. Also, has anybody thrown/been to a bachelorette party there before??

thanks!! have a good Friday :)

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My friends and i are wanting to head out to the beach this weekend for a little camping. Originally we were hoping to hit up shoresands just south of cannon beach, but that place is PACKED. We need a place with larger camp sites (there will be 11 or 12 of us), preferably not too far from the beach, not too densely populated (if possible), and we don't want to drive for four hours (we'll take hwy. 26 out and could go either north or south). We're all in our early 20's so the farther away from big family groups, the better. We will have our own water, so that isn't necessary, and bathrooms...well...we could go either way, but they aren't really important. So portland, where would you recommend for good camping?

***Edit: We just realized that why would we go to the beach when we could hit up Oregon hot springs? So, forget heading west. We're heading out east now. Oh, and I just called four different campsite places on the coast and out of those four, three had sites available for large groups (10-20 people)...so, if you're heading out to the coast this weekend, don't give up hope on finding a group site, you just need to head up to tillamook area

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I'm heading to see Bruce Hornsby at the zoo tonight and am wondering what I should bring, other than a picnic dinner.

Do you have to have close-to-the-ground chairs or are regular-height camp chairs ok?
What time would you recommend getting there for a 7PM show?
Are any of you gonna be there tonight?

Thanks DPers!

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This is my first summer in Portland and I'm looking for a good swimming hole! Any suggestions on where to go for a swim? I'm thinking like a river or a lake as opposed to the ocean...

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Hey everyone. My name is Aaron and I'm a 17 year old going to Sunset, and I've got a lot of time to kill during the summer. I figure that i should do something productive with my time but I know not what.

Anyone have any good volunteering suggestions? It needs to be something relatively in the area, something that wouldn't freak out overprotective parents, and (*sigh*) it would help if it was something that would look good on a college app. in the fall.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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2 bedroom apartment for sublet

Amazing views of downtown and the Park Blocks. Located on the 9th floor of Ione Plaza, right on the PSU campus.
We're going to Europe for 2 months (August - September) and are looking to sublet out apartment while we're gone.
Price is negotiable - make offer. Move in date flexible after July 31, but move out date will be by September 24.
If you have any questions, drop us a line: teal@pdx.edu.
located at 1717 SW Park Ave. at Montgomery

Edit: This apartment is unfurnished, except for a few possible items that can be arranged.
So Gay

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Has anyone else noticed if the button representing "Leave a comment" on their friends page is improperly linked? Mine links to my friends page, not the reply form. Maybe it's just a style error? Except that I haven't changed anything in a long time. Assistance? In order to post a comment, I first have to view the comments already left (even if there are none) and then click on "leave a comment."

EDIT: I checked with the Support page, and there have been issues both with certain versions of IE and with those using the Boxer style. Hmmm....

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Okay Portlanders, I need your advice.
How do you deal with having different work schedules than your significant other?
I haven't worked the whole time we've lived together (a year and a half) and I started watching my fiance's niece in our house just a month ago, but I'm having a hard time because I miss him so much, even though we live together.
He works Thursday - Monday, 10am-7pm. I work Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm. So after he gets home we eat and then he works out for an hour every night, and I got to bed at 10 or 11. We don't have much time to be together. On my weekend, I'm all by myself. On his weekend, he's stuck in the house with me and a 3 month old baby. (I'm 19 and he's 24, we don't want kids for a long time) We don't snuggle in bed anymore because I go to bed a lot earlier than he does. The only convienent time to have sex is on Saturday night, and that doesn't always happen. We're getting married next summer and I hope this doesn't tear us apart before hand.
I just want to know if there are other people in this same situation, and what they do to stay close to their S.O.
The only solution I can think of is either one of us needs to get a new job with the same schedule as the other, but that doesn't seem likely.
Help me!
So Gay


If anyone wants to join me for my birthday festivities this evening, holla back and you can meet up with us. We're starting at Hobo's (120 NW 3rd Ave.) at 10pm and going from there.

cat help

I'm relatively new to the area and my cat needs a rabies shot. I was wondering if anyone had anything good or bad to say about either of the following places before I take my kitty there:

Mooreland Veterinary Hospital on SE Milwaukie

Cat Hospital of Portland on SE 13th


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So I'm strolling the waterfront park loop at noon-time and am hoofing it across the Hawthorne bridge to the East say-eed. I'm walking on the far right, practically on the line that separates the curb from the sidewalk. Ahead of me is a bicyclist on the same path and I figure, "stick to the right, pass on the left." I figure I'm doing what's expected but she's still comin' at me and like a game of chicken right as we meet she swerves. I have a good look of her face and the letter "F" framed on her lips as she venomously spits out "Fucker!" I keep walking. So I snap the next pic of the pedestrian sign:

