July 27th, 2005

Are you a TMobile user?

The real question is , have you noticed a severe decline in your cell phone connection the last 2-3 months? Have you been having increased dropped calls, had trouble connecting to voicemail, had a severe echo feedback on your phone of what you just said to the person on the other end that is only heard on your end, or have you found you only get 1-2 bars of signal much of the time? If you have had any of these things happening I would like to talk to you. TMobile keeps telling me my connection is just fine, "they checked"...but it is NOT fine, I am having all these problems, and I have found several others who are too. When I figure out a way to get past their damn customer service drones, I want to be able to document why I know my problems are not isolated events affecting only my service. I have been waging this battle with them for 3 months now, and driving 2 miles to be able to get enough signal to be able to check my voicemail is getting old. I am under contract to stay with them till Dec, but aren't they under contract to provide some level of usable service too? Any and all input will be appreciated. Being brushed off by them is making me angry


I need to have my eyebrows and my bikini line waxed before Friday.

I need somewhere either downtown (SW side preferably) or in the Hillsdale area. I do have a car and am not afraid to bus somewhere, but I'd rather stick to somewhere near where I frequently am!

I need somewhere not horribly expensive, but I'm willing to pay.

Thanks muchly!
Worky Work!

8 Bit Love

So...explain to me this emulator thingy. I used to have it on my old computer and had a few hundred games, but I can't remember how I did it.

Specifically - I want to play some old Nintendo games on my computer.

I looked up Emulators, and up came a site called MAME. But I can't figure it out. I is dumb. I don't know which one to download, how to run it, where the games are, etc.

You intelligent Portlanders SURELY know how, don't you? Of course you do. You should tell me how.

Oh, and I'll be at the next meetup. Oh yes I will. There were...issues...as to why my girl and I weren't there this time. But we will rock your cocks (and other genitalia) next time. Heh!
straigt up gangsta

goddamn crazy start

there is a place here in our fair city that i refer to as "the hell intersection". it is where scholls ferry road, farmington, oleson road and a few others, all come together. i pass through this intersection twice a day, and it is better than taking 26 and 217, but only just.

this morning, there were no traffic lights at this intersection. at all.

kudos to the considerate and patient people that inched their way to work today. it was a 20 car pile up just waiting to happen. i had to laugh through the whole thing, because it was that terrifying.
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Rainy Day

any used bikes for sale?

I'll go peruse the other lovely sites (ugh craigslist) but thought I'd check in with you lovely people first.

Anyone have a bike that they hardly or never use? I'm going for a long shot and have about 50-70.00 that I can probably pinch out for one in decent condition. It will mostly be used to ride around town, not really trails yet.

europa and the bull

honestly curious, not trying to start a flame war

maybe someone can explain something to me. i have a question about geopolitics and american history which has been bugging me lately. i would prefer the input of either A> people who are old enough to have been witness to this event (which means baby boomers or older) or B> educators who have a basis for an informed opinion.

Beyond that, I'll ask my question out of sight of everybody's eyes
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Let's moon 'em!

Where in Portland are There Rum Balls?

Please spare me the lewd and give me the food!

Lifetimes ago, I went to a bakery (different city/state) that made these most delicious things called "rum balls", but they weren't golf-ball sized things, but more soft-ball sized.

Monstrous. Rich, chocolate-y goodness. Some with chopped nuts, some without. Soaked in rum.

I'm craving. Craving like a crack whore.

Is there a bakery/café that does these? At this point, I will even settle for the golf-ball-sized version, but somebody out there, please tell me they exist out here!

Thank you.
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I just wanna dance!!

I noticed that there has been several posts about belly dancing and classes and what-not lately. I have been dancing for a number of years and I was wondering if anyone is in any local troups or new of people that are. I would really love to hook up with a troup, if any of them are interested in taking new people in! Dancing is my passion and dancing in a belly dance troups has been one of the most positive experiences I've had, so I would really like to try and get back into it again.
Thank you so much!
Rainy Day

Ok - official post !:)

For Parents of Elementary School Students:

I'm conducting a survey for my Masters program, over which I will be writing a paper for two classes. So time is of the essence!

