July 26th, 2005

Jacked in

Doing a favor for a friend

Hi folks...I've got a friend trying to move into town here...problem is, she needs cash, and has decided to sell her car. She doesn't have LJ, so I'm posting this for her (mods, let me know if this isn't okay...)

"This here is a RARE CLASSIC MUSCLE CAR: The 64 1/2 MUSTANG .It belongs to my mom and we MUST sell it. If you are interested in this FINE automobile, PLEASE EMAIL ME- mad_hatters_apprentice@hotmail.com She's in FABULOUS condition, runs GREAT, and is a REAL DEAL!!!! She's a beaut and would be a PERFECT addition to a collection OR just a sweet ride to SHOW OFF to your friends. Orignal paint job, butter yellow. Apraised @ $7,500 but we're only asking $6,000..."

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Just wanted to say hi, a friendly portlander turned me onto this... I'm sure I will see people I know it's good to find a haven of fellow geekdom in good ole p-town :).

If any of you think you might know me, you can go here:


And find out if it's true :).
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PDX Exposed

Feel free to remove this, with my apologies, but I saw no rules against it :)

Check out

PDX Exposed!

This community is aimed at exposing the hidden gems of Portland, like a hole-in-the-wall resturaunt you love, a tiny unique boutique you can't stay away from, or anything else you feel isn't getting the attention it merits in Portland. Join now and help out fellow Portlanders discover the city!

grassroots consumerism

i need one of these, but first, people have to want it. join the mailing list so someone will manufacture/distribute it, please. its cool, really, just click the link. no really, its really really cool.

non seq; in case you weren't alive today, discovery is in orbit.

xposted to personal.
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Me again

Just a reminder for any last-minute RSVPs. The Let's Go Eat! Picnic/Potluck at Gabriel Park is tomorrow. Details can be found here. Come join us! If not, I'll see you at the meet-up tonight!

Vinyl Whores Unite!!!!

Juxt Proposes: Box Swap [7/29][PDX]

JUXT proposes a Box Swap!

Tennessee Red's July 29th 10pm FREE!
2133 SE 11th
6 of Portland's most daring and just plain crazy DJ's will

submit to playing out of an unknown crate!!!!

The Swapping will take place randomly and is totally

unpracticed and unplanned!

Remember to check yer own secret area for vinyl you want

to Swap with fellow Box rockers.

Last month's episode turned out all sweaty and dirty hott as

planned..... there's no telling what will pop off with this bunch

Swapping their Boxes:




Rainy Day

How do I put a focus group together?

Figured I would post it here - since...well...ya know - you're all so helpful and stuff

I need to put together a focus group of at least 20 parents of elementary school age children by August 5th if possible.

How would you suggest I go about this? Anyone on here interested in doing this for me? You'd get free munchies and beverages:)

Oh yeah...This is for my Masters of Education program research paper on parental involvement in education and attitudes toward homework.

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Turban Varga
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Rush wedding cake order for August 6th

HELP!!! I need suggestions for bakeries or individuals who could make a professional wedding cake (with a chocolate layer and a carrot cake later) for my wedding on August 6th, to feed about 70 people. I've called several bakeries and they're all booked for the next couple of months. I would be really super grateful if you could suggest places/people to me. (I've already tried Ja Civa, Black Sheep Bakery, and Joseph's.) Thanks!
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(no subject)

Ok so our trash collectors refuse to pick up our trash that we set next to the can. And we have quite a bunch do to some extra cleaning, moving and etc. So are there any dumps around that we could take it to and throw it away? And do they charge you to dump stuff?
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Do you tire of me already?

My birthday is this weekend, and I'm looking for some good bars/clubs to hit up with my friends on Friday for a smashing good time. Preferably those that give free alcohol to the birthday boy, and the gayer the better! Any suggestions?

Paper Goods

Ok, I need to recycle several boxes of paper and I can't figure out where there is a paper drop.

www.sustainableportland.com only tells me that it's important to recycle.

anyone know of any drops? preferably in SE?
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Live Music Tonight! Collective Consciousness at the Bitter End

Tonight at the Bitter End, 1981 W. Burnside. 21+

Collective Consciousness is improvisational hip-hop that goes off for 10 minute tracks like a hippie jam band. They are phenomenal musicians, most of whom play more than one instrument, sometimes changing instruments mid-track. Drums, bass, guitar, saxophone, a dj, and sometimes beatboxing or rhyming over the top, they are versatile and beautiful people to boot. The show starts at 11 or so.

Hope to see you there!
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hat-tip petzi
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(no subject)

Portland Parents of small children:

Where do you take your kids when you want to be able to let them play but still be able to hold an actual conversation with another adult?
Aside from those playplaces in McDonalds and Burger King, that is. Those things have one thing going for them: a nicely enclosed play space which allows for some conversation without chasing...but they really suck otherwise. (Someone around here really needs to open a restaurant or cafe that has a playplace that doesn't serve crappy fast food or cardboard pizza!)