And ask you, damnportlanders, was I truly a Fucker for not moving off of my path? I mean, any more to the right and I'd be a hood ornament and to my left would've blocked the actual oncoming traffic that was was passing 'to the left'. If I was in the wrong, than my bad, but if she was in the wrong than I pleasantly return her friendly greeting, whoever she might have been.
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Wireless woes

I just moved into a building that offers high speed wireless internet. I don't know anything about this, so I need help. I have a router and my computer says "10/100mbps ethernet for connectivity to broadband cable/dsl" on the front. So, I plugged in the router and it found the network but then a message kept popping up that said a network cable was unplugged (???) and some other stuff about firewalling and something or another. I don't know if anyone can possibly help me without getting more details, but like I said I don't know a thing about this so maybe I'm missing something really simple. I'd love to have HIGH SPEED INTERNET. Also, it says the connection is open and other people might be able to view my stuff. Does that mean they can see my passwords or do they have to hack to do that? How does it appear on their computer?

best friends

The Meow Meow?

Kid Frànçois wants to play a show here in September but he needs a venue and a promoter. I want him to play an all ages show so I can go, but I realize that might not be possible. Can someone tell me the Meow Meow's (that's still the name, right?) contact info? Does anyone know anything about booking shows? I want to help this kid out. He's awesome.


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Okay so tonight is my bachloretty party. Anyone have any ideas what to do??? It's my last night be wild but its been so long since we've been out that we don't know where to go. So what's good downtown? I would prefer places that don't have a lot of sleazy guys (is that even possible?) We also like dance music as opposed to hip hop/rap.

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Details, Details

Is there really a difference between:
1) Energy bars
2) Nutritional bars
3) Candy bars

And if you're a guy who decides to eat a Luna bar (read: a woman's nutritional bar), will you risk compromising your manhood?


If you are queer/trans/kink friendly,body positive, clean and like to recycle, come live with here! Let's have a space that is semi communal and totally respectful, not co dependent, and fun! If you know how to communicate without attacking or being passive aggressive, I want to meet you. If you like positive energy and creating a sacred and healthy space for yourself, please call me!

The rooms are all good sizes. One is in the attic and is actually two semi small rooms in one. The other is in the basement and has two small windows.

We have a washer and dryer, internet, and we keep the tv in the basement so that others don't have to be around it if they don't want to. There is no cable in the house and if you want that, it would be best in your own bedroom. Currently there are no animals, but we are open to it.

The house has hardwood floors, the living room is freshly painted, and you can paint your room as well. We still have painting that we can do throughout the house if everyone is interested. The backyard needs work, but has plenty of potential.

About me...I am a 29 year old queer/kinky/transexual guy. I work graves, but my bedroom is set up in such a way that sound does not bother me too much in the daytime. I like indie rock, 80's country, goth industrial, and many other types of music. I am not a veggie person, but very knowledgeable and aware. (use to be vegan) Meat is rarely cooked in the house and can certainly be negotiated. I am spiritual in the pagan type of way and very open minded to the lifestyles of others, as I hope they can be toward mine.

Rent is $275 and $325. I need to talk to the landlord about security deposit type stuff, but can definitely get back to people about that.

Other stuff:
-Gas fire place
-Back yard
-Free Internet
-Soap Shop that provides a wonderful scent of lavendar
-Right on 2 bus lines
-Hard wood floors
For more info, call Quest at 503 493 2941. Oh yeah, minor detail!!! Rooms are available in September! ;-)

NE 42nd at Killingsworth

yard sale in North Portland

I'm having a yard sale tomorrow! You know you want to come buy my stuff.

Location: 9117 N Gilbert Ave in North Portland, right off N Lombard. Sale is from 9-5.

Lots of womens clothes and shoes, books, a stereo, art supplies, two phones, two calculators, and a bunch of random stuff too.

ISO: The General

OK. So I hate to add yet another "desperately in search of..." on to the pile, but I did actually search outside of DP first and was disapointed. I NEEDS good Generals Tso's Chicken. I don't just want it, now that's childish. But when you NEED something, well, that's a responsability. The city guides I found suggested Fu Jin on Hawthorne. While the service was awesome, the food was decidedly unawesome. I'm in NE but willing to travel. Please, damn Portlanders, the General calls me!
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Muse me up, baby.

I want to write a Saturday essay tomorrow morning... any topic ideas would be welcome. If I can't think of anything groovily Portland-related I'll just spew some boring shite and leave it in my own goddamned journal. :)

(See this for an example of what I'm talking about. Or not.)