July 23rd, 2005

Twins birth day

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Can you guys suggest some nice, indoor locations for a fall or winter wedding/reception somewhere (within an hour of the Portland Metro area - no further)? We are not interested in a church. Thanks :)
mellow meadow


I'd just like to point out that it's beautiful today. What am I doing inside???

And just to be random - look at my tired puppy! after a long day at the beach!

And the tired girl on the car ride home, heh:
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Smokin' a Phở bowl

Washer Dryer HOOK-UP!!!!!

Does anyone need a washer/dryer combination immediately? i need to sell these off ASAP 'cause no one is willing to store these for me. So, i'm selling them off instead! My roommate and i moved from a house to an apartment a few months ago and they don't have W/D hookups in the apartment. They still work perfectly, no problems at all (besides the fact that we have no room to store 'em someplace).

i am offering $300 for the pair. Comment here or e-mail me (rockowulfe[at]gmail[dot]com) if any of you guys are interested!

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Hi! My friend and I are planning on moving here(or Eugene). We are going to visit at the end of August to confirm the fact that we want to live here(or Eugene). So, all I ask of you guys and girls is some advice on where we should go, what to do. Pros and cons of Eugene vs. Portland. Advice on where to stay. We were looking at the White Eagle Hotel. How close is that to downtown? Is it a cool place?
Both of us are the quite type. Not really into the club scene. As far as bars go, we like the local hang-out/dive sort if thing. And we love thrifting, so any tips there would be great. Sorry to ask so many touristy questions, but, you know, that's what we are. Thank you in advance for what I'm sure will be valuable information that will make our trip exciting and worthwhile.
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intellectual, Scritti Politti

(belated) Thankful Thursdays (or "Thankful Saturdays"), Portland-style!

1. The Clinton/Divison Street Fair (going on right now).

2. The Wine in the Park 2005 event at South Park Blocks this weekend.

3. Excellent article in this week's FOODday supplement (in Tuesday's Oregonian) about pesto.

4. Warm summer evenings with clear, full moon.

5. Empty Room EP release party at Bossanova tonight.

6. Finding out that the aforementioned band (Empty Room) was played on 94.7 earlier this week.
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where would a good place be to go and get 2 t-shirts printed? price isn't a factor, i just want a place that will do a good job and that won't mess my shirts up. also, if you know of a place, do you know if they will let me bring my own t-shirts in? thanks in advance.


I woke up to find a picked flower under the wiper blade of my car this morning. This flower came from a different part of the neighborhood- and I don't know where. They are purple and pink . The flower is a small cluster on a stem. When I looked at the thing I figured the wind blew it on the car then upon closer inspection there would be no way it could have- it was placed halfway under the arm and this specific species doesn't grow around the block I live- someone carried it over.


Oh well it made me smile and feel happy which is rare after just an hour of sleep.

What "deliberate" random acts of kindness have you had happen to you Damnportlanders?

Salim's Special


Help! I need some quick cash for groceries for next week.


These cartridges will fit the following printers:

Lexmark Color Jetprinter: 3200, 5000, 5700, 5770, 7000, 7200, 7200v, f4200 Series, Optra Color 40 & 45, X63, X73, X83, X85, X125, X4200 Series, Z11, Z31, Z42, Z43, Z45 Series, Z51, Z52, Z53, Z54 Series, Z82.

Compaq Inkjet Printers: A900, A1000, A1500, A3000, A4000, C3-1000, IJ300, IJ700, IJ750, IJ900, IJ1200, IJ1400P

Samsung Fax/MFP: Smartjet, SF3150, SF4500 Series, SF4700 Series, MSYS 4700, MSYS 4800, MJ4500C, SCX1000 Series, SCX1100, SCX1150

Kodak Printers: Personal Picture Maker PM100

One black cartridge has 1/4 ink left, and one color cartridge has 3/4 ink left. The other two are brand new and have been used briefly for diagnostic purposes. I had a Lexmark All-in-One Z73 and recently it stopped printing color. I swapped out the cartridges thinking it might be at fault and it yielded the same results. My printer died. :(

$25 for the whole lot (four cartridges). I need grocery monies and I won't get paid until next Wednesday.

e-mail: bennetfox(at)yahoo(dot)com and please put Printer Cartridges in the subject line. First come first serve.
rrrrow ffft!

Yet another restaurant question

A friend and I are planning on going out to dinner tonight. It's his last night in town before he moves to CA, and I'm trying to figure out a good place to go and eat. He's a vegetarian, so a steakhouse probably wouldn't be a good recommendation. :P However, somewhere nice, not horribly pricey, quiet enough to talk, casual dress fine, and with good food would be great (within the city). Thinking about going to Ciao Vito on Alberta. Has anyone been there? If so, what's it like?
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Not unsavvy...just not precisely savvy

So, a reputable source suggested it was possible to find bootlegged copies of tv shows available for DL somewhere on the net. I'm looking for the 8th season of Stargate SG-1 (don't laugh, it's a pretty good show and it's played at a time I can't watch it, so I missed almost all of last season). I could wait until it comes out on DVD, spend $50, and watch it when I really ought to be doing homework...but then, why? For the good of my grades, I really should watch it now before school starts up again.

Help a college student graduate - tell me where I might find episodes of Stargate SG-1

Cheap web hosting

So I'm itching to have proper a proper site again.

And there sure are a lot of hosts out there.

Now I know at least a few people here have hosting somewhere. I'm curious where, what you pay, and what your experience has been. I'm looking for Unix hosting w/ PHP/Perl/SQL, mail accounts, and preferably telnet or SSH access, though I don't need a full shell account. It's just for personal use, so I don't need anything too crazy. There seem to be a million places offering packages for under $10/mo, which seems ridiculously low, but the last time I had a domain was like 1998, so I'm not exactly up on things anymore.

Help me out.

Unsingable Songs

My boyfriend and I are trying to put together a CD of unsingable songs -- songs that you know and sing along to with strategic mumbles here and there because no one knows all the words, or the words come too quickly to keep track of.

Here's our start:

End of the World As We Know It -- REM
Step Right Up -- Tom Waits
We Didn't Start the Fire -- Billy Joel
Louie Louie -- The Kingsmen
New Math -- Tom Leher

-- Vast majority of the song is in English
-- You need to WANT to sing along to it! (e.g.: No Ozzy Osbourne)
-- It's the kind of song that, if you met someone who actually DID know all the words, you'd be convinced they're obsessive and freakish.
-- The rule above is courtesy of lemurmaster
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So damnportlanders...

Where can I get the largest size of Mod Podge avaliable? Cheap, local?


What is an alternative to it? I have heard you can use some kind of glaze intead and it is much harder. I am glazing a table. Normally I would use contact paper over my final designm, but since this is furnature, I would like to make it look smoother.
Worky Work!

Come on...you know you love Saturday Morning cartoons!

I would just like to apologize to some Damnportlanders. A while back I commented at a meetup (and various other places) that anime sucks. It really sucks ass. I mean, sucks the big one so hard....well, you get my point.

I still think it sucks. BUT - I have a secret guilty pleasure. Avatar : The Last Airbender is one...freaking...great...show.

Man, I love the Avatar. How cool would it be to bend? Huh? Huh!?!? You know what I'm talking about.

Just call me Aang. I'm the Avatar.

Oh, and Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom (who has the coolest theme song ever) round out my Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons. AWESOME shows.