Things that are very fun to do but not easy to have conversations are: large playgrounds, the fountain in the Pearl District, the Children's Museum - I always end up chasing out little ones around, and usually the kids go in separate directions, and this leaves very little opportunities to hold any conversations with my parent-friends when I try these places.
Indoor play-parks are good, but I'm looking for something not as constrained by schedules. The other thing that always works is the beach, but it's too far a drive with my 7 month old who has decided that she hates sitting in the car for any length of time at the moment, so I'd rather not go that route.

I'm trying to think of something to do tomorrow with an out-of-town friend who is bringing along her 4 year old and my 3 year old and baby too. Ideally, there would be something which allows us moms to actually sit and drink coffee while the kids play - pipe-dream?

So...any suggestions?

(no subject)

Ok. its sad, but i'm tired of hearing about the four full-grown dumfuks at boy scout jamboree dying because they tangled a GIANT METAL POLE in POWER LINES. did they not see the powerline psa's with the flying lightbulb or whateverthehell? and how are four idiots NATIONAL news? don't we have a shuttle in orbit? aren't there are much more horrible things going on in the world than straight up stupid boy scouting accidents? jeebus.

by the way, i'm pissed because the boy scout thing made the hook for for the news on nbc, if not other channels as well. at least google has it halfway down the page.
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metal detectors

I'm looking for suggestions for places to rent metal detectors. Home Depots in Portland don't seem to carry them, and United Rental never seems to have them in.

Alternately, I'd be willing to pay to rent someone's personal metal detector. I'm looking for property stakes in residential property, so something simple should suffice. It'd be a day rental & I could come to you.

Otherwise I have to buy some moles and let them dig randomly :) But I'm afraid they would start a small gang war with the nutria which could lower house values in the whole neighborhood for years.

(no subject)

I'm a huge fan of GT's Raw Kombucha that I buy at Food Front, but the past couple of months, they have been sold out regularly and I miss drinking it daily. So portland: Where can I buy a Kombucha colony/mushroom to start brewing my own? Does anyone have any new colonies they'd be willing to let go of for a reasonable price/trade/free? I could pick it up pretty much whenever would be convenient for you and would be incredibly grateful.

Does anyone else here drink Kombucha tea? What's your opinion of it?

Sightings, Vol. 1, #3

Seen on #15 this morning:

Dude with tatoos all over his face, short hair on one side of his head, shoulder length on the other, walks with a cane (I'm sure you've seen this kid). Trips while trying to catch bus, falls and spills his coffee all over himself and proceeds to drop the F-bomb over and over as he enters the bus and wipes himself off with papertowels.

::ASIDE:: Did you know that each bus has paper towels? Right behind the driver's seat! Remarkable.

He then got on the phone and told whomever it was on the other end that he had missed his bus and he was going to be late. Do you think he was lying or do you think he needed to catch the bus before that one?

Anyway, it wasn't funny and it wasn't sad. It was just kind of weird. I never know what to think of that guy.

Any characters on the bus you ride? Or have you sighted anything lately worth mentioning? (Now that I'm writing this, I'm thinking it wasn't really worth mentioning, but I want to hear other's stories, of late)
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kurt che

Wanna help with the upcoming music festival?

the PDX Pop Now fest needs your help, folks. If you know of anybody interested, have them show up to tomorrow night's meeting.


We need your help! Please join us at the Rose & Raindrop (532 SE Grand Ave) this Wednesday, July 27 at 6:30pm to sign-up for neighborhoods to flyer and/or shifts to work during the festival. And if you can't make it, but are still interested in volunteering, please e-mail [info at pdxpopnow dot com]. We need stage managers, runners, street teamers, band guides, and more!

If you don't know what you want to do exactly, but you just want to help, e-mail us at info at pdxpopnow dot com.

LOGISTICS VOLUNTEERS: if you want to be a stage manager this year, this meeting is MANDATORY.

Hip Hop show anybody?

Well....I have two tickets to the Hieroglyphics show tonight at the Roseland - they cost 26 each if you were to go out and buy them now; i'm willing to let them both go for 35 bucks....anybody interested?

sigh, don't you love going out to get tickets and coming home to "hey, hope you didn't go grab those yet..."
love, pure


I'll be at the Meet-up tonight.

But it's not the first time. Went to the last one. You may remember me as the girl who got to plant a big kiss on _princess_bob_ as well as taking her home later that night, along with 2 other lovelies.

See you all in about 3 hours!

Back to class!

Room for rent in Beaverton!