If you are interested in filling out a survey, and/or participating in a round table discussion regarding homework and parental involvement, please respond or email me with your contact information at rosaleachapman@hotmail.com.

Round Table Discussion is tentatively slated to take place August 1, at 6pm. Snacks and beverages provided, and if enough parents need it, childcare may also be provided. Location TBA, but most likely will be in NE Portland.

If you are only interested in filling out the survey, please email me your contact info, and I will mail it out.

Thanks in advance for all those willing to participate - my grade thanks you! :)

re: terrible haircut

I posted here asking for salon recommendations after getting my hair terrorized at another place.

Thanks to everyone who responded, especially the people who suggested Blades - I was there this morning and I am MUCH happier now. They were awesome. :D
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little blue dog

pdx photoblogs

Sup peeps!

Someone recently provided a link to a great Portland (or Northwest) photoblog, but I'll be diggley-danged if I can find it.

If you know of any, I'd love to check them out. Nature, urban, people, whatev (including candid shots from last night, bellybalt?). Please list them here!

To start, I'll pimp one I know of ... at dontbrandme.

Peas and spank you.

EDIT: the specific one I was looking for is PortlandGround (thanks ameliabee!) ... but I'm still curious if anyone has any others.
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hangin on the telephone

Guitar tech recommendations?

My bass guitar needs a check up, and I'm hoping that a few of the resident musicians on damnportlanders has a tech or a shop that you can recommend. Of course I need someone competent, but I'd also prefer someone who has experience specifically with bass guitars. I've got a 1981 G&L L-2000, and in addition to just getting the action set and general maintenance, I might want to look into getting the cavity shielded as well. Thanks for any tips!

Weird questions....

I don't frown upon being homeless as long as you learned something from it.


If you lived out of your car where did you do it? Was it safe from the cops?

Where did you get food from if you didn't have food stamps?

How did you manage to do laundry? Keep clean? Get gas money?


If you want go ahead and e-mail me privately please do so: shivasanhita at livejournal dot com

Every bit of information I gather will be helpful.


Plug for the Dutch Shop

I just discovered a new Dutch shop at 9571 Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy! It's in a mini-mall next to Computer Renaissance. They are really cool and have an amazing selection of Dutch products. They also have a great selection of Indonesian stuff, since Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony. I bought some sambal terasi and some kecap... also, since I bought something on their first day, they gave me a free box of Droste chocolates!

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yetti hat


Do you or someone you know live on SE 50th in the 300 block? Do you have a rather large black dog named Miller? Are you at work right now, reading this? If so, contact me - binaryfinary (a) gmail dot com. I have some 411 you might like to know. As Nessa just commented, he is perfecty fine, stinky, and drooly. We just want to let you know his whereabouts.
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I live in SW Portland (near the Tigard border), I work near Lloyd Center in NE Portland, and I take early evening classes at Lewis & Clark Law School in SW Portland (on Terwilliger, south of I5).

My apartment is air conditioned, and the front yard is shaded, so the first time I really feel the heat is when I get in the car (which is not shaded). Where I work, it is quite breezy and, if it's really 90-something degrees here, I don't feel it. But on campus, it's sweltering. It's got to be several degrees higher there than at work.

If where I work and where I go to school were different distances from water, that would explain the difference, but they're both pretty much the same distance from rivers.

I'm usually very sensitive to heat (70 degrees is usually too hot for me). When I moved up here last summer, I hated leaving my nice cool apartment to go out in the oppressive heat. But this summer, I feel like it's not bothering me as much.

I wonder why that is.
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in portland

i need a haircut!

hi, i was wondering if anyone could tell me a cheap, HIP place to get my hair cut!
back in florida, i went to a very cool $5 haircut place. any similar suggestions would be helpful!
thank you so much!
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in search of a gym

so i've finally convinced my mother that it's cool to go to the gym. ok well i didn't really, it was her "baggy jeans" which betrayed her and became too small by a smidge (or three, but who's counting??). we have an odd relationship but i don't like going alone since in the past i've always felt like a moron while there and on the machines and she needs someone to keep the fire under her ass lit so she'll actually stick with it...so i think this should be a beautiful friendship we'll form. however, we don't have a gym yet. this is where all you beautiful people come into play. do you go to a gym? if so, where do you go? we live on the east side of town (soon to be her in far-out east and myself in the close-in east) and so would prefer something on that side of the river (though if you've got feedback or suggestions about gyms on the west side, holler at me too because the knowledge is always good to have for future reference). how do you like your gym? how much do you pay a month and do you know if your gym has a family plan or something of the like?

we're also thinking of doing a few personal training sessions just to start out so that we both feel like we're properly using the machines instead of being the dolts we think we look like while on them and to make sure that we're working the problem areas we want to fix. has anyone here had a personal trainer? what was your experience like? how much dough did you have to lay down and do you think it was worth it?

any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!

