July 25th, 2005

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18+ nightlife?

Hey fellow Portlanders. As someone who has recently reached that "not-really-oh-so-special" age of 18, I'm wondering if there's any good locations for dancing, karaoke, etc. that are open late at night? Or just in general. Really, if you can think of any cool places that are 18+/all ages but cool for the 18+ crowd, please shout them out. Otherwise, I will officially decide that being 18 sucks just as bad as being 17 and under. (At least at 17 I could go to R movies!) Preferably these are places open during the week.

Also, anything cool happening this Tuesday?

Thanks in advance. :D

eyebrow waxing/shaping and manicure questions

i have a question for all the ladies in the community, well possibly some men too. i'm a redhead with naturally blonde eyebrows...we're talking so blonde you can't see them unless you're like three feet from me. i dyed them once and enjoyed having noticeable eyebrows alot and most people said that i looked happier (don't ask me why). this time when dying them i'd like to first have them waxed or shaped before i actually dye them. last time i tried waxing my own at home and i'll admit it i suck at it. i have a high tolerance for pain but can't bring myself to tweeze them. so what i'm wondering are two things...first, where in town have you gone or do you recommend going to to get my eyebrows done? second, what sort of prices would i be looking at for this to be done?

oh and one other question...i'm contemplating getting a manicure done because i'd like to be shown how to properly care for my nails. what places do you suggest for that and how much does a manicure usually run?


I almost feel strange saying this, because it is such a typically damnportlanders post.

But you know what's funny? There were about 3 or 4 posts about the London blasts, followed by one criticizing damnportlanders for not caring *enough*.

48 hours after the Egypt bombings, which caused a loss of life approximately equal in magnitude, nobody has deemed them worthy of mention - not even the person who thought we didn't care enough about London.

It's not that I necessarily want to see discussion about a far-off place on a Portland-related forum. It's the lack of consistency that puzzles me.

(donning flame-resistant asbestos suit now)
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Yo geeks!

I've been having an issue with my wireless card for my laptop. I get an "excellent signal" message from the computer, but the internets refuse to come up.

My SSID is set correctly. LOOKS like the card is working, it just doesn't.

Windows XP, Compaq Presario laptop, blah blah blah. When I hook up my little antenna dealie that plugs into my USB port, the signal is fine. The card just doesn't wanna.

Ideas? Links? Sympathy? This has been going on for a while and I've been using the USB antenna, but it's way slower and more cumbersome.

Save me!

Crossposted to my journal and the ever-so-helpful damnportlanders.
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a poll

now, i'm not saying that parents are always right. i would never say such a thing. however, in many instances, their knowledge and experience can be really valuable decision making tools. but kids don't listen. or do they? do you?

Poll #539305 how grown up are you?

do you ignore parental advice, even when they're usually right?

none of your business
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Worky Work!

(no subject)

This episode contains discussions of same sex marraige. Parental discretion is advised.

Disclaimer before The Simpsons last night.

And the first commercial was for that Carl's Jr burger with Paris Hilton Huh.

Anyways...great lines.

Kent Brockman - "Reverend Homer..."

Homer Simpson - "Please, Kent, call me 'Your Holiness'"

Kent Brockman - "I can't...I just can't..."

Homer Simpson - "Yea..BIG surprise! (In reference to Patty accouncing she's gay) Marge, here's another bomb - I like beer!"

Homer Simpson - "Now to answer all the popups. A talking monkey wants my credit card...hmmm...seems fair"

Anyone looking for a room to rent? We are fun to live with - I promise!!!

We have an opening for the 3rd room in a 3 bedroom apartment in Gladstone ready to fill ASAP!

About us:
One female (me, Roxanne), 21, work full time and go to school, drink on occassion, does not smoke (anything), keep to myself most of the time, my boyfriend is a regular in the house.
One male, 50 (Dave), also works, drinks on occassion, "smokes", has friends over.
We like to listen to loud music, watch movies, go swimming when it is hot, have friends and family over, and do the whole communal dinner thing (Dave is a rocking cook).
We would like someone who is friendly, responsible, employed/student, low maintenance, respectful of the other roommates and the shared living space, somewhat tidy (we don't do the dishes every day either), and willing to share a relaxed environment.

