July 24th, 2005



I just found out Flogging Molly is playing in Portland before I come back from Tokyo, and in Tokyo after I return to Portland. That'll learn me to bust yer tomato.

In other news, there was a big earthquake here (Tokyo) today, and it's making me homesick. I hate earthquakes. Any advice on how to not freak out while home alone on the 4th floor?

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I'm sure we've all heard of Andy Milonakis, yes? I posted before that I hoped this kid had a successful show.

Here's the thing.

Andy Milonakis is 29 years old.

"At 27 (This was written in 2003), he's a wise-ass network administrator at a midtown accounting firm who's been quietly moonlighting in comedy for years."

I'm not going to lie. That's fucking creepy.

I mean, does this guy look like he's 29?

Wikipedia and IMDB also both list him as being born in 1976.

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The Saturday essay comes on Sunday this week! Huzzah!

Greetings, damnportlandites! I've been lax with the Saturday essays, and really wanted to do one this week. I chose nudity and depravity as my topic as I KNEW it would get the creative, errr, juices flowing. Hope you enjoy. As always, I love any feedback you've got, positive or negative.

Enjoy the glorious day!

My first strip club, by Jeff, age 46, 3rd grade.

Set the Wayback Machine, my friends, to the last gasp of the swingin' 70s. Geographic location: Portland, Oregon. To be specific, Peabody, we're going to a long-defunct strip club called the Carriage Room, where we will observe Jeff and his friend Ron, flush with the youthful glow of the late teen years, as they visit their first palace of ecdysiastic delight.

Go look up ecdysiast on dictionary.com, Sherman. That's what it's there for.

My friend Ron and I used to do a lot of hitchhiking. We'd thumb up and down I-5 from our home base in Ashland, or head to the coast. We generally didn't care where we ended up, or how long it took to get there. That was the benefit to being underemployed stoners. Maybe that's what caused the downfall of hitchhiking's glory years, hmmm? Too many people with deadlines. Hitchhikers with deadlines are generally the ones who just got out of the State Pen the hard way and are trying to get a couple hundred miles from Warden Johnson and his weekly showers.

A-hem! Well, be that as it may, we hitched a lot. It was easy to get rides then, probably because of the lack of "NO HITCHHIKING" signs.

We headed up to Portland one day, with no particular agenda in mind.Collapse )


I need to get my wisdom teeth removed soon. I have a lot of dentist anxiety, and I don't have any insurance, so I'm looking for someone who is really nice and relatively inexpensive. Do any of you have recommendations or warnings against particular oral surgeons in the area? Thanks.
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PETA needs to be put down

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Update: Just to be clear, I'm a left-leaning on-again/off-again vegetarian. I'm not some right-wing nut with a hard-on to destroy leftie organizations.

I hate PETA. You may have heard about them. They're the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This sounds all well and good until you find out what vicious bastards they are. You might remember when they tried to equate killing chickens with the Holocaust. Hey jew! PETA thinks you're not worth more than a bucket of Colonel Sander's finest.

And who can forget that charming incident when they handed little children flyers claiming their mommies kill animals. Is there anything quite as funny as the tear-streaked face a child?

However, it's the latest outrage that might finally wake people up about what a terrible organization this is. You see, every year, PETA rounds up thousands of healthy dogs and cats and kills them. This time, two of their workers were caught dumping the carcasses of healthy animals into dumpsters.

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I Need Control

Does anyone have an SNES controller for sale? I'd check eBay, but eBay is more shady than the local folks in Portland, plus you'd have to be pretty slick to rip-off old Dougster. Not really, but anyways, I'd like to buy one and I'm dry on luck with the stores and thought I'd have luck here.
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I need a Japanese tutor. one that is rather good with grammar. I need to take a proficiency test (college application) and haven't taken Japanese in years.

I'm going to post on craigstlist, but does anyone know where I could go (maybe PSU or PCC?) that offers tutoring?

Worky Work!

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Ok...so PETA is bad. There's one view. But what do we do about atrocities like this. Click the link for the "Chinese Fur Farm Video" and watch it the entire way through. I still have tears in my eyes. This is absolutely unfair. What can we do about this?

How do we fight this?

And don't be little assholes either with "grow up" or "this happens all the time." I KNOW it does. What do I do about it? Give me some resources to affect real change.

Haircut gone terribly wrong

I got a haircut over at Mastercuts (Lloyd Center) and ended up with something akin to an overgrown mullet.

So now I beseech you, my fellow Portlanders (especially those who have suffered bad haircuts) - What salons do you recommend? I need to get this fixed!

I live downtown, thus I have access to many different bus lines. I would prefer to get this fixed before class starts at 1pm tomorrow afternoon, so closer is probably better. Bear in mind, also, that I am on a college student's budget and can't readily afford a $60 haircut.
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--- What is the best kind of prepaid phone? How much would it cost? How long do the minutes you pay forlast (I was told 90 days?) Do you get free long distance? Would I have to buy a new phone?

--- How much does a landline cost? no frills, no long distance, no call waiting, no message service.

Another cell phone story:
This afternoon I went to downgrade my cell phone minutes. I only normally use 200 or so minutes a month, and I pay for 600. They told me that the lowest plan they offer now is $39.99!

This is my current plan: I use Cingular; $39.99 + about $10 of taxes and bullshit; 600 minutes; free nights and weekends (9pm); free long distance.

I would like something similar that uses less minutes. They were telling me about those prepaid phones; but I don't really know about that. Does anyone know of any other cheaper options? I was thinking along the lines of a combination between a land line and a prepaid cellphone.