I'm currently looking for a room mate to share the rent with me on Murryhill! The apartment is about 1050 square feet, 2 bedroom/2 bath on the bottom floor so it doesn't get too hot in the summer. includes standard cable tv and even cable internet that you can share if you have your own computer. the apartment also has a washer and dryer. the sterling pointe complex has 3 pools and 2 weight rooms that you will have full access to.

although i love animals i can't tolerate rowdy cats (or the smell of their poop box) no matter how 'cute' they are. smokers and drunks can find somewhere else to live besides my house. i'm not a fan of party-ers either, although the occasional party is ok with me. and i'm all for loud music as long as the neighbors don't complain. if you are considerate of other people, we'll get along just fine. :)

the rent is $350 which includes utilities. shoot me an email if you have questions.

Quick! Name One Thing!

A member of my family has very recently gone through a break up, and a rough couple of years. She and her boyfriend broke up without the anger, but she is still feeling loss and it doesn't look like they will be getting back together. I feel awful for her, as she really seems to be broken up about it. So, I wanted to do something nice for her to make her laugh. We already have spa treatments set up for Saturday, to be followed by a nice alcohol soaked brunch. I have started to make an article for her along the lines of a cheesy women's magazine about "What To Do When You Break Up" or even cheesier, "The Fabulous Gal's Guide to Post Break Up" sort of thing, but trying to be irreverant and funny. So, I am going to take the same format but add actually funny or good advice and make an article for her. Nothing about haircuts or putting the pictures away, if you know what I mean.

So, name one thing that you would add to an article like this.... I promise that I won't actually add "Fuck your ex husband and enjoy it better than when you were married".

Thanks in advance!

Also, I did try to find the post that was like this and couldn't.....

Hope to see a lot of you at the meet up tonight.

On the hunt!

I'm in desperate need of someone with an auto that has a tow hitch. My husband's dream car is sitting up in Longview, inoperable. We're by Mt. Tabor.

Will pay for gas, plus a gratuity (pizza/beer/etc.)

Contact: blaublablaugh at hotmail dot com.
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I know this sounds really lame, but I've gotten desperate.

Does anyone have a copy of Methodus Toolz/Methodus 2000?

There's a few programs inside this software that I absolutely love to use and I uninstalled my copy without backing up the original install (oops!) I can't find the software online anywhere anymore (the softwares site is GONE.)

If anyone has a copy of it (or a different version or similar software) please email me at amberATcinematicvisions.net.

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Natal Charts?

Know the time of your birth? The location? Have any sort of idle curiosity in astrology?

I'm trying to earn a few extra dollars, and I thought offering my services as an astrological hobbyist would be a fun way to try.

So... Portland.... I offer thee $10 natal charts. Or some sort of fun trade. I don't really *need* money right now, but it would be nice to have....

Generally in-depth natal charts are at least $50 when done professionally, so it's a steal if you have any sort of interest in knowing about that kinda stuff. No, I don't think it's some kind of blueprint to your life. I just think it's fun.... if you must know, I got into it because I like math. Odd, eh?

Shoot me an email if you're interested: wickedflower@gmail.com

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karaoke at sloan's, wednesday night.

i will be KJing at sloan's on wednesday night. here is the scoop:

wednesday, july 27th
sloan's tavern, 36 N russell street, PDX
(between N vancouver & N williams)

tons of songs, a vegan food special of some kind, and red vines for people who sing songs that i like. come by for a fun evening, even if you don't sing!

(no subject)

Is there a place where I can take items to be shredded? I don't mean a bill or two; I mean five paper bags full of items. We have a shredder now but it would take waaaay too long to do all of this, and fill our trash can a few times over. We have bills, state paper work, old court papers. You name it, we got it. I know every once in a while one of the news stations will have Docu-shread bring a truck and charge a small amount to take your stuff, but I never seem to be around when they do it.


the best fruit smoothie in the whole wide world is as follows:

1 handfull or so of frozen blueberries
1/2 handfull of frozen rasberries
3/4 of a frozen bananna
1 handfull of frozen strawberries
1 cup or so (maybe less) of Newman's own Limeade (just enough to make it not so thick)
3/4 cup of Tillamook Marionberry yogurt (if you cant find this just used blackberry yogurt or red rasberry)

Blend in ye olde blender, and then pour into a nice big pint glass, should be enough for one person with a small cup leftover. Drink with a straw or eat with a spoon since its thick enough its really alot like sorbet! NEVER use ice in smoothies, it waters them down and takes away the flavor....

And hey you could even add some kind of alcohol like rum or vodka to make it into THE BEST FRUITY MARGARITA SMOOTHIE TYPE DRINK too!
so try it, its sooo tasty!

(and yes this is relevent to Portland because i used Tillamook yogurt, and Tillamook is sort of close to portland heh)
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Wow, that was ALOT of people!! Pictures will probably be up sometime tomorrow. Tori, I hope you stopped schvitzing.

And Nova, you are SOOOO CUTE!!!! And yes, your mom IS crazy. SCHIZOPHRENIA!!!! :)