About the Apartment:

RENT is $350 including utilities: landline phone, DSL, cable, electricity.
Bedroom has 2 closets
Your own full bathroom.
Beautiful view of a golf course from bedroom window.
Full size washer and dryer in the apartment.
2nd floor balcony overlooking golf course.
Fully furnished living room/dining area with fireplace.
No personal parking space, but there is ample uncovered "guest" parking.
This is the floorplan, but flip it over from top to bottom. Your room would be the one that shares a wall with the dining room.

The complex ammenities include:
Heated pool, hot tub, sauna, tanning beds, raquetball court, pool table, rentable clubhouse, and (I believe) free access to the golf course. The complex is really nice, but most tenants leave something to be desired. Right on the 33 bus line - there are others I am sure, but I drive and don't really know.

With regards to pets, we currently have one very mellow, laid back cat and 2 birds. We would like to keep quiet pets and as few as possible (we never paid the pet deposit), so dogs are not really going to work.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please drop us a line by either commenting, or emailing me at: supersexpill@gmail.com

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(no subject)

this saturday and sunday, our house hold will be having a yard sale to fund our road trip to southern california to see our families down there. if you can please stop by and purchase some cheap crap to help us along. i will give you a deal if you bring a compilation tape or cd, for good road trip listening, to trade!
thank you so much, spacecommee.
http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&country=US&addtohistory=&searchtab=home&address=7028+N+Greenwich+Ave.&city=Portland&state=OR&zipcode=97217p.s. cross-posted

Bicycling tunes

I'm too paranoid to use headphones or earbuds while riding but the idea of a 45 min - 1 hour ride with no music sounds like a bad one.

Right now I have a pair of headphones (the kind that go behind instead of over your skull) that I kinda hang around my neck but that inhibits my ability to peer over my shoulder to check for potentially impatient drivers.

Any ideas on how to provide non-ear blocking tunes?
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Ok on Wednesday I posted about losing my cell phone and having it found by a certain ZACH HUBBARD. well...as of friday it had not been mailed to me in the handy prestamped envelope that was provided...so if you know zach, as some of you do...please ask him to mail it, or even just contact me here and I will COME GET IT!! haha I am dying without it, I know how sad that is...


xoxo Sarah
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hangin on the telephone

Bank recommendations?

I just moved to pdx from the east coast a few weeks ago, and I need some recs on a bank (or perhaps more importantly, some caveats regarding not-so-good banks) if you've got 'em. I live in NE just north of Hollywood, so a bank with an atm in that area would be brilliant.
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Odd question....

Do any of you fine Portlanders know what sort of vitamins/ supplements/ foods that might help heal broken bones? You know something like a fractured scapula, collar bone and a few ribs....

[edit] Oh yes, now that the weather is nice I am begging you, my four wheel friends, to please, please please pay more attention to your two wheels friends on the road.
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Cats & Tea Tree Oil?

Hi DPers!

Since so many of you are lovely cat owners, I was hoping I could find some advice here... I have this cooling tea tree oil spray that I've been using on my hands during this hot spell, and my normally shy, standoff-ish cat can't get enough of it! I have to put her in another room so she won't lick my hands. Anyway, I googled "tea tree oil and cats" and found sites saying that the oil's good for skin infections and itches and some sites saying that it poisons their livers! Huh?!?

Any insight? Should I toss the tea tree oil? Thanks!!!

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(no subject)

Hey Portland ladies! Do you like conversation over coffee or tea? Do you find philosophical inquiry to be delightful? Do you see the Socratic method as all in good fun? Yes? Well, you should consider joining our Philosophy Cafe.

First, check out the Google Group and the website detailing the idea. If you are interested, we are meeting this Wednesday (and the last Wednesday of each month after that). Meeting details are posted to the group. Please let us know if you are planning on attending.
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(no subject)

My computer desk chair just broke. I've ordered a new one (I'm using a folding chair in the meantime). But how do I get rid of the old one? It obviously won't fit in the garbage can. Is there someplace I can bring it? Anyone know of an accessible dumpster?
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joke for heather1978, by request

So this penguin's car breaks down, and he takes it to a nearby mechanic. The mechanic looks at it for a moment and then says he thinks it will be awhile, and that the penguin should go find something else to do for an hour or so. The penguin decides he's hungry, and goes to a restaurant down the street for some steak. After finishing that, he gets some dessert and then decides to go see if his car is done. "What's was wrong with it?" asks the penguin. The mechanic looks at him and says, "you blew a seal." "Oh no," says the penguin, brushing something off of his shirt. "That's just ice cream."
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