EDIT: because rat_bastird kindly reminded me that "the east side" is a large area...currently we live around 122nd and division, so i'd say somewhere within about 60 blocks of that would be ideal as it looks like my mother isn't too keen on the idea of somewhere over 15 minutes away from our house.

Portland Public Schools

Hey, DPers, I gotta question for ya. Which of the Portland Public Schools has the ninja training program? I've hightailed it up and down the internet, and I can't find a listing for it. I think more kids would sign up for it if they advertised a little better. --yours, onda
god breathed

(no subject)

um hey im new hear. i dont live in portland but i hope its ok cuz i live in vancouver. i just was wondering why the comunity has "gay" listed as a interest as if thats ok. as a christian i find that ofensive and i want it removed ok

anywayz r any of u saved and if so what portland comunites r u in. i cant find any
thx u guys
Carmen San Diego


Anybody getting crazy at Brewfest? I've never been but the friend who's taking me has been every year...she usually comes back sunburned and plastered. Nice mix....
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Alright, any of you who have met me know that I am not the smallest of girls. I'm all tall and big and shit :D and I have a problem.

I need a belt. And not just any kind of belt. I need like....a 61 inch long belt. Anyone know where I could get a black or brown leather super long belt? I don't need one with a buckle, even just a place where I could get a big-ol strip of leather would do great.

Even just a leather store. Where do you get leather in portland? I'm making my own shoes...and I need leather.

Look at that, I figured it out. Here's the real question:

Where are the leather stores? Like "I would like 3 yards of leather" or however you say that in leather-ese.

Dammit, the suns getting me all confuzzled.



EDIT: Just to note, /I/ am not 61 inches around. I just need leather that long :D thanks :D
EDIT2: So some really troll-y guy in AIM just messaged me to tell me that I'm fat cause I need a 61 inch belt. I blame..... realm_of_libby7 :D
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(no subject)


I am dying.

It's over 95 degrees in my apartment right now. I have no AC. The fans blow hot air.


And I don't know what point this makes, but I just thought I'd whine a little bit and feel sorry for myself since I'm sitting on the SURFACE OF THE SUN!

heartattack and vine, tom waits

(no subject)

Just thought i would share:

starting next week!!! Stark Naked Pizza (between 28th and 29th on Stark) will start delivering, and it will be open until 4am on the weekends!!!
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I need some suggestions for dealing with a drug abusing, utility abusing, generally rude roomate.

I don't like meth and hour long showers daily in my house. My water bill was $220 for chrissakes.

Somebody help? thx.
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(no subject)

I know this heat suck a** so all of you need to take cold showers. It doesn't need to be arctic cold but just not warm/hot. In this weather, you won't be cold when you exit the shower. Most of us get cold when exiting cause the temp outside the shower is lower that water temp. This will not occur if you take a cold shower. and you can get all the sweat off.



Hello Portlanders.

A friend of mine found a sketchbook on a parking meter somewhere downtown. It says "Jay Moren(o)" on the spine, and on the front there is a drawing of a hand. Inside are quite a few well drawn sketches. There's also a Well's Fargo pamphlet in it about identity theft.

Does anyone know Jay Moreno?!

If so, he will probably want this back. I can meet downtown. I'll probably want to verify that it's really his though, because I don't want to be meeting up with some creep bag douche face who'll touch me in my bathing suit areas.
She Learned the Hard Way

Free stores?

I'm moving, and I need to get of a bunch of old things. Mostly clothing, some books, etc.

Do you know of any good places to donate said items? NOT Goodwill, NOT Salvation Army. I would prefer either a free store or a women's shelter.